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Don't forget to wear gear that increases your intelligence when practicing skills - your skills will increase faster requiring fewer practice points to adept them. - Locqui
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2004-04-03 10:20:39
if wield contains a bow or double wielding, show both hands instead of wield and an empty offhand on equipment.


2004-04-03 12:02:56
Add (OUTLAW) to auras

which auras. the ones in long description? on who/whois? add to auras helpfile?

2004-04-03 13:44:52
pkill in av!


2004-04-03 14:13:02
for rogs with alertness on, when they type where mobname, it will show even if they are sneaking

defer to Devastant

2004-04-03 16:10:31


2004-04-03 16:23:04
sadly, sniff, delete help help help as outdated

and will stay such.

2004-04-03 17:42:02
update help eulogy by class (since remort classes have different weak stats)

level 1 if not already on task.

2004-04-03 18:49:12
boost woe'


2004-04-03 18:49:34
woe's level higher so he can buy higher level stuff (like lockboxes etc)

no. Level 2: make lockbox levels appropriate for tiers. Also make lockboxes worthless objects unless they're trapped. Then give them some worth.

2004-04-03 19:34:27
make duration of 'spellup' spells dependent on target's deity rather than caster's deity. do the same for ac granted by spells.


2004-04-03 22:09:38
have a pool of blood form in the room when blood ritual is cast without a container in inventory. Maybe have it reduce alignment by 100 for anyone who drinks from it.


2004-04-04 01:05:04
finsh paladin


2004-04-04 03:03:11
Peanut Butter for those who rebuild Paladin on April 4th.


2004-04-04 10:17:57
Update help meadow. Remove Enchanter Tower and put in Pantheon Courtyard.


2004-04-04 18:02:31
Object 'grey moss' type pill, extra flags none. ... Level 1 spells of:.


2004-04-04 19:22:23
a bank in sanct


2004-04-04 20:47:59
a protection from fear spell for pal


2004-04-04 20:48:23
Paladin advanced form of protection evil for palandin's vs. physical damage


2004-04-04 20:51:37
some sort of pecho for when the GOOD part of taint falls :P

on task list already. read it.

2004-04-04 20:53:06
for the paladin class you could have a spell like enchant weapon only it would be the deity blessing the sword or weapon if they worship the god it ups the damage or something

mmmm. no.

2004-04-04 20:55:03
Correct me if I'm wrong but...Paladins don't get refresh or invigorate, as it's a problem with learning rejuvenate at you know when.

look again.

2004-04-04 22:45:42
a splutter social

Crom splutters at what you just said. Level 2 if not already on list.

2004-04-05 00:10:24
make unholy bargain something like penance instead of what it is now


2004-04-05 06:11:58
if a pfile is not logged in for 24 hours, flagged it to be auto-restored upon login. this would make happy players who could minimize downtime.


2004-04-05 06:14:51
make unholy bargain have the same affect as penance. penance makes less sense on priests, since a priest's god isn't vengeful. and plus, they all have tulsith regen anyway, and hardly need MORE.

no. what's done is done. sorry sors didn't get it.

2004-04-05 06:59:37
Empty <container> <another container>

eww. no.

2004-04-05 07:24:15
have the altar key, try to unlock up and it says it has no lock, yet you can unlock it from above.


2004-04-05 09:01:00
shouldn't counter throw now be counter toss?

look at task list. thanks.

2004-04-05 13:29:33
mage skill to allow shields on both offhand and wield position, would make soloing a little easier and would be good for tanking


2004-04-05 13:38:30
a room in/around thorn that is makes lords shadow so we can check shadowstats without planing


2004-04-05 14:00:59
make slugs continuously bountied and therefore killable by players...maybe for 1 gold.

heh. no.

2004-04-05 14:16:02
When I reached level 5, it said that my recall would be set to Stonehall, but it wasn't. It remained at Nom.

no it didn't. start a new char. read what is said carefully. recall RESET is changed. 2nd time for this...maybe we should just remove the message...it confuses more than illuminates.

