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2004-09-04 02:16:19
builder, heal x2 potion shoppie somewhere...

No. Group a cleric or priest.

2004-09-04 02:54:45
k i sent this idea before but ive refined it, a skill maybe improved sneak or hide, it helps with racial sneaking thingy a little but, more movement points to move, maybe like concealed weapons your first attack could do less damage


2004-09-04 03:24:02
more lowmort sanc potions - we're dying out here because all the lords and heroes keep portalling in and nabbing 'em

Group a cleric or priest or simply don't use sanc. It's not a requirement you know.

2004-09-04 06:38:53
seeing as how toss is a monk skill, and it is longer lag.. maybe it should manipulate more then one melee attack as a modifier, i dunno just an idea

Toss is repeatable. Trip isn't.

2004-09-04 12:40:26
be able to integrate aliases into other aliases

It's the way it is because people used that ability to crash us.

2004-09-04 12:55:15
Shouldn't asn be able to learn bless since we get awen?

No. You probably shouldn't get awen.

2004-09-04 14:58:42
Give players a visibility command which makes them non-invis/hidden on channels/tells only. Useful for those heros/lords making helpful comments on channels or via tell to new players who wouldn't otherwise see who it is, and still able to be less

Why would a Lord be invis or hidden on a run? It doesn't help them. Otherwise no.

2004-09-04 15:17:47
mega smash a lord level smash that dose more damage but caused 2 rounds of lagg


2004-09-04 16:40:04
um when examining a bottle i get this You look at a small metal bottle here.. This bottle has a cord allowing it to be worn around the neck. There is

2004-09-04 16:42:12
just curious how long does an idea usually take to comple

2004-09-04 16:42:25
complete sorry for typo :P

If you send one more non-idea to the idea list, people will be calling you KingSlug.

2004-09-05 00:21:58
remort for sprites, true fae!

Sprites are toys, made in imitation of the great. They don't actually have any fae blood in them.

2004-09-05 01:49:50
neutral aligned mages should not add anti-alignment flags to items enchanted

Thus circumventing the whole alignment system. Very clever. Too bad I didn't fall for it.

2004-09-05 04:58:07
a mag/prs/clr/sor spell restore light: prereq magic light. adds to the ticks remaining on a light, side effects could include increased level, vaping,

Level 3. Needs a different name. 10% chance of raising level per object level > caster level. 1% chance of vaping per caster level > object level.

2004-09-05 14:55:31
raise maxes on bows and crossbows to match the max raise on other weapons like spears and such

In order to use the higher max spear you have to give up your offhand, which means a lot of hitroll and damroll. Your idea gives up nothing in exchange for more damage. You didn't think I'd fall for that, did you?

2004-09-05 19:50:49
an item that lets you save with keys. a keyring or something.

No. Key dropage is too intrinsic to certain quests to ever be circumvented in any way.

2004-09-05 20:34:52
the message about the mobs weapon striking the shield when a chjarge goes off can be misleading - some mobs don't have weapons... I had a friend trying madly to disarm a weapon that didn't exist off the mob for several rounds

Lvl 2; either change the message or make it so charged sheidls only work against mobs with weapons.

2004-09-05 21:22:43
not sure where we put critizism on ideas, but....don't use ap---2359

AP will come back eventually. Snikt wants it in the game.

2004-09-05 21:29:36
Maybe at level 115 give them a choice to remort into Any race thats not listed LIke Lizard or Gob or Elf

Remort is not a character configuration tool.

2004-09-05 21:55:41
allow sniping/ls UD just not with a poison'd arrow

DW's perogative.

2004-09-06 02:20:20
a way to turn heighten senses off (without having to ablut) so we can sync hs at the start of a run

2004-09-06 03:39:04
mushroom amulets shout really be on HELP STARTING GEAR as one of the items to be got as soon as possible. It's absolutely vital

No it isn't.

2004-09-06 13:37:11
be able to ls/snipe in arena

Level 4; Only to be done after every other task; make sure every skill/spell works in arena.

2004-09-06 19:30:12
more DEX causes one to fletch more arrows/attempt

How do you know it doesn't already?

2004-09-06 19:59:40
put in a real clan system, making a zone with shops or


2004-09-06 23:30:12
if you ungroup a charmed mob, it forgets that you charmed it, but is still charmed, even when you log off

Lvl 2; no ungrouping charmed mobs.

2004-09-07 00:02:25
With triggers now illegal, would it be possible to have room messages when mobs repop?


2004-09-07 01:24:30
lord+ should get a bamfin/out that displays when they recall or seek sanctum, It would be fun.


2004-09-07 01:47:47
You look at a thief mark here... You notice a subtle mark on a dislodged cobblestone. You would need it in your inventory to learn more. wasnt it supposed to

Yes. It should display the proper message in the room description.

2004-09-07 06:30:39
help avatarwest

lvl 1

2004-09-07 08:25:34
A berserker should not be able to be feared nor should they be able to flee when they are in berserk. That is kind of against the thing of being a berserker. A true berserk would fight to death without noticing that it hurts at all when in a battle.

Help steadfast. What you wanted it for free? Lvl 3; make deliberate fleeing clear berserk.

2004-09-07 11:18:04
how about changing bows so instead of them showing dammage how about giving them a restring bonus eg from (1) 60-65 (2) 66-70 (3) 71-75 (4) 76 -80 dont know how much relavence dammage have with bows hit nods dammage?

I like the idea (tho it's hard to understand) but it's pretty contrary to how people are used to the mud working.

2004-09-07 14:06:39
Ok How about this Once you get your name on Help highest Maybe get a Prize Like a 10% bonus on exp?

10% bonus exp for being the only bonehead to play an ogre sor? Not likely.

2004-09-07 14:31:16
maybe a total number of players on, just for personal stat keeping for peek hours, even the invis ones under "who"

type count

2004-09-07 16:45:59
spell drop message for savvy

lvl 2. Also for acumen.

2004-09-08 06:23:00
if you morph at 999, you get a boost on your lord stats or shadow

How do you know you don't?

2004-09-08 12:50:59
add something to help train about training hp/mn/mv and mention that these can be trained with pracs but not with gold

lvl 1

2004-09-08 13:35:03
A message of some sort when your corpse decays

I don't know how feasible that is. Level 3, but only if easily doable.

2004-09-09 06:42:01
if you are INVIS, you need to have detect invis inorder to see your equipment

You're not invisible boy. You can see yourself.

2004-09-09 14:53:24
get rid of the 3 charges of lvl 4 frenzy on cretelli tooth and make it type armor instead of type wand

No. It's there for flavor. Besides, archers shouldn't need armor.

2004-09-09 16:24:11
tell block (level) prevents character below level X from sending tells regardless of visibility

echo Free spellups and gear! Just ask Finwen!

2004-09-09 18:36:59
noregen flag for rooms, no regeneration of mana, mvs, or hp possible on tic.

Level 3, Aso, allow lord sor's a spell to create the affect in non-safe rooms.

2004-09-10 14:32:21
Spell for clerics/prs/pal: Hand of Tul - Sends a cure light to the target anywhere within the same plane. Will be slightly heavy in mana cost. Beneficial for

level 3; 51(500) Windfall. Affects the first person it finds below 10% hp on Mid. If nobody is that wounded, the spell does nothing.

2004-09-10 16:21:12
why can you use the practice command while asleep, but not the train command?

Oversight. lvl 2 Allow use of train while asleep for informational purposes only.

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