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2004-11-06 15:41:14
allow players to see racial abilities when resting too, rather than having to stand to check abils

lvl 2; low priority because it's kind of a pain. Make all commands that both give info and cause actions (racial, practice, etc) function for info only purposes when sleeping/resting/dead/etc but require standing for actual actions.

2004-11-06 19:55:17
An automated 'say' similar to setmin/setmout for those with bs/assassinate type skills. Player sets it beforehand, and they say it when they successfully stab a mob.

Ever hear of aliases?

2004-11-07 10:59:21
Lord level mage spell, Unleashed Chaos, prereq cataclysm. Allows mage to direct this collected energy against a single target, however, due to the nature of chaos, it only does damage if target fails its save otherwise the target's structured presence alters the chaos into a random effect, could be beneficial or detrimental.

That's a lot of code for something that won't work as intended because of the screwy nature of saves

2004-11-07 12:24:06
I think we should 100 acre wood back

Right. Because nothing says "Cohesive Fantasy World" like killing licensed disney characters.

2004-11-07 16:44:05
Using the 'scan' command to look in adjacent rooms lowers group 'stealth' and attracts mobiles.


2004-11-07 18:23:10
look playername equipment shows blank lines

lvl 2; fix

2004-11-07 19:15:23
help troll still has |b|claw|g|s instead of |b|claws.

That's because the help it's directing you to is under CLAW

2004-11-07 21:06:00
fdk rpose '<person> flicks <his/her> tail and embers fly around the room

2004-11-07 21:07:02
fdk rpose 'people move away after <person> belches fire'

2004-11-07 21:07:41
fdk rpose 'you flap your wings and fill the room with smoke'

2004-11-07 21:08:51
fdk rpose '<person> spits on the ground and it bursts into flame'


2004-11-09 05:58:26
"toxic stiletto" doesn't show it is 1 handed or consealable or whatever type of weapon it is when you examine it. Not sure if that's cause it is a poisoned weapon to start with or something else.

Poisoned weapons don't have types right now. I want them to, but codewise it's a bit of a catastrophe.

2004-11-09 20:11:05
dsd language demontongue, or just demon.

Demonseeds are raised by humans.

2004-11-09 23:56:36
*whine* help highest fdk :P

Big code issues doing help highest for evo races, and frankly, a low priority.

2004-11-10 12:05:07
I think it's a bug kobs can't remort to other class, but still kob or gob

"Kobolds can only remort into Goblins" What's so misleading about this statement?

2004-11-10 13:06:13
avatar site FAQ, "what races are available upon creation?" needs updating, i notice fdk is missing, and still in the not available section. doesn't look like any others are missing

Who's on web stuff these days?

2004-11-10 17:40:09
constricting weapon type - nets, mancatchers, whips, etc. - minimal to nonexistant damage - could hinder targets chance to hit, ability to defend or possibly

Interesting. Possibly too messy on affects to be worth implementing, but I'll mull it over. I especially like the unrescuable bit.

2004-11-10 21:36:13
Threnody can be quickened, but this is surely pointless

lvl 2; disc_ritual spells can't be q/a/s-ed

2004-11-10 22:11:04
Fear - wouldn't it make more sense for the spell fear to not cause the mob to fight back?

That's what dread does. They flee rather than fight. Fear's affect makes them fight cautiously.

2004-11-11 18:15:02
throw needs to allow you to specify the weapon to throw, since either wield or offhand can be chosen. it defaults to wield atm

A bit of a messy request, since I can't imagine anyone deliberately wielding 2 throwers at once without the intent of throwing both in rapid succession.

2004-11-11 18:34:40
war/pal addition to weapon lore. this weapon looks like it can be sharpened. this is if it can be sharpened, and has not made max sharpen yet. otherwise

lvl 2; add this to weapon lore on examine. Copy the language from identigy

2004-11-11 19:40:16
make similar barbed arrow and curse affects stack, instead of making affects list longer


2004-11-12 18:07:32
Just realised 77 doses of poison lasts for 1 go on a throwing weapon, thats the bug

*buzzer* Throwing weapons only carry 1 dose at a time, and only use 1 dose at a time off poison items.

2004-11-12 21:37:24
base the quality of gemstones a bank can stock upon level of the banker/area

Worth considering...

2004-11-12 21:39:39
Lizards should get racial-Chameleon. Same thing as move hidden. They're lizards.....lizards...camoflauge on my house all the time.

Maybe tuataurs, but not liz

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