2004-04-05 14:24:39
intense concentration - allows archers to maintain held while being hit - at cost of inability to cast while under this ability's affect


2004-04-05 14:34:49
UD gear boosted to max lord level after morphing - no base/stat changes.

no. see if dark forge can work on it first. if not, maybe we can work on improving that situation.

2004-04-05 16:42:54
This magi examines the merchandise intently as he mumbles to himself. - (mob is maeloc btw). This should be either magus or mage. Magi is the plural for either singular.


2004-04-05 17:08:22
my prac list offers me skills like explosive arrow, full counter, solitude, and other skills limited to non-mages or not allowed to non-Lords or the like. Why won't it either let me prac them, or stop listign them for me in my prac list?

Level 3: Fix the crazy practice stuff caused by disc_sublevel.

2004-04-05 17:24:30


2004-04-05 17:36:35
an advanced MUDschool guiding new players through some aliases and etching and inventory management so that at hero they aren't lost, unable to put on level gear, uncertain what gear is hit and tank gear ... I'd be happy to draft some, but I would like to know to whom to speak about getting some actually implemented. the problem of even heroes thinking they need a client to play the game competently is

Lords are making one. Nothing prevents heroes from getting organized and petitioning for one as well. Discuss with Devastant.

2004-04-05 17:40:02
[last idea was truncated due to length mid-sentence] ... the game competently is an epidemic among new players. I'd like to help get them straightened out, as not all noobs like myself had the good fortune to learn the ropes from a sympathetic, experienced gamer.


2004-04-05 18:22:10
for the paladin class lvl 50 skill or some such high lvl you could have an engrave skill. Be like a combination of Norse Runes and the blessing the Templar Knights put on their swords and armor before a crusade. "Your gods anger is embedded in you (


2004-04-05 20:06:50
a flag or command that marks "immtoys" so they don't get listed in help highest.

interesting idea. Level 3: immtoy flag for pfiles. have it block help highest. Potentially have it available as a who option for imm-only.

2004-04-05 22:49:01
when looking at someone else, show vacant equipment slots as would be displayed when looking at your own equipment


2004-04-06 01:50:37
add another piece of eq to SoL run so people will want to run it more put it in the same room as shield so they cant just run the extra item too


2004-04-06 02:24:34
color bleed at end of help highest

level 2.

2004-04-06 07:00:37
a sleep social rollover: Gorgrim rolls over in his sleep

already in task list.

2004-04-06 14:41:06
fix mana gains

thanks for your insightful post.

2004-04-06 15:07:03
be able to rebuild old rangers into paladins.. there are similarities!

no there aren't.

2004-04-06 17:14:26
war/pal skill--fidelis---the honorable warrior/paladin is able to move one corpse of a groupie one room with considerable lag.

already in task list.

2004-04-06 17:21:46
who superhero shows heroes 501 - 999


2004-04-06 17:29:36
It would be nice if it was possible to type board imm/board immortal and end up on board 7 (and board general etc). I'm not good with numbers..


2004-04-06 17:46:30
erase, a rogue skill to erase player markings in rooms.


2004-04-06 17:49:00
let thief markings stay in rooms until mud crash/reboot. The markings are all but useless as they are now with a time limit. Chances of anyone actually using them for anything usefull is nil with a time limit.


2004-04-06 18:22:58
aimed shot gives a to-room message whenever it is initiated. this can get rather spammy, perhaps it should be self-only a la quickstrike?

level 2

2004-04-06 19:51:01
spontaneous release: classes and races not inclined to magic might not be able to fully control staves/wands, with consequences left as an exercise to the reader

no. your racial name seems inappropriately termed. I doubt you'd enjoy being classified as someone who spontaneously releases.

2004-04-06 20:09:19
i believe it may make more sense to make war the lower level class for pal remort since paladins are more a melee class.. also that having 2 low level remort classes for cle is kinda twinky

warriors are easier to level to their requirement. that's my reasoning for the level...not for the sake of storyline. Maybe warriors will get another choice at a later date. Until then deal with it.

2004-04-06 20:33:25
make mispelled plane targets NOT lag. typoing happens and shouldnt be punished

the lag is for the attempt...whether or not successful. Sorry.

