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2004-10-23 12:21:17
racial-dragonfear for dragons/fdks. might work like the reputation skill in that dragons become well known over time by lesser races

Wasn't this the same race where everyone argued they weren't that big so I'd repeal racial stealth? No on both counts. Dragons are out of racial slots and firedrakes aren't big enough to be scary. Perhaps eventually as part of a bigger racial-interaction mod.

2004-10-23 15:08:12
add autogroup config to the bottom of the score sheet .. as we have autopull etc there, as a good reminder of it being on / off

Up to whoever coded it one way or the other.

2004-10-23 15:23:43
last levelgain command - emotes the last level gain you gave.

That would require saving that info which is a lot of disk space for a not-so-useful feature.

2004-10-24 16:31:24
There should be a bank location in Sanctum.

Sanctum must die.

2004-10-25 20:31:42
on the ping command, make it not a social but a command, and show how long it takes for the ping round trip delay, show wether the mud is lagging or you lagging, sorta like the DOS ping

Cuen says do it on your box.

2004-10-25 20:46:39
It seems odd that sorcerors, who only care about themselves, can brandish healies. Not sure if it is possible but, perhaps they should only be able to use brandishes like everbody else uses wands?

I don't understand what you're proposing. At any rate, the technique to use a staff to heal people is the same as the technique to spray acid on everyone's faces, so it's logical it would be part of sor 101.

2004-10-26 08:40:54
due to recent...events...I thought perhaps the send spell should be set so that sendee is only sent if all 3 casters send same plane...instead of final casters send taking "precedence" if send wrong plane...thanks :P

Code limitation.

2004-10-26 09:30:56
how about a message when sanc drops on the person you are monitoring. you would notice that they lost their white aura, eh?

lvl 3; only if you have saving grace up.

2004-10-26 20:52:41
when you type note to, it gives you a list of what you can send notes to, including classes, needs to be updated with new classes? and mar removed?

lvl 3

2004-10-26 21:02:45
help healer(s) - a help file explaining the healer mobs (Nom/Sol/Goldmoon/Aelmon, etc) and that they will cast buffs on players level 10 or lower

2004-10-26 21:03:41
help lowmort - a help file explaining what lowmort is (1-50) and that lowmorts are encouraged to learn how to play the game, explore, etc

2004-10-26 21:04:35
lord charter - get Lord Council to write a help file which points to the web url of the current charter

Sure. lvl 1

2004-10-26 21:06:40
help critical hit/fumble - a help file explaining these archery phenomena

I think it's pretty self, but lvl 1.Include that gear can mod odds of crit/fumble.

2004-10-26 21:39:01
Why do sors get send? I thought they were selfish, why would they help people get places?

So they can go last and send people to the wrong plane to die and cackle evilly like so; Cackle cackle! (Note; not an endorsement of intentionally sending people to the wrong plane to die.)

2004-10-27 08:27:32
a help file for ultimoose and bask, something that explains they can only be done once per player, that pfile is tagged, etc. 2 level file? one for level

Should be noted in the relevant helps; lvl 1

2004-10-27 23:23:34
abilities needs a help file

lvl 1

2004-10-28 03:05:49
Add a modifier to berserk that reduces the intelligence of the berserker/minotaur up to a max of negative 4 for full berserk. With each successive modifier it becomes more difficult for a mob to intrude upon the mind of the berserk character reducing

In my opinion, the dumber you get, the EASIER it is to smack you around mentally. None of this DND crap where it hard to feint a dog (ever fake throwing something? Ain't NOTHIN' easier to feint than a dog.) or mentally control a goddamn rodent.

2004-10-28 16:05:54
make autogroup not work when afk or linkdead

lvl 2

2004-10-29 00:41:57
monks would be more playable with the following in class arrow dodge, spell damage reduction(like in AD&D monks),and some form of in class attack

Monks HAVE in class arrow dodge. They have the best arrow dodge of anyone. Mentioning dnd is a quick way to put me off a suggestion, btw.

2004-10-29 04:04:01
why not expand the easter egg bit and include etched items

Expand the easter egg? Dude, I do that all the time!

2004-10-29 09:28:47
have note show display the board it will be getting sent to.

lvl 2

2004-10-29 18:30:15
A flag that shows a mob is hurt to help prevent kill stealing and id fleeing mobs. It makes sense that when you walk into a room with two peasants that you can quickly differentiate between the untouched one and the one with 4 arrows in him and bleeding profusely from a backstab wound.

It's not a bad idea, I just remain unconvinced it would LOWER kill-theft. I guess we can try it. lvl 3; add a (wounded) flag to the mob's long desc if <33% health

2004-10-29 19:30:22
should autogroup work when a person is in a lag state? It does...maybe give a message saying they're busy, like with tells...and stack the group after the

Functional diff. between configs and commands.

2004-10-30 00:29:54
update or remove HELP HELP HELP. Still references Dizzy, walrus.com, etc.

lvl 1

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