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Each class has a prime requisite, the stat which affects and modifies their capabilities the most. Type HELP PR in game for more information. - Riviat
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2004-03-13 02:18:51
A note filtration system. If I only want to read question notes from lords, say.


2004-03-13 02:36:47
I heard An Elite Midgaard Townguard yell while sleeping at the bank. help yell stipulates that the message yelled would be received only by those awake

It's a fake yell when given by the townguard, possibly. I think yelling in the same room should automatically wake you up.

2004-03-13 04:21:46
In help stafflist, arrange the names so each type of staff is grouped together.


2004-03-13 10:39:41
Since monks can remort into priests, remove second attack from priests and give them a limited number of monk attack skills


2004-03-13 11:17:00
help file for 'haven'

safe haven has a help. or do you mean a different haven.

2004-03-13 13:30:38
Seeing how Priest get small hp like sors, maybe mystical barrier or a spell similar to it would be nice so they can survive easier from damage/area spells.


2004-03-13 18:18:59
monk hero skill. Undetermined name. If monk is tanking the mob and mob tries to flee, let monk get in a trip that prevents them from fleeing for that round. unsuccessful flee-trip causes typical trip.bash-lag.


2004-03-13 19:14:37
energy subtype attack spell to cast on weapons/hands. fire ice energy or use elemental:fire wind water earth.


2004-03-13 19:26:18
as scramble affects those with varying int scores differently. have weakness affect people with varying degrees of str differently

or would it be constitution and not strength. Level 3: Have the weakness spell affect be inversely proportional to con.

2004-03-13 20:08:41
Thrust - an attack that allows a person to attempt to thrust their weapon into an enemy. It can only work if you have your offhand free (i.e. no shield/offhand weapon), so that your free hand can help perform the thrust. Obviously, this won't work on enemies wearing heavy armor.


2004-03-13 20:26:10
if lords aren't lords for most purposes on mid.. why are we lords for portal drain? i think lords should give portal drain equal to that of heroes

it's a double standard.

2004-03-13 20:37:38
in line with dying and corpse retrevial, heros and lowmorts and lords who loose body parts during death should suffer penalties until that limb is missing (barring hearts breains heads etc.) could add hand/foot body part drop to limbs priests and clerics could reattach

not manageable at this time.

2004-03-13 20:39:36
allow monks to catch arrows with the dodge/deflect arrow skills. could have rare arrows for hero archers to collect this way. perhaps questable usage


2004-03-13 20:53:20
as lord gear works differently on midgard, have lord gear work better or worse on some lord planes. introduce new gear for lords to this effect.

too vague and broad.

2004-03-13 22:26:50
new spell affect. Confusion: causes the affected person to have a 50% chance of attacking their fellow groupies. This 50% chance is on each attack during the duration of the spell. spells and midround attacks are also affected. other possible names, Delusion, Insanity, Psychosis, Brainfried.

Level 3

2004-03-13 23:19:52
with regard to the anti-requisite idea from last mailer. rather than applying it to existing spells/skills and forcing everyone to rebuild, code the possibility of incompatable skills for use with future skills and coding

so do a lot of code for the benefit of 5-6 new spells per year? no.

2004-03-13 23:21:36
cross reference the help (godname) helpfiles with pantheon courtyard. it gives a lot of excellent information that would be helpful for newbies and other people who would like more detail on each god available for worship.

level 1

2004-03-13 23:50:09
typing area by itself shows all the areas regardless of level limitations.


2004-03-14 00:12:38
add a personal hog to the qp catalog. must be used immediately when qps are turned in.


2004-03-14 00:42:04
make all quest tickets nosave in the same manner as keys.

it should be an optional flag. Level 3: Optional Flag nosave for items.

2004-03-14 02:46:42
oOo I can now see imm and lord zones on area as a hero not sure if it is a new bug or feature but used to only beable to see lord planes as a lordy

last time I used area, typing area showed everything. I'm not sure what the problem is. If you type area lord, only lord areas should show up.

2004-03-14 06:40:21
halflings should have racial nofail on pick lock


2004-03-14 07:12:20
<god name abreviation> as who parameter, eg. who bhy sor


2004-03-14 13:17:27
racial bite: dsds, any other appropriate race, curses/poisons? at lord maybe even doom tox? ;)


2004-03-14 14:41:28
keyfinder reports no key exists for the room below. May be a bug, may be a quest I don't know about. Hlestn himself gives no clues if quest is the case


2004-03-14 14:52:44
shouldn't these shopkeepers sell things?


2004-03-14 19:11:24
arrows go in a quiver...archers should have gear for held, kind of like a bag, which holds the arrows they are shoot...the quiver can then give stats to the archer...I need more hitroll!


