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2004-01-03 11:53:52
Could you change the location of autopull in score? Instead of having it in the upper portion, please put it in the lower section where autogold, autoloot, demonbank, etc... are.

already done.

2004-01-03 15:29:52
Failed surge shouldn't cost you the full mana... should only be like 2/3 of the mana that the specific surge takes normaly.


2004-01-03 15:48:30
Veil Shatter - when toggled on, a character with this skill can cast in nospell rooms at 5-10 times normal spell cost


2004-01-03 23:29:08
shivers violently and explodes! creates a pile of dust or like object in the room you enchanted in

just for fun? We could do that if we really wanted to...I just don't see the value.

2004-01-04 01:13:59
be able to use pills while blind. would make the yorial tongue that cures blindness useful.

no. har har.

2004-01-04 01:55:37
change the message for when barkskin drops. It is currently the same as for when steel skeleton drops.

it is? level 2 fix.

2004-01-04 03:43:06
"AEton calls God's lightning to strike his foes!" this spell is so useful, i'm shocked we haven't replaced it with a new worship-related message

Spell being 'call lightning'. Level 2 fix. Interpret god names into line.

2004-01-04 04:38:27
force reading help setmin or show a banner when reaching level 35 about setmin/out. often people ask about it, just think this would be nice

level 2. add a banner for level 35 telling them of their new fun setmin/out.

2004-01-04 13:02:09
Dragons go through molting periods. Their Skin could be a container. while molting for about 5 tics whenver their dex is down since their skin is weak. Their shedding could be used as a container. Thought it would be neat. Thanks. :)


2004-01-04 13:36:59
Righteous! social. You look at whomever and yell, RIGHTEOUS! RIGHTEOUS!.

heh. sure. level 1.

2004-01-04 14:20:13
an x-ray vision type spell. when used on a container, it shows what types of items are inside. when used on doors, it shows whether or not the lock can be picked, if there's movement behind it (wandering mobs) or stationary objects behind it (sentinel mobs). when used on mobs, it might show any weak areas a mob has (which could be aimed for with vital shot, etc)

no thanks.

2004-01-04 15:26:29
give a message to all in the room if a target receiving comfort is healed fully.. Soandso is fully healed by Tul-Sith! or something.. might save multiple clerics over-comf'ing the same target

it will create additional spam to a spammy process.

2004-01-04 16:31:40
add a help chain (lord term)

level 1.

2004-01-04 16:43:07
let charge shield work as well for a psi as it does for a cleric, seems kind of unfair considering psi is a more offensive class


2004-01-04 17:07:22
Move the key to crown to a different area with a suitable storyline. The old spot for it, in the Sphinx, was a lot better because you had to prep for the run instead of just running it.


2004-01-04 18:56:11
racial-infravision lets you see corpses.

it does or it should? aren't corpses cold?

2004-01-04 23:00:32
have sleep or rest automatically turn on 'land' for racial fly

good call. level 2.

2004-01-04 23:31:49
show alignment in the group command so that you can tell if anyone needs realigning

Fine. level 2. add alignment value to group command. Also. level 2. re-organize the group command. It's aligned poorly.

2004-01-04 23:37:55
Curse spell to work on items? Eg. cast curse bag nodrop

Fine. Level 3. Curse object spell. Success is nodrop. Brill is noremove and nodrop. Failure is destruction or nothing.

2004-01-05 00:40:26
Change death shroud to self-only. Sorcerors would not be willing to assist others in the reduction of exp loss. They would more likely be willing to increase other's exp loss and even further reduce their own.

Fine. Level 2 change. Level 3: Death Contract - A contract can be made with a minion so that in exchange for some added power (+damroll calculated dependent upon caster and victim level), the minion's potential death will produce untold benefits to the Sorcerer. (The Sorcerer will gain a random thing for the death of a groupmate. Dependent upon the victim's level as well as luck.) Requires groupmates be within the room at the time of the death and still grouped. Legend level until it can be evaluated for abuse.

2004-01-05 01:41:16
a psion spell that undoes an ego whip


2004-01-05 03:11:50
public scrying pools. players can use them to scry without casting and with less lag. a few "underpowered" pools could be scattered among the major cities (up in the mage tower, etc) which could only scry into that area. then there could be one or two "full power" scrying pools that are hidden in remote or hard-to-get locations


2004-01-05 08:30:03
all groupies except the tank should be able to stop fighting anytime during combat. Also, if someone is doing something ie. fletching/sharpening they stop automatically getting hits while they are in lag for that, or make them have to reinitiate fighting

this is complicated and as you can tell...a mess. I'm going to hold off on this one.

