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2004-07-10 08:05:37
'politics' channel or a channel where we can talk about stuff not acceptable on chats

Use buddy channels. Imms can put up a conf if there is a particularly big, important RL topic.

2004-07-10 12:19:08
put a timer on mobs tracking people, i mean they'd forget about me eventually, right?

Would you forget about a guy who tried to kill you?

2004-07-10 13:35:29
i think newlordhelps should mention lord mudschool *shurg*

Yes, it probably should. lvl 1.

2004-07-10 16:39:20
A dwarf should be able to choose how well they repair something. Ie.. repair belt 20 (will repair 20 hps at the most)

Something's either fixed or it isn't. I don't see why anyone would opt to under-repair something since it doesn't seem like it would take any less time.

2004-07-10 20:24:28
damage done to spiritlinked weapons while using break to break open lockboxes should be delt to player not weapon

Fine. lvl 1.

2004-07-10 20:48:43
show reputation in abilities

Ok. But only in textual terms, not #s.

2004-07-11 02:46:02
a way for a mage to remove charges from a shield, kinda like how you can remove poison on a weapon with a rogue.

Have a priest cleanse it.

2004-07-11 04:26:25
Avatar: Could be a Legend or high lvl Lord skill, which would transform the Paladin for a temporary time into the avatar form of their god. Greatly


2004-07-11 15:21:02
targeted "Silence" spell, that affects single targets rather than tons of more nospell rooms

Ever hear of scramble?

2004-07-11 15:30:56
make more socials you can do in your sleep other than snore :P

Suggest some.

2004-07-11 15:38:22
Lords should be allowed to learn languages like skills. - Max number of langs determined by int.

lvl 2. 1 prac per langauge, praccing it sets the language bit, no skill involved. Max determined by int, cant, common and racial don't count toward total.

2004-07-11 21:14:14
I feel that devote should be more level restricted you should not be able to worship then turn around at hero too devote at 101 it is unfair too the other people

Probably should be, but we'll wait til worship is developed further.

2004-07-11 22:49:22
magical bags that reduce weight

Coding nightmare. Plus the staff is of the opinion players carry more than enough cruft already.

2004-07-12 02:26:43
Divine Inspiration: A spell which increases a player's Intelligence by +3 and allowing them a higher chance to succeed in casting spells.

lvl 2, spells to increase int and wis. Int psi and wis cle?

2004-07-12 08:22:59
understandably tingling a spell does not make it any easier to cast, but if you know more about the spell, would it be possible to make it work better for

Tingling a spell DOES make it easier to cast.

2004-07-12 14:52:10
I think centaurs should have a remort race, like a unicorn with more int or something like that. That way they would be worth their tnl if they had an own remort race :) //Emera

I'm open to suggestions on remort races, but I want there to be more difference between the two than just + int.

2004-07-12 19:59:25
Dont know if this is a spelling error or something is different when i cast absolve self it gives this Lo, you are absolved!

That's the msg for absolve recipients. What's wrong with it?

2004-07-12 20:40:24
Righteous Wrath: An auxillary attack skill for Paladins that when succeeding has a chance to cause the mob to flee in terror.


2004-07-12 22:52:41
clothe/cloth the reverse of the strip social. PC begins putting clothes on. PC decides to get dressed up. (cloth self) PC gets dressed for you/soandso

Socials are on hold, sorry.

2004-07-12 23:52:27
the objectother filter when turned on gags when a mob rewields after being disarmed but does not gag the recover weapon message, could it be changed to either gag both or not gag either of them?

Fine. lvl 2. Personally I think it shouldn't block either.

2004-07-13 03:13:23
create shrine - "Elwar prays and a stone shrine of Tul-Sith appears." -

Lvl 1, make shrine reflect correct god.

'oooOOOooo' 'aaahhhhh...' and btw, just in case you didn't know herolist doesn't list any heroes.

It lists all it can before running out of memory.

2004-07-13 12:17:37
be able to buy arrows in numbers eg buy 100 splint and you get 100 splint arrows rather than having to spam the bowmaster 20 times

Coding nightmare.

2004-07-13 17:46:14
Divine Sacrifice: A skill which allows a Paladin to sacrifice his hit points to deal extra damage the next

round of attack.

2004-07-13 18:34:05
Paladin "Hands of Grace" sleeping when poisoned eliminates poison


2004-07-13 19:35:34
have taint expire when logout

Ha ha ha! Funny.

2004-07-13 19:58:34
edit help notake to mention that this will also preclude someone from receiving gold in a split

lvl 1, verify and mod the help.

2004-07-14 01:32:26
allow half elves to remort to high elves if lord level 50, which is double the normal


2004-07-14 13:51:15
make necrotia only inflict once per battle...with it inflicting once or twice a round one tends to run out halfway through a run...quite annoying

It's deliberate. Don't use it if it's too spammy for you.

2004-07-14 13:52:51
make the levels needed to remort to another race for remort classes the same as everyone else


2004-07-14 13:54:58
chance to gain reputation for asns is too slim...despite possibly thousands of stabs throughout hero and lord with a poisoned weapon ive only gained 1

It works fine for others.

2004-07-14 13:58:25
for the umpteenth time this has prolly been idead...some sort of mana regen spell...since lord groups revolve around casters it gets horribly boring waiting for


2004-07-14 14:00:24
give lord asns salvation so we can help out in that aspect of a run?


2004-07-14 17:30:59
light forge same thing as dark forge but you need priests to perform

Oh, a clone of an existing spell! Those always go over well! No.

2004-07-14 20:10:41
spears should be throwable objects, and good ones at that.

Some are.

2004-07-14 21:21:46
allow lord 300+ chars to remort to any remort race

We had that. Didn't like it. Took it out.

2004-07-14 22:17:57
stabber mobs should have lag on assassinate like players

They do.

2004-07-14 22:42:39
golems as a remort race for gargoyles

Would require some big chances to golem, but could maybe work. Lvl 4.

2004-07-14 22:59:09
is there a reason the mindflayer prisoners in astral were made inaccesible? or can we have them back? mmm, sanc staves

Probably camping/soloing or some other player abuse issue. Unfortunately we don't have the time/energy to fix every problem people like that create at the time it happens.

2004-07-14 23:41:11
Remove the ability to longshot using just 1. without a keyword.

intrinsic to the code.

2004-07-15 00:11:30
Make all private rooms no quit. Logging off, having someone walk in, then relogging to avoid the private flag is a loophole and should be fixed asap to maintain the challenge that private rooms present.

Something needs to be done with them, but I'm not sure that's it.

2004-07-15 03:24:01
fix chaos channel to say that any hero level spell can be chaos channeled, not just attack spells, or fix chaos channel to only work on attack spells, as it

lvl 2, fix chaos channel

2004-07-15 14:45:00
make longshot not remove invis flag

Wear an invis item.

2004-07-15 22:11:37
rather than having invis quest trackies as "an immortal" change it to somthing like A quest team member

Being discussed.

2004-07-15 23:10:25
Does lotto favor alts that haven't logged on in a long time?


2004-07-16 00:22:33
Update the short description of AvatarMUD on the voting web site (top site ?). The description is too short and not as interesting. People often buy

Yes. Questies maybe run a contest for best desc?

2004-07-16 15:25:16
allow archers to aim at mobs killing other mobs, i.e. watchmen in Hamlet of Kreigstadt, when they assist on your kill

They should be able to with the shoot command.

2004-07-16 16:06:12
just a thought, how about a restore when people remort from lord?

Didn't we imp this already?

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