2004-04-06 20:35:54
well, working on the make paladins useful thread... how about the lowest tier of preach at lord, so they can do a bit of group healing?

thanks but no.

2004-04-06 20:38:49
sacrament: a 3-cleric ritual cast on a piece of gear which renders it permanently indestructable, but mortally wounds all


2004-04-06 20:40:13
"indestructible" doesn't necessarily have to mean detproof. just avoids all OTHER ways of damagin gear.

not right now, no.

2004-04-06 20:48:50
help chin kang palm still lists martial artists in the first line... change to monk?

chin kang palm is on the monk slist? I don't remember that.

2004-04-07 04:19:46
help griffon - Griffon: is duplicated at the beginning of the paragraph. Formiddable claws? (stifled giggles) oh, hang on, this is a bug report, not an opinion. Sowwy ;-)

I'm not sure what your point is beyond annoying me.

2004-04-07 05:08:52


2004-04-07 08:45:07
A personalised room option for the qpcatalog. Would have to be agreed on by relevant builder.


2004-04-07 08:56:44
alarm clock spell or item to to give warning when game time hits a certain time. This will be more useful when days/nights are lengthened, but is especially useful since we don't have 24 hour shop opening like walmart

not now

2004-04-07 08:57:43
incidently, lengthening the day/night cycle gives scope for miniquests to have a time-specific element (do x by sundown) pubs can have drinking up times, shops can have early closing on a wednesday and so on.


2004-04-07 14:28:41
You look at a platinum spider staff in your inventory...You see a short black staff, capped with a blood-stained platinum spider.This item seems to be weapon.It weighs approximately 7 lbs.This item appears meant to be wielded as a weapon.It is buggy.


2004-04-07 14:29:03
(that's the exact text when i examine it, btw, that last bit wasn't merely a statement)


2004-04-07 15:52:25
help class stills says "Martial artists and rangers still exist in the game"

level 1. mars are gone forevah!

2004-04-07 17:20:14
an Empower spell, Lord mage CD, which can be used to add +1 random stat to a weapon or armor, with a high chance to destroy the item and raises it's level by 2

level 3

2004-04-07 19:31:56
allow the act_drift flag to be modified by stay_terrain and stay_area, rather than be inherently stay terrain

builder since I don't know what act_drift is...I must have missed something.

2004-04-07 19:58:36
sag in help highest list should be sge

level 2

2004-04-07 20:33:59
lord paladin skill: lay hands. this is a souped up version of transfer life, reduces paladin to 1hp 1mana and gives them a 144 tic "taint" and fully restores the target.


2004-04-07 20:40:40
i think the priest skill "martyr" makes perfect sense as a paladin skill.

Impossible considering the prereq chain.

2004-04-07 20:52:16
paladin innate, "zealotry" - the path of the zealot is only a possibility for the pure of heart and soul. the paladin is given the option to PERMANENTLY worship and devote to a god at lowmort


2004-04-07 20:53:16
this sacrifice will be noted by the deity, in the form of greater bonuses and decreased penalties. (or whatever works codewise. perhaps only "thematic" gods should allow this sort of selection: Roixa, Gorn, Bhyss, etc would not be interested in a fanatic)

maybe I'll code the sac stuff this week...otherwise consider sac/prayer temporary.

2004-04-07 20:58:08
lord paladin cd "sanctify" - renders an object of the paladin's permanently invulnerable from damage, stomp, or detonation, but the spell carries a chance of corruption, weakening the object and rendering it dark anti-good. also binds the item to the paladin permanently.

thanks. I love how everybody just throws the same idea at me 10 times per week to wear me down. If it wasn't so successful, I'd think it humorous.

2004-04-07 21:33:17
when ice arrow is casted as a spell, it consumes mana

Devastant can consider this...

2004-04-08 10:56:21

[TEST TRIGGER INITIATED]:: Your test has been confirmed. Autodestruct in 5 minutes.

2004-04-08 10:57:14
Necromancers thrive on the study of the dead and dying. They are fascinated by corruption, graveyards and the macabre This fascination extends to their magical powers; a necromancer is never satisfied with knowing about death, he must actually reach out to death with his magical essence, seeking to embrace it.


