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2004-01-10 07:20:20
testing at request of kariya after a strange msg from previous idea command

test test.

2004-01-10 07:24:02
Testing. Move along nothing here to approve.


2004-01-10 12:41:46
detonate should be an in class spell for sors? its evil

it is. it's also old.

2004-01-10 12:53:12
I think Charge shield should NOT be able to be casted in the arena...cuz it is a loophole for sprites

only sprites?

2004-01-10 13:46:00
when trying to cast one of the rename spells on an object not in inventory, make it target a random item.. so the poor lords do get a rename for their mana *evil cackle*


2004-01-10 13:46:54
add a new charge type to charge shield which only kicks in on successful bash

I'd rather consider changing the bash interaction.

2004-01-10 13:53:01
split help herolist into two or three helpfiles: superherolist/herolist or superherolist/herolist/lowherolist(1-101).

not a priority

2004-01-10 14:16:34
It would be nice if the 'We are preparing to reboot' message only appeared in prompt1 or turned off prompt2.

It catches your attention. That's the point.

2004-01-10 14:52:21


2004-01-10 15:11:44
what about weighted gloves or brass knuckles or other open hand "weapons" for monks?

old idea. not considering it right now.

2004-01-10 15:42:35
Change message on partial heighten senses, this sounds silly: "Other augmentation prevents you from seeing in the infrared spectrum right now." Prevents me from seeing? But I already do!

come up with a better replacement. Otherwise it stays.

2004-01-10 16:25:22
Maybe it would be nice if help fear mentioned that the spell can only be used to initiate combat.

level 1. Don't use "maybe it would be nice". It comes across poorly in text.

2004-01-10 17:08:32
make death field less painful, its horrible to die from it every other time you cast it!


2004-01-10 17:27:01
a spell that lords can cast on their own severed body part that after dying with stat loss will give them a small chance of getting the stat back. Could be called reassimilate, assimilate, or perhaps imbue.


2004-01-10 17:27:19
make it so you can't disy SELF or your name, I was gonna kill a servant and I died, same with my alt was gonna kill a mage, and died too, self kills

sorry, no.

2004-01-10 17:27:26
reinfoce makes weapons unstompable


2004-01-10 20:47:26
make bound gear unenchantable


2004-01-10 21:02:16
for portal type objects in areas, it would be neat if the action syntax 'enter' could be changed at builders descretion, could open up quite a world of possibilities, imagine, taking the portal object giving it a keyword of vine and changing the 'enter' action to 'climb'. Then people would have to climb vine to get to the next room.

it would. not now.

2004-01-10 21:10:27
If thats possible it would also be nice if you could make object portals non refomable without having to make the entire room nospell. Another way might be to make a portal reform spell for just that and remove the chance of a regular cast portal to reform an existing portal. Or only make nexuses reformable. Thanks

level 2: Have portal spell check to see if the portal which already exists in the room has a timer. If it does not, then the spell will automatically fail.

2004-01-10 21:13:35
let us see the enchant rolls again. tis fun


2004-01-10 23:53:57
It would be very useful to psis if the failure message of weapon rush and dancing weapon etc were in a bright colour, since it's easy to miss your weapon dropping in battlespam.

no opinion

2004-01-11 04:18:10
note catchup upto a specified date

no. simply list, read wherever you want to start, and the notes are caught up to that point.

2004-01-11 04:23:17
if sor's dont want to cast death shroud on others let them, though cant the sor decide for themselves? does it really need to be self only?

no. yes.

2004-01-11 05:58:16
what you can and can't do on linkdead people is very inconsistent.. can't whois, but possible to use spells on them

The code is inconsistant. Very true.

2004-01-11 07:09:55
the mushroom caves does not appear to have a helpfile

not a requirement. builder.

2004-01-11 07:12:06
goblin caverns is also lacking a helpfile


2004-01-11 07:58:35
channel modification - modify trackchat for config +blind to give the partiular track designation before trackchat eg \q for questtrackchat \d for designtrackchat

already entered into the database, I believe. If not, level 2.

