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If you want to train more than one stat at one time, you can give it a number argument for the amount you would like to train. For example, "TRAIN 5 STR" to train 5 strength points. See "HELP TRAIN" for more details. - Daeron
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2004-09-18 07:35:15
Maybe increase lord exp a bit during the off peak period to encourage people to actually run?


2004-09-18 10:03:48
Have a replacement for asn on UD gaunts....I might of idea'd this already can't remember, if so sorry :(


2004-09-18 12:36:00
a timer command thats beeps your terminal to prevent you from going afk/void during regen if you happen to be IAW

level 3; make afk timer beep the player, controllable by player config; afkbeep

2004-09-18 23:36:42
a way to link one's alts together so each character has read the same notes. u know?

I don't know enough about notes to know if this is feasible.

2004-09-19 00:01:42
A line telling how many people are needed to complete a ritual each time someone joins: "This ritual requires (number) more people to complete."

Too gamey.

2004-09-19 05:03:06
Incite: Berserker rite. As a berserker increases in level 1250 ac at hero/lord. Possible side affect of making the berserker lose ac if leading a large

This sounds more like an overhaul of leadership than a skill.

2004-09-19 10:39:31
bashdoor message says the door flies open as you shoulder your way through...doesn't that sort of imply you should be moved on into the other


2004-09-19 11:24:04
Make the ka rune show up on delve, it never does, could be a bug

Interesting. Will check.

2004-09-19 17:27:44
Centaur Archers should get something special since they can't hoof, like an auxillary tailwhip to blind for 1 round

Just being really good at archery isn't enough? Besides, if you ain't close enough to hoof, you ain't close enough to tail whip.

2004-09-19 19:11:42
You cant tingle if you fail spells

Sure you can.

2004-09-20 00:18:20
knight class, upgraded warrior, higher armor opt, more based on weapon types than warrior currently is and skills surrounding specific weapon types (

No more remorts for warriors save what Snikt has planned.

2004-09-20 00:31:47
fix the plague poison on disease ridden flesh in apoc, Each one carries plague, a virus which causes horrible disease. when i try to plague mobs or chars

Saving throws. Gotta love 'em.

2004-09-20 02:15:46
low lowmort archer skill - when mobs walk into rooms that are adjacent to you, you can hear their footsteps coming from that direction

Awfully inefficient as you;'d have to scan up to 6 rooms any time any mob mobed anywhere.

2004-09-20 03:23:02
c 'charge shield' shield remove... attempts to safely release the stored energy of a charged shield. small chance of instakilling the caster.

Level 3; add option to remove to charge shield. The spell actually goes off each time, doing the appropriate damage to the shield.

2004-09-20 07:22:32
Practice all level as an acceptable argument for practicing. Would be nice not to have to constantly check the practice list to make certain you

lvl 2; only bother if the logic can be easily x-fered from the similar imm command.

2004-09-20 11:28:06
help send needs updated with the new classes that can cast it since it's no longer mage/psi/sor only (*sniff*...take away my exclusive ritual...I practiced

The only ones missing are remort classes. Remorts are mysterious. The helps are under no obligation to acknowledge their existance.

2004-09-20 16:52:21
the SAVE command should say that 'you can't save with such and such an item' if it's level is too high or for whatever reason. like when you try to

lvl 2.

2004-09-20 22:31:05
add a mention of help autosac to help sacrifice

lvl 1

2004-09-20 22:46:30
When trying to offhand a weapon requiring two hands while wielding any weapon, you should get the message "You need both hands to wield weapon2." instead of "You need both hands to wield weapon_you're_already_wielding."

I know. I'll get to it some day.

2004-09-21 08:47:02
Can the costs of healing at the healers be reduced? It's still at the values it was before the gold cap.

Yes. Someone gen new #s. lvl 2

2004-09-21 15:32:47
since the impelementation of bzks can we get pink pots avail in a shop so us hero bzk can buy em in case of blinding mobs?

Befriend a priest. Easily clearing inconvenient status ailments is a privilege, not a right.

2004-09-21 15:41:24
add worships to the who command. like who shz, who rxa, who tul, etc

For the billionth time, no.

2004-09-21 20:04:30
a skill that lets you 'talk' a mob out of fighting. fighting will stop but you get a ac penalty right after use maybe some lag too

Our mobs aren't reactive enough for this to work. It's the sort of thing that really only works in a tabletop.

2004-09-21 20:21:48
A Paladin prayer spell, 'supplication'. This spell can be cast on certain pieces of gear (such as wield, shield, body armor, etc) to temporarily enhance


2004-09-22 00:41:01
should beable to longshot when fighting. just like shoot

Level 3; Longshot while fighting ala busy/shoot. Standard hitroll penalties applies w/o rapid aim.

2004-09-24 17:36:43
let people do UD again to raise the base of their prizes

Imms have enough trouble finding time to run it for all the people who want to do it the FIRST time.

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