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2004-10-02 05:44:30
give a message when savvy falls?

Fine. lvl 2, drop messages for savvy, acumen, rally and any other buff spell that lacks them, except berserk

2004-10-02 12:57:04
I dont like the idea of how some lord classes can hold more grpies than others

I started typing up a rational, then I realized this was an opinion, not an idea. Don't send opinions to the idea list. If you want to debate the topic, use notes or the mailers.

2004-10-02 13:18:07
gains should be based on race and class not so heavily on class

A Dragon mage still devotes his time to learning magic rather than exercising, just as a human mage does.

2004-10-02 16:02:36
heighten senses 2-- heighten senses continuous at hero 101 for classes with heighten inclass

Needs a drawback, and I'd only have it for psions.

2004-10-02 22:50:55
help idle / idling

lvl 1

2004-10-03 18:34:03
prevent charge shield in arena loophole - Make charge casting always backfire in arena

What loophole?

2004-10-03 23:40:30
make final fury 25% hp or less instead of 10% hp or less...youre hardly ever below 10% hp and when u are you die quickly...so the rite just doesnt seem worth getting at all..but if it were 25% it would seem to be useful

If it was a survivable amount of health, people would deliberately stay at it for the damage.

2004-10-03 23:41:56
armor training and raging rush are broken...raging doesnt work and a.t. makes you have to have -650 ac instead of -850...sorry if that was posted a bunch already

Yes I know. I'm trying to get up the energy to fix it. Really I am.

2004-10-04 01:42:44
item stacking within locate object, so if I have 10 durrite shards, it shows (10) a shard of durrite carried by Muaddib.

It's done as is to be deliberately limiting.

2004-10-04 20:40:28
add messages for when rally and berserk fall...just like frenzy and sanc fall messages :)

See above on rally. No can do on berserk due to the way it's unique code works.

2004-10-05 16:09:43
remove or update the herosharing and lordsharing helpfile.

lvl 1

2004-10-05 18:50:01
often when I type "sc" or "score" I lag out and have to reconnect to the mud...when it occurs it does so regularly for 20+ minute periods and then goes


2004-10-06 08:26:27
It takes a level 51 (500) vbg to rebuild to a vbl. It used to require a 51 (400) and according to the help file, still does. Is this an intended change, and if so, the help file should be updated.

Nobody's changed nuthin.

2004-10-07 21:42:02
give dwarf racial repair...or give bzks the ability to repair...i mean..we were wars once..we should remember how to do it...

Nothing says berserker like delicate repairs. I'd be for the racial tho; lvl 3; racial repair for dwarves. They have to have both the racial and the skill to repair without hp loss.

2004-10-08 19:57:46
I can see an invisible scepter of might on the floor in donation

It's a light.

2004-10-09 01:04:44
when reputation goes off, you bs/assassinate the mob pending on tier


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