2004-01-11 08:29:34
allow some type of mobs to cross into different areas or leave their areas to chase you and hunt you down, also, is it possible to code it so that relogging does not make the mob forget you? so that they'll chase you down anyway

both are already possible, I believe.

2004-01-11 10:32:06
wish you would imp something that tells you how much of an area you have explored and how much of the mud you have explored :)

that's pretty intensive. You're asking us to track every room# you've entered. We have almost 13000. Areas are easier but even they will take some space. No for now.

2004-01-11 11:34:43
what if dart's mana cost was based on the weight of the object being darted, wouldnt that be more realistic than being based on mana?

yes but a minor change in realism. no. we do not have variable mana on Avatar in this fashion. Maybe one day.

2004-01-11 11:39:37
possibly revise Crystalmir Lake and remove winnie the pooh from it vnum 10042


2004-01-11 13:12:46
Put sages in the slearn script? :)

no rush.

2004-01-11 13:24:32
Put nameauth back in. EvilBunny is the worst name I've ever heard.

Nayru doesn't sing to me either. I'm not complaining.

2004-01-11 14:02:03
be able to pick up part of a pile of coins on the ground

Task#1263. Entered into the database 6/5/03.

2004-01-11 14:51:47
how about a way to split battleself so we can see mob hits on you condensed to one line, but can still see your own hits individually

not now

2004-01-11 18:28:47
at peace as keyword to staff of peace


2004-01-11 22:19:38
allow the ability to check level for remort/rebuild as a hero. currently when typing remort as a hero sor I get one of the standard error messages. It would be nice to check lord level needed for certain races so you can plan ahead.


2004-01-11 23:19:37
change the 'large golden monolith' that planar anchor creates to a 'large black monolith', in tribute to 2001

hehe. no. that's why it was golden to begin with. You can't think of a monolith without thinking of 2001.

2004-01-11 23:32:08
fix help grf and help racial-grf to list bite instead of tail

level 1

2004-01-12 00:36:10
update help archangels to reflect that katherine isn't an arch any longer

I don't see Katherine listed.

2004-01-12 00:56:57
raise the max on bludgeoning/crushing weapons so that people could choose to either do more max damage, or have better avg damage

not now

2004-01-12 09:23:21
On telnet, I ve trouble enchanting. Can we possibly get a syntax for enchanting? ew for enchant weapon, a for enchant armor? Sameype thing with longshot and ls..


2004-01-12 09:34:36
archers wear gloves in offhand, to help reloading ansd accuracy, etc. (


2004-01-12 09:43:58
Allow level 1 characters to use ESL. Since they cannot use tell, ESL might be a good channel to contact the people in help translator if they are having trouble making themselves understood in english on nchat.

no. it's a preventive measure against hit-and-run spammers.

2004-01-12 11:35:48
let death field have a small chance of killing mobs in the area directly (level dependent)


2004-01-12 11:45:30
Last line in first room of mudschool: "<help traductor> <help traduttore> <help ubersetzer> <help traducteur>". Traductor is not one of the keywords for the helpfile. Tranductor is, though.


2004-01-12 11:48:17
Add "See also: HELP ESL" in help translator.


2004-01-12 11:49:26
And if my previous idea (esl for lvl 1) was approved, it might be nice if ESL was mentioned together with help translator in mudschool's first room.

not approved.

2004-01-12 13:41:28
how about definding what a combat trigger is and maybe that would help

Combat = fighting. Trigger = automated response. Put them together. It is a blanket statement and all-inclusive. If you automatically cry when a groupmate dies...that's a combat trigger.

2004-01-12 15:44:37
in group info, add race after level (example foo (level 2 Orc Monk) is looking for a group!


2004-01-12 17:06:10
Allow a toggle for fleeing shot since it seems to add extra lag to fleeing (bad thing)

not now. there seems to be issues with additional toggles.