2004-03-14 19:34:06
would be useful to add a see also: lloydable to help detect haven

level 1

2004-03-14 23:59:07
since priests can cast ablution at hero allow other lords to ablut on midgaardia


2004-03-15 00:19:25
if your monitor is getting hit have the text turn red as well as if you are getting hit, perhaps allow the color to be configurable


2004-03-15 02:12:09
"negate": Embracing the very nature of destructive magicks, a sorcerer without fear of death can seek to undo their foe. lord level sor spell: the sor instantly dies, the mob targeted is "defeated", leaving no corpse.

I'm not a fan of the sacrifical kill spells which occasionally pop up time and time again.

2004-03-15 06:40:12
Foaming Lunatic in Midgaard do not have any of these keywords. Exisiting keywords are: "insane man".


2004-03-15 08:59:54
add char rename in the qest catalog, for example with enough points rubicant is perm renamed to vordian


2004-03-15 14:22:15
outdoor room here? sure that's right?

builder. Vacuum, I hope this isn't a quest area.

2004-03-15 14:49:56
crossbow lore - adepting in it removes the chance to fail to load hvy crossbows

removes or reduces? Level 3: mechanical theory, reduce the failure of constructing gem-items, stringing items, and loading items like crossbows when practiced.

2004-03-15 17:22:00
mental frenzy would be a psi based spell which would add a set amount of dr to caster's stats. It would come at the expense of ac and/or save vs due to the psi being in such a mental state they would drop weapons more as a result, or could effect hp/mana regen


2004-03-15 20:18:12
Allow death shroud to be cast on self-only during combat. The impending doom of a sorceror's demise should allow them to prepare for the inevitable.

no. preparation means casting prior to battle.

2004-03-15 20:47:33
change the quiet mode symobl in prompt to a colored Q instead of the *Quiet* it is currently. will make reading prompts easier for those of us adjusted to a certain one.

what's easier than the full word?

2004-03-15 20:55:19
alter help weaken to specify that it cannot be stacked

level 1.

2004-03-16 03:11:19
<dep gems>(or something of the like) like dep all except deposites all your gemstones.

level 3: a deposit all for gemstones.

2004-03-16 09:36:56
quest prize: Failed Morph Restoration: hideously expensive QPwise, puts you back to the level you failed morph at


2004-03-16 10:15:09
make frozen wastes noquit. reduce peoples dependencie on aquiring glacial milks by auction


2004-03-16 11:12:08
allow players to spend QP to 'buy' a private room in midgaard


2004-03-16 14:27:40
help party has a cross reference to worth worth no longer shows leadership potential suggest change in reference to abilities

There is no help party.

2004-03-16 14:45:31
write a help file for the spell 'color spray'

exists. Level 800.

2004-03-16 14:58:23
some remort race for kobolds would be interesting, crazy-kobold (racial-rabies-bite) ratman or something else, it doesn't need to be twinky, rather a bit different plz


2004-03-16 15:10:43
A flag on a room that prevents the use of teleport/portal/nexus/astral/mercy/gurney, basically any spell that can transport you out of a room. Kinda like translock I guess but then a room flag, since no-magic flag prevents all magic, and no-recall doesn't prevent transport out just recalling. And cursed flag is just for blocking entry to area. Noticed this idea was suggested before but the answer then wa

no_recall actually prevents more than just recalling.

2004-03-16 15:11:06
Part 1:A flag on a room that prevents the use of teleport/portal/nexus/astral/mercy/gurney, basically any spell that can transport you out of a room. Kinda like translock I guess but then a room flag, since no-magic flag prevents all magic, and no-recall doesn't prevent transport out just recalling.

no for now.

2004-03-16 15:11:20
Part 2: And cursed flag is just for blocking entry to area. Noticed this idea was suggested before but the answer then was the no-recall flag, which doesn't quite do the trick.

no for now too.

2004-03-16 15:13:50
If not already so, possible make the idea command so that if the idea is to long it doesn't submit it partly, just let the person entering it split it self manually or make it shorter. Prevents us spamming you ;)

I don't mind spam as long as it's a good attempt. Your idea was fine.

2004-03-16 16:06:33
archer skill allowing them to create slingstones. Stones even harder to make than explosive arrows/bolts. Or maybe you could just make it easier to find/buy stones


2004-03-16 16:33:25
lvl 999 heroes could get a bonus for leading/tanking groups, 1 prac for every 2, 3 people that level maybe


2004-03-16 16:45:31
autogold does not work- when it is off, gold is still looted. autosplit is bugged too, when it is off, gold is still split.

Who is doing the looting and who is doing the splitting. Dawiz.