2004-04-08 11:06:14
an interesting way that portal could be changed to focus more on rooms than mobs would be to have a memory skill where the caster commits certain rooms to memory so they can focus a portal to those rooms. They would have to be in the rooms to memorize them. not sure if there should be a limit to amount of rooms a player could


2004-04-08 11:19:23
cnt. memorize. Could be dependent on intelligence of the caster. Having portal set like this could reduce it's twinky nature. I always thought as portal as an extremely special, powerful spell. It doesn't seem so in avatar. It is taken for granted and used as a crutch more so than anything. Thanks.

it's a crutch because it's too powerful. if it only took you to an area instead of a specific target, I'm sure it wouldn't be as much of a crutch.

2004-04-08 13:17:13
I'm getting odd random characters in my prompt after typing eq, 31m before the start of my prompt replacing the color code that should be there, I can provide more information, I have a feeling it has something to do with renames


2004-04-08 13:18:28
Change train command display to show "Base" hp/mana/mv rather than "Current"

the values are base...you want the column header to be renamed...I disagree. I'm not going to do a hunk of code just so you know what non-gear affect base you're at.

2004-04-08 13:20:13
Sneak/Move would be more interesting/realistic if it employed a saving throw system like spells. This would also allow certain classes like rogues to be more adept at hiding from mobs. It makes little sense that mobs and players can either see all hidden things all the time or none at all.

it does make sense.

2004-04-08 19:42:39
remove ALL charm spells - most people use them for annoying reasons like moving mobs

they are mostly removed.

2004-04-09 08:20:38
the Racial Pose for Centaur appears to have serious effects on mobs. I have been in combat repeatedly where I am getting my butt kicked and done the RP and then easily won the fight. I don't mean to be cheating so I am reporting it, maybe its all in my head but wanted to be sure. thanks.

heh. cool. go rpose!

2004-04-09 10:53:25
walking to bank from aelmon i had 600 gold pickpocketed in those 5 moves. this may or may not be a bug but it is quite ridiculuos as archers have real expenses for kits and bows. any suggestions, besides demon basnk I mean ?

heh. travel w/ gems.

2004-04-09 11:41:45
Code intelligence to have a more noticeable affect upon successful casting percentage. If there exists a function that does this, recode it to be more drastic. It makes no sense whatsoever to have anything with less than 10 intelligence able to cast anything, regardless of race.

not now

2004-04-09 12:02:35
nofight does not prevent spec_assassin mobs from starting combat, but it does prevent them from hurting you.

stinkin spec_assassins! Level 3: Make sure spec_assassin checks nofight.

2004-04-09 12:25:38
Prereq for remorting mino is orc, and dragon lizardmen and lower remort level to elf-hie / gob-hob types?

I must be tired. this confuses me.

2004-04-09 13:10:21
additional level of devotion for lords


2004-04-09 13:48:45
when you are in aim/held lag, you do not see any spells cast. is this intentional?

hmm. not intentional. odd, in fact.

2004-04-09 13:48:51
(applies to vs, rituals, etc as well)

very odd. Maybe devastant knows.

2004-04-09 13:52:37
look map in this room yields: "Map isn't finished yet. Love, Mega." I love Mega, too, but maybe an actual map could be put here?

hah. builder

2004-04-09 16:23:55
since we do want lowmorts to play through lowmort, but many hero alts do not wish to, it might seem fair that experienced players could have an option to get through lowmort faster. Perhaps allow if an altof is set of a hero/lord alt, then a dif exp gain for lowmorts with heroes?

uhm. no.

2004-04-09 17:25:19
since ents are essentially plants, can they possibly heal faster during daylight hours, losing heal regen during nighttime..

har har har! how fun! level 3: racial_sunheal for Ents!

2004-04-09 18:38:23
ent needs an entry in help tnl, although sadly it will skew that nicely shaped out table we've got going.

already taken care of.

2004-04-09 20:22:18
have portal names colorized based upon how bad the area is ei:red portal-bad, green portal-good

eww. no.

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