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2004-07-17 04:28:43
be able to perform racials, like invis/frenzy/etc while resting, i mean they're natural, right

It's hard to work up a good fury while lounging about. The position is determined by the overall command (racial) and since some racials logically require you to be up (charge, breath, frenzy) they all must.

2004-07-17 12:29:50
for buddyset, add the option of creating a password for a buddyset value, so people can't arbitrarily join a private conversation amongst friends/clan/etc.

Come up with a harder-to-guess channel name.

2004-07-17 13:16:16
apose command is listed in `commands` but does not do anything? bug? removed? intentional?

It's fer angels.

2004-07-17 14:19:30
rogue/assassin class skill idea/modification - half xp loss penalty for using withdraw to escape combat.

No. Exp lost to fleeing is a game mechanic for balance that needs to stay at least as harsh as it is. Plus I'm not making flee/longshot/repeat profitable.

2004-07-17 20:44:52
can we have nick names?

You are now "Stinky."

2004-07-17 21:42:49
make death in mudschool impossible... restore the player instead, and transfer them to mudschool 1. (or a special room above mudschool 1 asking them to reconsider their race/class choice or remember to regenerate between kills)

Lvl 3. Autorestore players in mudschool instead of killing them. Have a msg that explains what happened.

2004-07-17 23:20:53
modified defensive stance - cause lag - remove attacks.. but instead of ac.. DOUBLE the shield block and riposte

skills (revamp revamp revamp!)

2004-07-17 23:22:58
modified offensive stance - cause lag - give more of an ac penalty - give more attacks instead of dr..offhand attacks (have you see warriors hitting lately?

Warriors are already attacking just as hard and defending just as well as they're able.

2004-07-18 00:20:07
Send notes to buddyset?

I THINK that's doable, but I'm not convinced it's worth it since it would be quite complicated. Lvl 3; investigate sending notes to buddyset and see if it's worth the effort. Don't spend too much time on it.

2004-07-18 02:21:37
a command that allows you to toggle drama. Would squelch whiny people.

It's called deaf.

2004-07-18 04:30:35
Some sort of "planar capacity" -- Planes could be designed for smaller groups in mind, and the planar fabric has a limit as to how many lords can co-exist at one time, allowing smaller groups adequate experience without large groups coming through with

It's not large groups that are the problem.

2004-07-18 05:15:41
flaggable no remove so you can turn it on or off as needed for items realy handy for containers

Find a cursed container.

2004-07-18 08:24:16
add help translate into help language


2004-07-18 11:44:17
pegasus - cen remort race. 4k tnl, racial good. racial fly, racial claustrophobia(penalties for being indoors) better than cen stats,

Lvl 3; some form of enhanced centaur race based on mythological horses. I like racial claustrophobia. Name needs to indicate humanoid components instead of pure horse like Unicaur or something.

2004-07-18 13:22:53
help angel petition needs to be updated since spring has retired

Angels, send in a new one to the folks dealing with new helps.

2004-07-18 14:57:55
look into move use in bloodsong - seems a bit high when fullspelled

It's extremely rough terrain.

2004-07-18 16:18:12
would it be possible to have buying arrows work like other items. buy 4 splinter would buy 20, as they come in bundles of 5? basically that the number is the number of bundles you'd like to buy?


2004-07-18 21:13:45
make logging off in lordplanes illegal

Level 3; either add noquit to all lordplanes or make an area-wide flag that does the same, or simply if not on thorn/mid, noquit. Unless LC can provide compelling legit reasons to log off on planes.

2004-07-18 21:33:57
there is no immquest help file, though HELP QUEST references this

If a help has "IMM" at the front, it's for IMMs.

2004-07-18 23:11:19
config nospell - prevents spells from being cast/branded onto you. mobspells would work fine though

Not worth a config. Maybe as a side affect of Hardcore which is already tasked.

2004-07-19 00:07:51
help newhelps - updates each reboot with a list of what new helpfiles went in

No way to do it automatically and a pain to do by hand. If some host wants to take this on themselves then fine, but IDV.

2004-07-19 00:09:06
edit help race to reflect fdk being impossible to obtain at this time - unless it's coming in soon that is :)

FDK is Crom, so their fate will remain unknown til he returns.

2004-07-19 01:50:49
repairing gemstones costs 0 gold, small bug but there nonetheless

lvl 2

2004-07-19 04:12:23
add poison type as a keyword to poison arrows, i.e. biotoxin arrows have the keyword biotoxin

Not sure it can be done.

2004-07-19 07:44:40
once per reboot, have 3 qp tokens worth 1 qp each load on 3 /random/ mobs.... anywhere in the mud.

Questies? (I think this would have to be done by hand)

2004-07-19 07:51:29
once-per-character built in quests (like mudschool, tree school, etc) worth 10-15 qps

These exist already, but are not worth qps. Questies?

2004-07-19 08:40:31
help qpcatalog8 has infinite charge rogue tools/fletching kit/whetstone as does help qpcatalog9. I assume only one of the costs is accurate. Look into

And again, Questies?

2004-07-19 08:57:08
create a help file for the staff/tracks

that doesn't interfere with help staff/help track

2004-07-19 11:27:13
ninja class remort for rogue and monk,

Maybe if we hadn't already done assassins. Ninja is really just rogue/assassin with an eastern flavor, and no matter how far east you go on avatar, you won't find Japan.