2004-01-12 17:53:43
Xandrian nchats 'we should have a 'help localecho' .. someone want to idea it?'

what is localecho. We have aecho, recho, and echo. All have helps.

2004-01-12 23:44:42
allow archer to type: fletchkit arrow type, and by doing so have them fletch the entire kit at once, but as a side affect they may get fewwer arrows than normal, as well as they can only do so now and then as with explosive arrows. You could also make it stun them (like blackjack) for 10hours or however long you feel is good


2004-01-13 03:09:54
Tul-sith removes the plague from the lands! Well when has Bhyss ever just decided to plague the land?

when has Bhyss ever killed the land? That's my rhetorical response to your rhetorical question.

2004-01-13 11:53:02
consider all, rather than single mob esp if you dont know syntax of mob and using words from short desc dont work, thus con all - particularly for newbies


2004-01-13 11:54:35
levers(markings)/tickets that can do 2 actions (example create portal and "return" the object).

tickets already create items like portals. no rush to have levers do the same if they don't already.

2004-01-13 12:39:42
portal items that have a duration value, if -1 then stays till reboot, else it stays for some time (for make portals that act like pools/altar etc)

this already exists.

2004-01-13 13:42:21
in hero stuff Herothank is there. I know your busy, but should be removed whenever you get the time.

what if herothank gets remade into something realistic? then I'd have to go and add it back in...

Remove reference to herothank in ? Give me specific helps.

2004-01-13 14:01:13
psis who cast planar anchor should be able to name the anchor so it shows up as something other than a golden monolith.

no. it is not a toy. it is THE GOLDEN MONOLITH. An artifact of extreme power!!! You can't rename it to foofoo or shiftpoint.

2004-01-13 16:45:38
when you pick up a specified item(ticket) from the floor in a room you are transported to another room, and still able to use the ticket on a mob. (added option trans whole group with same ticket) can give example for its use if needed.


2004-01-13 17:55:43
fire and acid arrows for lord level.


2004-01-13 18:41:00
add to ablution, that it will reset lord info channel to off

Really? Must be a bug. I don't see how it's doing that. Please confirm.

2004-01-13 18:55:52
let players activate astral for 100 tics, and then die at the end


2004-01-13 19:19:08
fix shrines so you don't need to be missing hp AND mana to gain the infirmary benefit

that was done purposefully. no.

2004-01-13 19:21:14
have the fake social randomize the stats given if possible


2004-01-13 20:20:39
make masters in padmasa aggie to prevent overcamping of nectars. Many times I have gone there to solo and happened upon people sleeping in the room only to see them wake on the repop and kill for the nectar then sleep again.


2004-01-13 21:56:37
add a help avatar

level 1

2004-01-14 00:33:29
make kelsee fightable occasionally


2004-01-14 00:40:03
ability to send board 2 notes to all on your buddy channel using your buddyset


2004-01-14 01:32:30
an area or areas for solo players - the area would only allow single players entrance, or perhaps just not allow groups or some such. as it is now it is extremely hard/tedious/impossible to level solo, imho.

we don't encourage it.

2004-01-14 04:26:12
all my ideas have been thrown in the scrap pile so i dont know how well this one will go over. Giants need a higher Dexterity. They have nice HP, but when they get hit like they are sprites it does no good. I have 3.5k hp and I get aggied more than any character I have seen. I die before the sprites. What is the point in going through the trouble of running a gia war to have a Sprite?

giants don't need a higher dexterity. your problem is that you think in terms of how you can make your characters better rather than how to make the game better. until that changes, your ideas won't fly.

2004-01-14 08:07:58
add a help file for deaths door (if this has been suggested already I apologize)

level 1

2004-01-14 13:03:08
Rogues should be able to hide behind furniture objects, making them invisible to all in the room if done sucessfully. Thanks.

hide is pretty effective...the problem is that you can't do anything else you unhide. Unless something happens soon, you void out. It's fruitless. I like the idea...I just don't see a point in building upon hide since we're not a pvp mud.