2004-01-05 09:16:07
when I type info +all it doesn't turn on nameauth or lord, had to do it manually.

noticed. working on or already fixed.

2004-01-05 12:20:04
just a thought what about a new stat that affects magic, spell accuracy etc? Much like Dex affects warr ability to bash and samsh

I agree. I'll keep it in mind for future developments. I believe it is assumed to exist but it could be given a value.

2004-01-05 12:51:40
Perhaps make it so that you arent able to harness the chaos of battle when you dont have any mana, seems a bit odd being able to cast a spell using chaos channel when there is no mana to successfully cast the spell.

Level 3. Have casting cost calculated prior to the message for chaos channel. The message output will be determined by whether there's enough mana.

2004-01-05 13:19:19
FIRELEASH, mage spell cast on self, while active, mobs fighting the mage or it's group get "leashed" and if they flee, the mob can be damaged by fire. Probably same duration as Sanc, the leash automaticly "catch" one mob at time.

Level 3.

2004-01-05 13:46:35
to be able to toggle on and off the peek ability - those on telnet cannot see things easily with peek on

already discussed.

2004-01-05 14:11:33
code of honor..IC skill giving hr/dr bonus when killing evil mobs, and a negative of 1/2 kill exp when killing good mobs. (you said before anyone can throw out a class, but you need skills to fill them, just thinking ahead of what might be waiting in the wings)


2004-01-05 14:39:29
Lord Level: Scry Corpse. If you are grouped with someone, you can scry the room of their corpse (including across planes).

Level 3

2004-01-05 15:45:00
charged shields should go off if you successfully bash a mob

too much an opinion. I don't disagree but I don't know that I agree enough to approve it.

2004-01-05 15:53:38
mage spell that can embue arrows with magics, eg fire, electricity ( that actually cause magical damage), seeing as flaming arrows dont actually like cause flame damage... nor set something afire... (that or maybe make flaming arrows more impressive, eg set things afire and cause fire damage ect )


2004-01-05 17:32:14
Change the gear zap message to bright yellow or maybe bright white please. It will make it easier to pick it out of the rest of the spam on some lord runs.

level 2. change to |bw|. I suppose the logical next step would be to do the same for psi stuff....I'll let them forward those ideas on if they feel appropriat.e

2004-01-05 17:48:13
let web message to victim say ... smothering you in a web! instead of ... smothering Eindar in a web!

Level 2. Buggy victim message needs fixing.

2004-01-05 23:09:51
Monk Mods for gloves, similar to how archers get mods for them. Since most of a monk's attacks are done using the hands, the gloves would definately have some effect (affect?) on things.

they would. I'm going to wait however.

2004-01-05 23:54:40
each god should provide a skill that could be practiced.. would add nifty pantheon depth, possible a god-based CD for each class, then there would be more worship diversity...

maybe. that's a lot of spells and skills, you realize. We'll start small and have prayer result in different things as well as sacrifice and move up from there.

2004-01-06 00:03:59
since the enchant armor brill message has bright yellow color, I think the enchant bow brill message should have bright cyan color

Level 2.

2004-01-06 00:30:56
i think charge shield should have some chance of going off when u bash a mob, i mean you are hitting the mob with your shield.

already discussed.

2004-01-06 01:24:14
if a mob has some sort of extra weak spot, add a secret vital shot keyword to it. aiming for that location gives the "very weak area" hit, but most type of mobs has their own unique extra keyword (for example: wrist, spine, wings, eyestalk, tail, or some other irregular anatomy)

that would require lots of code. no for now.

2004-01-06 01:25:38
rogue skill/spell that allows user/caster to create a poison. random names..or which ever name they choose.. also, selling the poisons would be illegal. (If you could name the poison.. then current poison names should be useable)


2004-01-06 02:27:02
show condition of treasure items

already discussed, I thought.

2004-01-06 03:27:20
monk pose... playername looks distracted, then reaches behind his/her head and plucks an arrow out of the air before returning his/her attention to you.

too long.

2004-01-06 09:24:33
change flee xp to be more in line with what the mob is worth..pretty sad when you can lose almost double what the mob is worth

the experience loss is due to YOU, not the mobile. The experience should be more if you flee from someone weaker, eh? That's the only way I'd go and it contradicts your request.

2004-01-06 12:19:01
typo: help detect alignment: "Syntax: cast 'detect alignment' <character> [Single Target Spell]" Seems to be self-only, though.

