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2004-11-20 11:51:29
when demonfired is cast on a dsd, it should be like a added armor, like sanctuary

No. Demonfire would even work on other demons much in the way faerie fire works on actual faeries.

2004-11-20 12:36:35
for a lower practice cost, be able to undevote without unworshipping a god

No. In fact, if it was feasible, I'd like to be able to bar people from ever re-worshipping if the undevote.

2004-11-20 13:34:21
update help poison weapon to reflect that two handed weapons can't be poisoned

I hope to eventually have all weapons poisonable.

2004-11-20 14:34:20
implement a wake all command

Aside from yelling real loud. If someone were so inclined, they could check the feasibility of allowing psi's to cast wake-up-call.

2004-11-20 20:38:15
double shield allows u to use 2 shields

Too silly.

2004-11-20 20:40:16
have seal operate on the top portal or nexus in the room if no argument is given?

Down with lazy casting!

2004-11-21 01:06:31
make fetch work (bring item to inv) even if the item is in the room

Fine. lvl 2. Make sure the user can tell the difference between a distance fetch and one from the same room, though. I want to make sure they feel silly for using it close range.

2004-11-21 18:51:09
Berserkers should have a skill like "Taunt" to make several enemies in a room attack them. Same thing as areaspell or brandish but for bzk only.

Didn't I do this already? Or was I merely toying with making that a feat extension of rally?

2004-11-21 20:21:15
autokey---loots key object even if autoloot is off

Sorry, but this is going a bit beyond my image of what someone could reflexively loot in a quick search.

2004-11-21 20:45:35
The Mt Durr map that Tilly sells has the keywords "dwarven kingdom" in it

Mt Durr is STILL a kingdom of dwarves. We need a new map maven.

2004-11-22 02:13:52
make long shot automatic like the rogue skill

Contrary to popular belief, longshot has uses other than on fleeing mobs, tho' it occurs to me now that the skill needs more downsides against flee-ers so people don't think it's ALWAYS a good idea to use it. Level 3; If used on a mob who is at <51% health, longshot ALWAYS makes the mob flee 1 or 2 rooms in a random direction (other than the one the arrow came from.) This can be accomplished by calling flee, but ADDING a line to flee that nobody will flee INTO the room that contains the person FROM whom they're fleeing. That makes sense or do I need to explain more?

2004-11-22 13:16:27
Add a command that lets you clear the queued input buffer. Like maybe "abort".

The buffer doesn't work that way. The actual mud code has next to no control over it.

2004-11-22 18:25:20
allow a config option to collapse dancing weapon/fandango

Sorry. Code limitation. We can DO it, but it's unrealistic to expect that much effort for 2 spells.

2004-11-22 20:21:42
Anyone want cookies? I'm baking a bunch of em

Level 5; cookies for all.

2004-11-22 23:17:19
rethink lord stats for monks, rogues/archers get just as much hp and often more than a class that's sole purpose is tanking

Monks have unique abilities that make them better tanks than either of those classes regardless of hps.

2004-11-22 23:18:43
let bzk's return to warrior via remort


2004-11-23 00:40:18
make heighten lag shorter for psions, its inclass and all.

lvl 2

2004-11-23 00:55:32
help class is out of date, it doesn't include some of the newer classes.

lvl 1 but I'm pretty sure it's listed already.

2004-11-23 03:29:10
is poison weapon broken? ive failed 5 times in a row now...and today was the second time ive failed

I'm pretty sure nobody touched it.

2004-11-23 12:12:00
weight should affect how often dance falls. lighter weapons should drop less.

lvl 2; add some variance to dw/dropping. