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2004-08-28 02:04:56
we had a long discussion on lordchat tonight about buddy channels and flaming/harassment on them, and hyperion has stated that we may not flame or "pretend flame" people on private buddysets. help flaming - This generally refers to insulting/deriding/name-calling/verbally abusing/etc another player over a public channel. - either this needs changing or we need a confirmation about language policy on publ

Please don't send non ideas to the idea list. I have enough to do without having to forward other stuff to the proper places.

2004-08-28 03:17:32
Disarm recovering should keep them from striking for a round, you'd think it'd take a second to recover after fumbling.

Dream on.

2004-08-28 03:20:41
Furthermore -- players can't recover disarms from anyone higher leveled then them. Impliment recovery chance against higher level based on dexterity.

Players can recover by typing commands. Instant recover fakes the AI of having mobs rewield later.

2004-08-28 03:43:53
Going on Blackout's idea of castable ablution: Allow a cle/prs ritual of 2-3 to ablution a target. Good for bzk.

No. Not going to make a ritual to get around everything I deliberately didn't give bzk, as I've said maybe 8 times.

2004-08-28 04:47:46
i think it would help newbies if they had an inventory item that they start with as newbie gear that gives them advice from time to time things like

Good thing thing they have on. No on gear listing. Newbies don't really NEED any particular gear.

2004-08-28 05:03:59
replace the light slot with floating around you so it doesnt seem like weve sprouted so many extra arms

I think that was the plan with held actually. Maybe later.

2004-08-28 06:45:56
berserker rescue cancel berserk affects but retain lag to reactivate.


2004-08-28 12:06:18
Have damage in 'The Stands' for UD bypass config +battlenone. You're there for the reason of watching, no?

Turn battlenone off if you go to watch. Yay for thinking instead of expecting hardcode to spoonfeed you!

2004-08-28 12:21:16
spiritlink for paladin's - - - would raise intrest in the class and cause more poeple to play it

Meh. Bad reason.

2004-08-28 12:26:32
remort from lord 500 pick a race ( no HiE, Hob, Tua, aka any who use prereq's ), pick class ( one avalable to your current class ) - - - just idea

Thus bypassing all that's cool about the whole idea. Yeah. Sure.

2004-08-28 18:27:09
When an npc stands up after a bash but dosnt face you the game says it tries to stand up but cant. (Mostly when soloing)

Bash and trip/toss are perma-broke. They will never make 100% logical sense, so just deal with their idiosyncrasies as best you can.

2004-08-28 18:29:15
If you fail morph and fall below level 500 when you come back to level 500 you get the Snikt tells you, 'The option to morph is available now. help morp h.' even though you cant morph since your not back to where you were.

Are you calling Snikt a liar? The help is correct. You have access to the command again, even if you can't use it for other reasons.

2004-08-28 20:05:16
Quest prize: character rebuild into any class at current race.


2004-08-28 21:46:10
Automatic Skill, 'improved grip' mainly for Bzk, War or Rog at higher levels. Makes it the character resistant to having their 'double wielded' weapon from being

Maybe later. I'll let people know when the weapons system is ready for ideas/expansion.

2004-08-28 22:19:25
Lord Info filter, when ON all shifts of someone who is following someone other then their "self" is removed, and those who are in a group (solo or ppl following)

Meh. Sounds like a lot of code for a very minor player convenience.

2004-08-28 22:57:41
extend setmin/setmout to allow the direction to be somewhere besides the end of the string


2004-08-28 23:37:23
Make white marble crosses purchased from Rietta level 55. This keeps heroes from using them, but makes it easier for sors to violate them at lord.


2004-08-29 03:04:23
should psioncists learn identify during lowmort?

Apparently not.

2004-08-29 03:27:11
Map isn't finished yet. Love, Mega. never was finished

And your point?

2004-08-29 03:53:21
asn, pr int, shouldn't they have an xtra stealth mod compared to rogs? they have the ability to aim at the right spots and do everything perfectly!

To a certain extent, they do, in the form of Reputation getting them attacked less. Let me be clear; I will never code anything that lets you hide from detect-hidden mobs etc. Even reputation, and the affect of high racial stealth on chance of being aggied only works if there's someone else in the room to attack when the mob skips over you.

2004-08-29 05:25:48
i think that humans should be able to remort into some kind of human only race i cant think of one atm but someone who sees this might be able too.

I don't.

2004-08-29 08:19:13
combat rituals for spells like web or faerie fire (or anything really) take about 3-5 people and make it almost certain of working

Maybe at Legend. Casters don't really need any more power at Lord.

2004-08-29 08:32:25
why shouldn't there be a choas channel 2 ? for low hero mages I do not know any low hero mage that does not run out of mana it would give them mages

This is why I gave them chaos channel in the first place. Why don't we just turn off mana costs? Would that help?

2004-08-29 15:55:03
that i am cool

I haven't had breakfast yet. Maybe I'll have pfiles. Yummy, yummy pfiles...

2004-08-29 16:29:22
change racial butcher, instead of a plain steak a healing consumable

What butchered steaks and corpse eating should really do is restore AP/moves, not HP. Level 3; rework corpse-eating and steaks to restore AP when AP system comes back. Put timer on steaks so they are unhordable.

2004-08-29 17:21:04
today i just realized that sneak attack overrides the surprise other social...

Lvl 1; rename surprise social.

2004-08-29 20:30:33
anyway we can get herolist working again?

Probably. DW?

2004-08-29 20:47:06
should reference to eq register be removed from help files now that we have insure?

Probably. Lvl 1

2004-08-29 21:12:00
Holding a emerald longsword and shield, I try to 'wear spear', which is twohanded: It tells me: You need both hands to wield an emerald longsword.

Yes. I'm aware of it.

2004-08-29 21:40:12
in vnum 271 in astral, one way door is trapping mobs, currently are 21 in this room

2004-08-29 21:41:08
270 has same door phenomenon

Grrr. Thought that was fixed.

2004-08-29 22:36:41
Make ablution a targetable spell. Maybe the same requirements as send? 3 casters, must be resting, not castable in combat. Would assist berzerkers and also anyone with low mana.


2004-08-29 22:59:41
you can mutter in your sleep


2004-08-30 00:51:03
Hero Archer skill: Tune: similar to real archery, you adjust the sight, tiller height, and centering of the bow until it is just right for YOU. increases HR by +2

Your moonlight arc has all that modern crap on it? Mine doesn't. I'm pretty sure the description doesn't mention them. Luckily it has MAGIC though.

2004-08-30 11:09:23
add a public message that shows when one person follows another, as following someone is obvious to other people in the real world

Could be spammy and annoying. I foresee Lords wanting a filter for it, so let's just say no.

2004-08-30 17:53:41
Add help lists_changeaddress and cross reference under help majordomo. This will hopefully prevent people from leaving their old email address on the list to bounce continually after they resubscribe to the same list with a new address.

Ok. lvl 1.

2004-08-30 23:54:12
a blind thing in reality cant see

Didn't I cover this last week? I wish I could set it up that you don't get to post ideas without being subbed to the list where I post the replies.

2004-08-31 02:59:41
how about you can examine stuff in shops before buying

But then how would shopkeepers fleece you?

2004-08-31 03:21:48
Maybe we should have a week where exp is increased tenfold but mobs repop once per day, to inspire people to explore more?

A "drive players away" week? No thanks.

2004-08-31 14:18:59
if I can reply to someone I cant see, why cant I reply lock onto them?

Because they might be trying to ignore you.

2004-08-31 14:19:32
skill for gnomes "Tinker" it allows you to tinker with a weapon or armor.. armor you can increase base ac by adjusting the armor ever so slightly

Maybe for dwf. But I wouldn't want it just giving more ac. Maybe later when future developments are in.

2004-08-31 15:04:22
PK have an option.. "PK Flag" when on, you can pk other people with pk option on, and use "Who pk" to find them! (config +/-pk)

I'm not enthused. Snikt?

2004-08-31 17:38:37
anoint with no argument gives 'You do not see a here!'

Lvl 2. Should contain argument.

2004-08-31 19:15:57
holy Spring still buged after all the notes sended

Yes, yes, I'm a terrible coder. They should totally fire me. Or chain me to my desk.

2004-08-31 20:59:58
wars: PVP fights that take place in an arena for such after 5 minutes the war begins and the winner gets some minor prize

Please stop sending quest stuff to ideas. They have a mailing list, you know.

2004-08-31 21:56:04
change racial claw, so it is a hr and dr bonus

Okay. Lvl 2; racial claw gives a damage bonus. But only if unarmed.

2004-08-31 23:29:03
skill name Trackless, Allows the user to try to lose anyone tracking it or chasing it. ie Fleeing from a mob allows user a chance to lose said mob by

Lvl 2; cover tracks, arc, ran. NOT automatic.

2004-09-01 01:43:05
"and" is replaced by "buy" if you fail trip/bash

Least... understandable... idea.... EVER!

2004-09-01 10:25:36
one of the things i liked about this mud was the creative help files..but lately it seems they're getting less creative, maybe a revamp of some help files.

How dare I not write interesting help files after spending hours on code, especially since I'm not doing the code blackout arbitrarily decided I should be doing? Quite the lazy sack of crap, aren't I?

2004-09-01 14:02:01
im not sure wear, but there is a hero level mob named goblin. when in combat with it, theres an extra space after its name


2004-09-01 14:50:29

Can I? I was thinking of starting with WRATH. Now all I need is a target...

2004-09-01 17:30:54
b11-6 good thing i didnt' give that to you geson :D

Vithral just volunteered!

2004-09-01 19:31:21
ogremages remort for ogres only, better stats than ogres and better spell casting abilities, description: A blueish green variety of ogre with much

Ogremage is stupid as a race in DnD and it'd be stupid here.

2004-09-01 20:25:32
make autoassist quicker, as in if the tank attacks something you automaticlly attack it as well, eleminates any want for a KT ( kill trig ), thus


2004-09-01 21:04:03
lower fetch to 50, so people no longer use Dancing weapon triggers.


2004-09-01 22:06:16
Change the use of skills in 'help tingle' to 'spells/fletch', unless kick, bash, etc. get a tingle

They CAN, but the odds are astronomical.

2004-09-01 23:11:50
A Chimerical griffon suddenly sidesteps and you crash to the ground! umm right after i failed it walked off. i would say thats a bit buggy

Lvl 2; if charge is used on a non-fighting mob, mob should aggie minotaur if he misses.

2004-09-02 02:19:21
with the qp catalog i want to get a dsd rog but it would turn into a dsd war, maybe make it so you could spend 200 or so more to make it race/class

You could just try EARNING a dsd rog.

2004-09-02 09:02:46
Make it possbile for lords to be able to get to the UD stands though the thorn branch of the lockers

Again with the spoonfeeding requests.

2004-09-02 09:20:33
raise the lvl of the gear on the prac dummy

2004-09-02 09:21:03
rase the base ac on the gear off the prac dummy


2004-09-02 10:34:30
when an item fades, it removes nearly all flags except charity, which is understandable. can it remove nodrop/noremove as well. as removing the flags


2004-09-02 10:41:24
something for dragons, racial dragon fear an automatic debilitating effect giving -wis and -hr/dr plus increasing the chance of mob fleeing combat

Maybe when size goes in, as a function of size.

2004-09-02 13:16:43
make it so examining a fletch kit tells the highest arrow/bolt type it can make

You could just id it and compare levels.

2004-09-02 14:38:11
MAJOT IDEA: SAGE- A scroll type affect that increases the MAX on an item by NOT a % value, rather a flat rate add on.. important

What ... the... hell?

2004-09-02 14:44:40
How about fixing the helps on embed and manifest, since there is no info on www.outland.org.

Maybe there will be.

2004-09-02 17:10:29
should be able to do held shot to start battle (archers)

Code limitation.

2004-09-02 19:07:42
in solace in the bar the mages names arent captialized when you damage them, but the other classes are. if this is to small of a detail, sorry

Duly ignored.

2004-09-02 22:01:43
rogues should be able to change the mob they're fighting if they're sneaky enough

Maybe when ranks go in.

2004-09-03 01:11:56
a permanent bond between two people--you fight better with them in group, you can monitor them always, and you get hurt whent hey die? something

Cute. Hard to code.

2004-09-03 01:56:43
rescue should automatically work on your moniter target

"Automatically work" could mean like 9 things here.

2004-09-03 02:41:09
Update the topmudsites.com listing for Avatar. Among other things, it says that Avatar started in 1995 and has been running for 5 years. :P

Yeah. Somebody get on that.

2004-09-03 03:03:23
Make nchat and chat different colors. Newbies get confused between the two a lot and reply to something on chat that was said on nchat.

I don't think the color will help.

2004-09-03 19:54:57
make loss of sanc stand out so people will not feel the need to use a trigger for it

I don't use a trigger, and I never miss it. Look to your prompts, people.

2004-09-03 20:06:39
help sleep seems to show there is an ac penalty for sleeping maybe you should show it in score just to keep us aware of sleeping near aggies BAD!

I'm not actually sure it works any more.

2004-09-03 20:54:47
not to say you guys are realy wrong about something myth or something i heard, that kobolds are a decendants of dragons. so shouldnt they have the ability to remort into drgs?

Maybe our kobolds are different.

2004-09-03 21:36:24
since triggers that directly send commands to the mud are a no-no, how about a config option or some such that automatically attempts to group people that follow you?

How about if instead of expecting US to make up for the loss of triggers with tons of code, YOU guys do it yourselves.

2004-09-03 21:38:16
A group all command to group everyone following you.

This is at least, easy to code. Lvl 2

I got bored of responding and cut the rest out. Do me a favor; if you think of an idea via discussion in group/bchat, also discuss which ONE of you is going to idea it, and then have ONLY that person idea it.

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