Help bug. Level 1.

2004-01-06 15:36:48
psi charge shield maybe at 250


2004-01-06 17:50:25
make sword of avengers be a skin item from the sword of avengers mob


2004-01-06 18:06:24
with autosplit set to off, i should not take gold when someone else is splitting it. I just don't want to mess with heavy cash at all!

autosplit is so YOU split YOUR gold evenly. Sorry...

2004-01-06 19:05:55
have water rooms give a penalty to melee fighters, since it's harder to swing a sword or fire an arrow through water. this could also be used to make a room or area require more caster force.. maybe for future areas?

Level 4. Terrain bonuses and penalties to to_hit and to damage in regards to different fighting styles including casting.

2004-01-06 19:08:03
can we get a link to the mailing list config page from outland.org?

I don't know it.

2004-01-06 23:46:27
a command for imms to rename in-approiately named characters with a random medival sounding name. (to discourage silly/modern names)

that isn't discouraging...it's preventing.

2004-01-07 01:16:01
Have those blackjacking rogue mobies steal gems from the player's inv (Or containers! Force them to use the bank!)

no for now.

2004-01-07 07:01:26
item vest of the hawklord doesn't have 'vest' as a keyword, it has 'robe' instead. should be vest.


2004-01-07 19:39:13
modify help lists_rules - sending subject HELP to majordomo@outland.org does NOT work

Cuendillar or Snikt problem if they wish to fix.

2004-01-07 22:11:22
New line in 'count' command that keeps track of highest # of lords/heroes/lowbies online since reboot.

not now unless Dawiz is truely bored.

2004-01-07 22:40:48
don't know if this is already been suggested.. Dragons should have Racial-Greed. Seeing how dragons in stories usually guard a huge treasure.. I just think they should have racial greed. >:)

all races have a limit to how many racials they can have. Dragons are at their limit.

2004-01-07 23:48:41
help moba for sanc s room, explain it slighty more

level 1.

2004-01-08 13:34:55
if a wearable container gets detonated, the contents should fly out in all directions, striking both players and mobs in the room as if darted.

heh. no.

2004-01-08 14:50:26
monks need a skill that allows them to change targets in combat

not now

2004-01-08 16:25:34
Add the possibility of making an item wearable by male/female/neuter only.


2004-01-08 16:29:57
up hero limit of insurance amt to 18 (full set of gear) for hero tier


2004-01-08 16:33:56
the dove in the ascension woods struggling in the muck should have a way to help it... how about 'free dove' or help or assist dove?


2004-01-08 16:35:28
when casting attempting to cast christen on an object but are not carrying it it costs you the same amt as if you casted it. I allready tried asking if this could be changed, but you said no, so I figured i'd try something else. Could the cost be halved or thirded or something?

nope. be more careful.

2004-01-08 16:37:31
the slit windows in the lookout in ascension woods should have a way to be used perhaps?

you're asking for more than we can provide currently in the way of area design.

2004-01-08 18:32:32


2004-01-08 18:33:04
Gah, ignore the last idea...that was typoed from my identify alias. *Toe.*


2004-01-08 19:20:59
put in perks for tingling spells, like maybe 1 mana reduction in spell cost?


2004-01-08 21:59:23
globe of silence spell- no casting in the room for 0 ticks (like globe of darkness). may or may not affect psions.

This isn't coded yet? Level 3. I know I had planned it.

2004-01-08 23:08:31
apparently if you cast a spell between 22:56:17 and 22:57:17 system time, they are 24 tics long instead of 72. not sure what happens to heroes or immortals, but this has occurred several times to lords.

heh. It's "magic hour".

2004-01-08 23:10:36
i'm not sure about it ending exactly at 57:17, but it was definitely over at 57:38. every bit of info helps, right? :P

thanks. It sounds like a server issue, however, and not a game code issue. Time is rarely referenced in avatar code and nowhere near spell durations.

2004-01-08 23:18:15
PLEASE PLEASE make insured items last longer on ticks when dropped. there is nothing more agrivating than loosing weapons or any EXTREMLY hard to make item to imps

well yeah. that's why you shouldn't drop stuff. it's supposed to be bad.

2004-01-09 00:11:50
in the help file for death field it says bhyss is the god of death.. in help bhyss it says he isn't.. just pointing it out. :)

Hmm. I can go either way...I think we need to fix death field. Level 1.

2004-01-09 01:12:23
Add a config to block out caster spam on large lord runs e.g lord utters the word ' spell' or lord concentrates deeply...