2004-01-14 13:15:22
Builder: Would it be possible to give item_portals the same flags the item_markings have? i.e. see hidden only or only alertness can see. Thanks.

a portal is a bit larger than a marking.

2004-01-14 13:23:25
Lockers: Make it so everyone can have one. Make it renting on lifetime for example 1mil. Make it just 15 items / char.


2004-01-14 14:10:06
put what vital shot does in certain area's (eye blinds them, etc) in help vital shot

not sure I want to be that descriptive in the help.

2004-01-14 14:26:20
get rid of the extra line of spam when someone in donation donates something. It will say Psionara donates an ice ring. Someone has just donated an ice ring!

maybe they shouldn't donate in the donation room, eh. Just drop. Level 2. Prevent the donation command if in the donation room.

2004-01-14 16:10:50
A spell to affect how fast alignment will change from evil - good and vice-versa that reduces add(Evil)-subtraction(Good) from killing different-aligned mobs. Clarification of spell/skill : Slowdown like racial-evil. (More of a 'need'; this will be 'no' but I wanted to suggest it anyways.)

Removing alignment is a big job and I'm not sure when it will be phased out. This is a nice spell. What you suggest is unbalancing, obviously. I'd much rather make the victim more alignment sensitive.

Level 3: hypermorality Spell: Alignment changes upon killing mobiles is double what it normally is.

2004-01-14 18:03:09
Update "lloydable" help file to state that mages _can_ also see the flag when they have the detect haven spell on them.

level 1

2004-01-14 19:12:32
Remort class: Siren. General charm/etc skills, but more complex beyond that. Ability to "beckon" mobs and entice them to come to them, etc. Skills/spells will be "sung" as opposed to cast. Very week consitution/strength, very high dex/int, general wisdom. Obviously not a full plan--simply note if interested and I'll present something further.

We've tried charmies. They cause trouble. Basing a class on them is bad.

2004-01-14 21:48:50
smart social, You point to your head and look at soanso and say 'SMART' with your eyes.

heh. no.

2004-01-14 22:27:03
for message when entering threnody, use commas instead of and and and and *ogle so many ands*

nah. it's fun.

2004-01-15 01:05:31
It would probably be best to take the animator out of Viz's area, it keeps killing newbies when it spawns level 25 rotting corpses. :|

I thought we were going to fix it to spawn level 1 rotting corpses. Level 2: Have spec_animator create a level based mobile for newbies. Level 1 zombies. Builders can decide on changing the spec_fun itself.

2004-01-15 04:43:46
non-permament light should wear off when entering a water room (mmm a candle underwater :P)

they're not all like that. can't.

2004-01-15 10:55:11
lord (or legend) level "fusion" spell for psions - attempts to merge the magical properties of the second item into the first, with a high chance of destroying both.


2004-01-15 15:00:12
if a psi is telekintetic, how come it cant move its opponent? Psi should get a spell that throws their opponent to the ground, why would a Psi ever bash, if it could just focus and and toss their prey?


2004-01-15 15:08:25
monk lore which acts as archery lore, or rogue lore would, and let's you see things beneficial and specific to monks

pointless when I say no to your next idea.

2004-01-15 15:09:09
monk specific gear -- gear that improves chances for landing open hand attacks, extra kicks, crane style blocks, etc


2004-01-15 15:39:42
Dissolve spell to counter being webbed, perhaps mage or cleric only, would be nice to have some form of countering being webbed on the spot for 20 or so ticks :)

Level 3: Freedom spell. counter-web attempt.

2004-01-15 15:58:37
for lord spell lords boon the ability for a lord on thorn to transfer half his/her hp to a target


2004-01-15 15:59:54
update the help 'pr class' helpfiles to include the new remort races.


2004-01-15 16:07:00
fix the recall for when chars get to level 5? It says it has changed your recall to sol. But when I recalled, I ended up at Nom. Unless sol redecorated the castle into a tree and had plastic surgery to look like nom.... 0.o

No. It doesn't say that. It says that your recall default (reset) has changed. Recall reset and try again.

