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2004-06-26 02:20:49
a Holy Path spell Like astral and teleport Just for Priest

Clone spells... BAAAAAAAD!

2004-06-26 04:15:50
So what good are HOGs to Priest if they cant Start

Not much.

wondering if I could propose a new first paragraph for the file. If I could, please let me know

Propose all you like.

2004-06-27 13:07:12
the mud autoreboots after a certain number of days

No. We like being up. It makes us feel cool.

2004-06-27 13:30:31
spell/skill names should be denied for a player name

No reason to do that.

2004-06-27 14:08:36
bemote: allows emotes or socials over buddychan

Learn to make aliases.

2004-06-27 17:37:20
Avatar should have a "Hug an Angel" day

Everyday is "Hug An Angel" day.

2004-06-27 22:13:23
let minotaur mobiles charge characters and knock

There are many racial abilities that mobs need to learn to use...

it possible to include a command that states when the person is silenced? It is extremely rude

Level 2, tells to a silenced char should say something like "Dave is unable to answer."

2004-06-27 23:02:12
"You cackle gleefully at Rift" there is no period in the

lvl 1

2004-06-28 06:19:33
room message needed for body brace

2004-06-28 06:47:03
room message for mental barrier needed

Not really. Neither of those spells would have visible external effects.

2004-06-28 13:34:03
reboot every week at least once

No. Consider long uptimes balance for when we reboot frequently.

2004-06-28 14:42:54
paladins should KILL players in arena

Sic twice.

2004-06-28 17:31:05
make it impossible to failed to reload a heave xbow 2 rounds in a row, no archer is that slow

Decent reasoning but way too hard to code. Should be some way to decrease reload failure chance, maybe a value for arc-armor items?

2004-06-28 19:58:09
:) The help file for 'safe haven' states that ONLY 'ranger lords' may learn this spell. This is untrue as you can see through 'slearn safe haven'

level 1. Remove all references in skill/spell helps like this.

2004-06-28 21:53:50
invisible is spelled wrong in help prompt symbols

lvl 1

2004-06-28 23:39:13
lord expansion of charge shield, have multiple charge

Level 3, add 2 or 3 interesting shield charges at lord like web, a blast of air that bashes, etc.

2004-06-29 01:24:43
Perhaps a note of how much exp you lose when you choose to expire; currently, it states: "You have chosen to expire. Tul-Sith places a ball of light

Level 2.

2004-06-29 04:40:10
make sharpen be able to sharpen poisoned weapons as well, as long as there's no poison in them

Code impossibility, sorry.

2004-06-29 06:40:32
lord level 200 psion spell, animate object, if successful infuses an item with temporary life adding its power to the psions, ie object becomes a floating object adding its modifiers to the psion, object is destroyed/used up if spell fails or when

Level 3. "Orbit" floats one object weight < int to 1st float slot. Item disintegrates if duration ends for any reason. Only 1 float at a time.

2004-06-29 08:41:22
add TUA to help remort

lvl 1

2004-06-29 20:58:01
a private in-game notepad, used like playerinfo, for players to make notes to themself.

Aren't we wasting enough memory with desc and playerinfo? Use one of those, or a note.

2004-06-30 01:04:48
"help speak tongues" references "help racial languages" but there is none

lvl 1

2004-06-30 14:56:57
lower pure touch to 25 Ithink 50 is lil too high since it dose the same as cure disease and cure poison

Good thing it's level 15 then.

2004-06-30 19:26:16
at lvl 1 lord, you can remort into a start-up race, for those who are human and dont like the remort races

Been there. Done that. Removed it. Remort is not meant as a character configuration tool.

2004-06-30 20:02:09
in help shifts, airscape is listed, which is in fact the name of the area, not the plane. the plane is called AirRealm. either that or the plane itself is

Who says it's named AirRealm? I don't see that anywhere.

2004-06-30 23:09:06
any race/class that gets a spell to 100% should never fail. I mean if you know it to 100% how can it fail???

You know all there is to know about a certain spell. It doesn't mean you're a flawless caster.

2004-07-01 01:52:58
dsd should be able to rebuild into dems at lord lvl and then devils at a higher lord lvl

*innocent whistle* Hey, let's look at this NEXT idea:

2004-07-01 02:15:45
Divine Might: Giving the caster +1 to Strength which also increases the max Strength of the caster by +1 for a brief amount of time.

Spells that increase max will be an absolute nightmare to code. You can safely forget about them existing I think.

2004-07-01 08:32:45
just read idea log for sat jun 26, if low on flags why not raise the maximum of flags in the source?...

Because it doesn't work that way.

2004-07-01 11:29:46
be able to switch from numbers to adjectives on your hdl

No numbers for you!

2004-07-01 13:43:38
Somet utters the words, 'scramble'. - every time a psion casts a spell it shows 'concentrates deeply' like Somet concentrates deeply... (fandango)-

Level 1- make sure all psi spells are the same discipline

2004-07-01 13:59:07
quest item for archers idestructable arrows with possiblility for upgrading with more quest points at some later date

2 types of quest arrows exist.

2004-07-01 19:53:36
add hwo - highest without - to help acronyms

lvl 1

2004-07-01 22:03:06
update help shifts to show that stone AND earth work for

lvl 1

2004-07-02 02:36:30
since you cant remort to start-up races, let remorts be able to remort again at the standard lvl

If you really want to stay below lord play an ent.

2004-07-02 04:01:26
a charge weapon skill only for mages like poison weapons is for rouges maybe on only certain kinds of weapons and much fewer charges than

Clone skills BAAAAD!

2004-07-02 15:35:48
vs throat to impair arcane spellcasting, vs

I do want more vs locations, but I don't want to add anything more that limits mob spellcasting.

2004-07-02 17:29:15
be able to disarm an offhand.. either by default when the

lvl 3, make mobs automatically switch an offhand weapon to wield when its disarmed.

2004-07-02 17:50:06
i was holding a shot and my seeker failed to reload in time to fire thats total bug grr please fix

Level 2, xbow failure can't occur on anything that uses busy (ie held, aimed)

2004-07-02 18:03:50
Perpetual Courge: A skill which makes the Paladin invunerable to spells which cause it to flee.

Good idea, but I'm afraid I just coded it for somebody else.

2004-07-02 18:55:00
The ageless Decly asks 'Why throw away your life so wrecklessly?' should be "recklessly"

lvl 1

2004-07-02 19:57:25
Defend Ally: A skills which allows the Paladin to decrease (better) an ally's AC at a penalty of increasing (worsening) his own by twice the amount given.

Level 3, but limit somehow so that the two actually have to stay together, maybe tie to group affects? If they are separated, the spell should fall.

2004-07-02 19:58:54
a 'headcount' function where char can count group members in the same room with him. Makes sure you dont leave sleepers behind mid-run.

Doesn't one of the filters do this?

2004-07-02 20:10:24
A skill which would give the Paladin a small chance to rescue an ally just before it is slain, though the AC penalty will be more then a normal rescue.

Level 3; Pal auto-rescues his monitor if monitor <10% health. 2x rescue penalty. All the Pal stuff I approve needs to go through Crom before being coded. Would a design member please track the task #s involving Paladin skills/spells?

2004-07-02 22:07:16
Make HiE regen mana as fast as Elf. Elf get 5% faster mana regen right now, and after all HiE are the ones who get more mana, would be logical if they

level 2; Up HiE mana regen

2004-07-03 00:45:08
in the questpoints command in addition to showing current quest points, show how many you've ever had.. bragging rights or whatever

Don't think that's tracked.

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