I think battlespells or something was already approved.

2004-01-09 01:16:52
'second wind' takes 1000mana but gives you hp/mvs give it to rangers monks and wars


2004-01-09 01:36:40
add unetch as a possible qp prize


2004-01-09 02:38:53
is there a way to code it so that you can specify which levels of herolist you want to see, say, herolist 250 500? ditto for lordlist

It's a helpfile. No.

2004-01-09 05:57:12
a charge shield removal or discharge spell/skill


2004-01-09 08:54:46
I think we should have the builders build us a new building program so we can build flawlessly!!!

they're builders, not coders. The extra effort you put into building the hard way shows whether or not you really want your area in the game, doesn't it?

2004-01-09 09:47:58
a lord form of portal for plainshift eg dimention portal or something like that

level 3. vortex. cross-planar portal spell. Legend level. Har har.

2004-01-09 14:34:43
did I actually "idea" this earlier this week or just think about it...anyway...gender specific weapons/armor that can only be used by the appropriate male/female/neuter

you or someone like you did. no.

2004-01-09 14:35:28
work into the code a room flag which works as a local translock. So you can cast everything in the room except portal/nexus/teleport/etc

like norecall?

2004-01-09 15:19:40
increase resting regen rate. when resting, I regen about 25 mana. when sleeping, I regen 725. I know it's realistic that you regenerate faster when you actually sleep, but just resting should perhaps help a bit more? there's no point in resting as it is now.

no for now.

2004-01-09 16:16:40
if psions know how to detonate gear, shouldnt it stand to reason that they would be able to cast a spell on a piece of gear to prevent it from being detonated? maybe raise the lvl of it 3-4 lvls (so u cant enchant the gear at all)

no for now

2004-01-09 16:54:26
give all classes (except rogue and war who get it earlier) poise (lowest level balance skill) at lord.


2004-01-09 16:55:41
regen games....text based games like chess or the like that can entertain us as we battle with that evil regen monster.


2004-01-09 17:36:05
mystic chain - several casters (3-4?) all cast at one target. Casters lose midround attack, casting ability and substantial ac but the target is "chained" until casters finish/end (or are damaged?). Result is mob is spelled down...come combination of -str/dex/ac/attacks per round/scrambled...whatever.

complicated. no for now.

2004-01-09 17:53:19
In this room you have to push a stone for the door down to open. Usually when you try to open the door with the keyword 'down', it states 'There is no door down' Which I think, is very neat. There is one exception to this. I noticed after a reboot, before the lever had been triggered you CAN open the door with they keyword 'down', but the keyword 'down' does not work for the door after the lever has been


2004-01-09 17:56:09
cont. ...trap door in midgaard country. Is this a bug or does the lever have to be used before the direction keyword wont work for that particular door? Having it like that kind of defeats the purpose of hidden door/levers when just anyone can go into anyroom and attempt to open a door in every direction, revealing every door in the room.


2004-01-09 17:57:04
bah, just noticed the first idea sent was cut off, heres the tail end of it: ...before the lever had been triggered you CAN open the door with they keyword 'down', but the keyword 'down' does not work for the door after the lever has been used. It is the same with the


2004-01-09 18:01:49
cont. ...l


2004-01-09 18:01:57


2004-01-09 18:06:18
magic lore show charge amt on examine


2004-01-09 18:32:52
put a mention of the mailing list web interface (https://avatar.outland.org:1234/cgi-bin/mj_wwwusr) in help mailing list

Level 1.

2004-01-09 21:25:22
Mobiles with intelligence and healing items (wands/staves/potions/scrolls) should use them if threatened.

level 4. minor AI for non_spec_fun mobiles.

2004-01-09 21:31:19
a hero level poison that cant be cured - affects are random, including halved hp


2004-01-09 22:32:35
(tongue in cheak) a race of giant rats, str and dex high, int dex con lower than a kobald, maybe only 5, basic function is to serve as packrats

kobolds were supposed to be ratlike, btw. I believe that the thought was that kobolds are the evolved rat. (Not to be confused with wererats.)

2004-01-09 23:34:11
enchant being- turns the target (or self only) into a magical being for a set time (24 ticks?). during this time you can turn off enchantments or spells currently affecting you at will.

heh. no

2004-01-09 23:34:40
(oops) for the previous idea, it would come at a cost to mana regen

I'm sure.

2004-01-10 01:34:24
have god's spells (armor) have the same penalties/bonuses as when players cast it

that's not a requirement. no.

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