2004-03-16 18:29:50
get rid of the extra sanc mob. it's REALLY annoying to try tele sanc and fizzle because someone thought they were funny. dying due to it was NOT appreciated

builder. personally don't care.

2004-03-16 19:51:46
Eutectia- Sage Melts 2 solids into one another creating master-matter. Lord level.

bad name. Unsure what master-matter would do.

2004-03-16 19:53:49
rather than having killcounter roll over and gain a hit point - why not restore self


2004-03-16 19:58:47
Catalyst - sage- Enables a substance to enter another more readily, item 1 must be affected by this spell in order for it to work.

eh. You need to prevace this stuff, Gronolt. You mean for alchemy?

2004-03-16 20:00:22
Enhance gem- sage - allows embeded gems timers to last longer, can also destroy the gem and damage the weapon containing it.

embedded gems are timered? You know more than I do about this! :)

2004-03-16 20:30:35
Help virtue doesn't show the help archangels helpfile, even though 'virtue' is listed as a keyword at the top of the helpfile.

flaw in code. Need to remove 'virtues' from help archangel. Level 1. Need to make 'virtue' into 'virtues' on help archangels. Dawiz-fix...is automated help file.

2004-03-16 20:47:35
faerie fire charge or charge shield?


2004-03-16 21:02:16
remove says for specs, or allow for custom says in area files(ooo i like that idea). right now they tend to result in more silliness than coolness. a plant just told me "long live the master"

Plants have masters too.

2004-03-16 21:07:28
if someone somehow made it possible to have specs have that sort of area-specific say, the possibilities would be endless. imagine nom giving newbies advice, or sanctum's guide ACTUALLY GREETING PEOPLE.

The spam would be spamlicious.

2004-03-16 21:29:19
mana regen is halted while in regen lag.. bug?

lag does crazy stuff.

2004-03-16 23:35:39
a room message when deathfield backfires on it's caster

level 2

2004-03-17 08:02:34
make harmonize remove all alignment flags rather than setting an item evil or good, because then you dont even have to watch alignment ( having a lord cleric would be more usefull in the sense of harmo) :P


2004-03-17 08:31:41
small diamond in this room has no gold value on it

cool. builder

2004-03-17 08:33:17
likewise the tiny pile of gold dust also has no value

must be trash. builder

2004-03-17 09:47:45
add an afk count to the count command : below top lines showing breakdown There are XX AFK characters.


2004-03-17 13:36:12
who staff - show all quest/design track members online (and visible)

design are never visible but I grok the point. level 3: who staff command

2004-03-17 13:52:49
While a revamp of blood ritual has been discussed an easy solution might be blood ritual ii which removes the heal cap and makes the potion self only.

thanks. you were outvoted.

2004-03-17 13:53:56
further thoughts on blood ritual. Make the lord level blood ritual ii and actual ritual and make the size of the potion dependent on having more than one sor and their total hps.

so a ritual self only spell. A contradiction, yes?

2004-03-17 19:32:03
ablution is only supposed to clear unnatural affects, right? it clears racial kick too

well that's crazy talk. How can it clear racial kick. Racial kick isn't an affect. You don't have 30 hours of racial kick. You either have racial kick or you don't via command use.

2004-03-17 20:23:10
allow "deposit all" command to work in any room when demonbank is turned on

no. it should be a separate command and it should cost more.

2004-03-18 00:22:05
add the damage in number in brackets after the dverb in combat e.g you strike whatever with dverb (number)


2004-03-18 11:02:29
when Arilyn opened the drawer in the room w/ the bodybag, it set off a dart trap, giving the "you feel very sick" message. When I did affect, it gave the message: Spell: 'locate object' modifies strength by -2 for 2 hours.


2004-03-18 11:52:27
make aegis not so spammy on everyone in the room, have it just shown, Person surrounds Mordsith with heavenly armor!

Level 3. may not be possible without complete recode in which case...no.

2004-03-18 16:07:38
Remove the anti-evil flag from the Girth of the Most Holy. It does seem right that it has one, but with the addition of hobgoblins and demonseeds, it seems unfair to have a solo questgear that evil aligned chars cannot use until it is harmonized or violated.

the burden of being evil.

2004-03-18 19:21:44
Alchemy idea: Matter analysis- reverses the double digit values or weight on items (or just armor)


2004-03-18 20:07:41
when aiming for mobs eyes/hearts..etc, have the message "you blind mob...etc" show when battlenone is on, rather than just saying you aim for a weak spot.

holding off on judgement until some other coding is done.

2004-03-18 20:54:18
have aelmon sell invinces so people like me would stop polling on hero :P


2004-03-18 21:03:56
improved concentration: alllows more spells to be cast in combat - self only


2004-03-18 21:32:12
potion of web dissolve


2004-03-18 21:38:07
lord info for when thren ritual starts

level 2, I guess.