2004-07-19 12:10:59
would it be possible to add to the doxygen'd help files on the avatar site, the slearn output for each of the skills/spells?

Beats me.

2004-07-19 15:27:13
buff up the mobs lvls by like 25% in the dark pyramid? crown is easily campable and it's not much fun like that :/

An overall facelift for Lord areas is coming.

2004-07-19 15:35:12
help files for item flags (glowing, nodrop, evil, anti-evil, etc.)

Lvl 1; would like to have it grouped under something, but not sure what.

2004-07-19 21:23:14
there should be a config to turn off room echos

"Room echos" is a little broad. Do you mean Imm echoes? I'm afraid you're stuck with us. The assumption with echoes is that we use them for important things like reboots.

2004-07-20 00:59:21
I tried to open a portal at the entrance to the tent to where you get the black trollskin armor and it said "You were not able to overcome the magic of the first portal!" and it's a tent, not a portal

I think it's already tasked to add portal flags so that portal-like items behave difftly.

2004-07-20 05:32:48
my suggestion for remort race for centaurs is pegasii, after

Someone beat you to it.

2004-07-20 18:48:24
allow half-elves to remort into elf/drw.

No remort to creation races/classes.

2004-07-20 20:33:44
With the fixes to the Assassin class, the Assassins that had morphed before the fixes are finding it somewhat hard to gain reputation with Assassinate,

I've offered to set some % of reputation to those who morphed BEFORE rep went in, but as far as I know that's only 1 person. You can only gain so much % with each skill. Even those who gained a lot at hero will eventually have to get the rest with asnate to continue.

2004-07-20 20:34:05
Assassin is very limited with races. Seems like all they can do is remort DSD or Troll for 'twink' which will make it very hard and intimidating for some who chose a race other than Human.

I don't see this at all.

2004-07-20 20:38:14
They black wand in gith keep Lord plane outland has level 35 weaken, shouldn't it be level 135 maybe? bug? or pointless item?

Probably left over from when it was low mort.

2004-07-20 21:09:42
Sell Piercing arrows...

Someone does.

2004-07-20 22:10:00
more classes would be nice

Sorry, 1 a week is my maximum.

2004-07-20 22:54:13
Javor comes and pulls the rogue guild hook, and i receive echo saying You twist the hook, and a door opens in the southern wall! Shouldn't it be Javor twists the hook?

Code limitation.

2004-07-21 07:12:15
Make charge shield fail rate depend on the level of the charge vs the level of the player. Lords shouldn't screw up lowmort or hero level charges very often.

No. Charge Shield is intended to never be useful for some classes.

2004-07-21 08:34:18
when insured items disappear from the game have another list of the id numbers for a week or so? I lost something and the immortal I talked to said I needed the id number but I didnt have it so they said I couldnt get reimb


2004-07-21 08:46:07
humans can remort dsd at lord lvl 25. "Demonkind occasionally impregnate human;mothers, and the result is a Demonseed." -help dsd


2004-07-21 10:35:52
for Pals; spell that reduces their exp by 25% but increases the entire groups' by 10%


2004-07-21 13:55:14
add to help acronyms - LC - lordcouncil

lvl 1

2004-07-21 16:47:23
sometimes I try to quickstrike a mob and it says "You take aim at a vital area..." but then nothing happens. It just shows a normal hit and doesn't say I missed the vital shot or succeeded (I'm assuming I failed).

You missed the actual hit. No, there isn't any way to be clearer about what's going on there I'm afraid.

2004-07-21 20:27:25
refer to the mailing list response to ideas in 'help idea', i took me a while to find out why there is no reply inside the game to ideas. noticed i was not the only one as well who didn't know. thanks

lvl 1

2004-07-21 21:05:15
help tnl still shows VBT tnl as 10000 when it is actually

lvl 2 eliminate help tnl and put in some command alternative that actually checks available races.

2004-07-22 02:12:07
legend skill that allows self only spells to be casted on others

Maybe for prs.

2004-07-22 09:35:24
I'm sure I've seen this here before but. Clear reply lock flag on login, or logout, whichever is easiest. Not being able to reply when "someone" sends you a tell because you had reply lock on when you logged out causes problems, as they aren't always on a channel to know you can't reply

lvl 2

2004-07-22 15:39:11
have racial berserk also boost hr


2004-07-22 17:27:47
a way to delete searched through notes. like search out too much avatar... and then be abl;e to delete them, sorry this note was in telnet

Review the topics using note list.

2004-07-22 17:37:02
held quiver from which you can draw arrows ( would make for a cool rename type situation aka 500 stones, and the rename wouldnt go away after use of 1 arrow like it does with normal arrows :/ )

Not feasible I'm afraid.

2004-07-22 19:05:25
make fleeing free in rooms flagged as arena

Just stay and die. It's only arena.

2004-07-23 13:23:48
help blunt weaponry still references sages, however is now/also a bzk skill

Doesn't mean it's not also a sage skill.

2004-07-23 14:40:44
have remort/rebuild also be based off tnl

If a race is worth the slower levelling, they are also worth the extra effort to get to remort levels.

2004-07-23 15:27:13
brute strength skill for warriors over 250 level lord.

No bzk skills for wars.

2004-07-23 16:26:39
charge shield should have a chance of going off on a successful bash

The spell responds to attacks, not being bumped into things.

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