2004-01-15 16:46:49
add level'ed up spells, example improved bless, adds 5 tics from base, and slightly better bonuses for 2x the cost. cant be used in macros


2004-01-15 17:26:55
noodle social. you whap %1 around with a wet noodle


2004-01-15 18:15:04
Maybe would be handy for builders to have a compiled version of avatar for windows so you can test how your area reacts before putting it into the online mud. Probably a pain to make though :(

handy...unlikely. crack the code and we find ourselves competing against... ourselves.

2004-01-15 21:16:11
Earthquake not affect flying people? How can the earth damage me if I'm not on it?

it shouldn't affect you. Does it?

2004-01-15 21:57:41
when you're been feared in waterrealm you flee out of the room...but normally you can't flee in water. Intentional or bug?

fear works outside the flee code.

2004-01-15 23:40:35
in Freeport have Yellow-lizards, and their tongues give frenzy when you eat them.


2004-01-16 01:46:28
'note searchall' shouldn't return results from board 8 for staffies who can't see it

level 3

2004-01-16 06:46:34
'Help hold' suggests that hold command will put a weapon in your offhand position (as opposite to wield command). Contrary to that information the hold command seems to work exactly like wield, ie if I have no weapons equipped it will put the weap in main wield instead of offhand. I would suggest that the working of this command be corrected and not the help file, as currently there seeems to be no way t

level 3: do_hold should only place items in the hold slot. Level 3: do_offhand should only place items in the offhand slot. Level 3: do_wield should only place items in the wield slot.

Wear command can stay the same where it places it where it feels appropriate.

2004-01-16 10:27:19
i think that enchant should have a chance to add to stats instead of ac like +1 to str +5 to hp +5 to mana it would give also give - to stats at times too, this would help increase the usefullness of just picking up random items and enchanting regardless of other stats(oh it should also be REALY rare where you can add +to hr/dr on armor and -ac on weapons)change as you see fit


2004-01-16 12:29:23
demonseeds should get an age-based racial attack, like telekinesis that you can use to knock mobs into the air to set them up for huge juggle combos


2004-01-16 13:01:29
a way to gag all gearchanges via a config to lessen spam


2004-01-16 13:05:42
warrior skill rage, doubles max hp and current hp, ac penalty of +1000, and -5hr


2004-01-16 13:10:46
crusade spell inclass for clerics. gives all chars of same alignment +5hr/+5dr and -50ac

all chars of same alignment in the room, yes? we haven't breached that type of spell yet.

2004-01-16 13:12:15
psi's should be able to anger manage themselves, (works up racial berserk, frenzy)


2004-01-16 16:34:45
hero 101 spell for all classes 'summon imp' causes an imp to nab all corpses and food items in the room

can be maliciously done. no.

2004-01-16 16:54:08
give monk the same poison style techniques that mobs such as regimental commanders have as a nice new array to their alrdy existing monkish lifestyle


2004-01-16 17:20:50
bum social. you try to bum a spellup from %1

holding off on submissions of socials right now.

2004-01-16 19:23:50
Make alias keep capital letters. ("alias a say Hi %1!" with the input "a Bert" would make you say "Hi bert!" which doesn't look good at all.)


2004-01-16 21:37:45
101 skill that gives sneak/movehidden/passdoor. lasts 24 tics


2004-01-16 22:48:48
Kheffin's blade should come with the keyword "kheffin"


2004-01-16 22:52:33
make help explosive arrow separate from the rest of the arrow helps, and add the bit about duration, and timer before you can fletch again

level 1

2004-01-17 01:30:34
locate object includes the name of the area. at least then people have a clue where to look

You sure you want me to play with locate object? Level 3: Locate Object revision. Locate object should not include any items that other players are carrying. Locate object should not say who is carrying an item but instead it should say what area the object is in. If you're in the same area, it will tell you the room it is in.

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