2004-03-18 23:11:19
In Elven Foothills, have the half-elf rogues load in a room other than the private room. Or at least have one in the private room, another somewhere else.


2004-03-19 00:12:08
allow unworship to come w/pracs or -10 to prime stat


2004-03-19 01:23:14
mobs that track down and aggie wounded players (i.e. players who "sure are bleeding!"). the great white shark in the ocean comes to mind as one that would do that.


2004-03-19 01:58:17
since req is a herospell now, change that to heroinfo


2004-03-19 02:12:44
should make it where you can renew the durration without having to let the said spell fall :P

not now. the truth is that you can argue either way depending on how you view magic mechanics. Maybe one day.

2004-03-19 02:54:36
tab over the 2nd column of area so everything's aligned, like.. when you type area hero

Level 2. Give the 1st column more space in the area command. Area titles are long in several instances.

2004-03-19 03:05:55
allow curse spell to be cast on items causing curesed item affect

no for now.

2004-03-19 03:25:01
20-30k tnl race is so needed at lowmort ( aka a non remort race) that can slow down lowmort enough to actually make use of it ( for those of us who have many heros and want to actually know the lower areas but out level them too fast when using alts for that specific level )... will come up with possible candidets assuming appruval of this idea.

uh. Sure. Level 3: Ent. 30k tnl. Choice on creation. ** difficulty.

2004-03-19 05:59:13
A Tent object which would allow those with racial nosun to build the 'tent' and sleep in there - could coincide with ability 'create tent'

Actually...funny you should mention it. I wanted to do 2 things. Level 3: Dark Pavilion spell which would create a black sun-block for the room. Level 3: Torgils Hut spell which would create a doorway to a room which exists in its own plane of nowhere. The hut would be no-imp and the doorway can be moved via spell. (see planar anchor)

2004-03-19 08:13:09
allow areas to be searched by author - ie area (author)


2004-03-19 09:38:02
A once in a char-life choice to change your recall home. Say once you hit hero 101 or so you have the option to choose a new home for recall reset. You would only be able to do it once per char. Probably a no, but I love the idea, thanks.


2004-03-19 10:18:29
sharpen flag, or temporary sharpen bind, if you are stuck in sharpen lag and all of a sudden the mud goes into reboot, and you are to low a level to save with the item, it drops you lose it. if there was a flag that could be checked to see if anyone is in the middle of sharpening or binding it while in sharpen lag that would help

sorry. crashes suck.

2004-03-19 11:38:06
throw out the current jack-of-all-trades hero tier and put in a dual or even triple class system, no OOC skills are learnable. must pick a differant class to get more skills

we cannot throw it out. players like it. we'll simply work around it.

2004-03-19 17:22:40
is there a reason why priests never learn peek, summon and invis?


2004-03-19 18:29:26
requiem: You begin reciting a requiem to Tul-Sith. -Maybe change this depending on your god?

level 3

2004-03-19 19:33:42
should be able to emote while sleeping, there are sleep socials aren't there?

emote is not the same as sleep socials. no.

2004-03-19 19:35:26
a system for doing arithematic throught the mud, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and modulus

heh. no.

2004-03-19 19:52:25
increase withdraw success rate, never has worked for all the times Ive tried it

no for the reason I don't want to worry about it right now.

2004-03-19 20:29:48
some neat anti-absolve spell or ability for sors please? .. :\


2004-03-19 20:59:22
include highest possible surge level in abilities command

Sure. Level 2. Same goes for quicken and augment then, eh.

2004-03-19 21:21:14
racial bonus days: half tnl for a certain race for a 24 hour period

staff intensive. quest if they want.

2004-03-19 22:01:21
do not forget to give lag to holy/pure spring? or they become restore fountains :P

is this an existing statement or are you simply playing devil's advocate. I agree that they'd be restore fountains.

Level 3: Add Lag for drinking anything. Have additional lag (potion eq.) if castable fountain.

Level 3: Code magic fountains to have a counter as to how many casts it will do before disappearing.

2004-03-19 22:08:54
if rangers and sages can learn map lore, why can't they learn woodcraft?

got me.

2004-03-19 22:16:04
when arrows get detted, maybe make a random # get detted instead of the whole brace


2004-03-19 22:54:58
damage verbs with lavabomb attacks in the realm of earth aren't very accurate


2004-03-19 23:05:36
Have the default prompt contain TNL.

prompt2 has that, I believe. Turn it on.

2004-03-20 01:37:31
be able to wield 2 weight 0 weapons regardless of poise skills

no. Instead report any zero weight items to builders since those shouldn't exist unless unique.

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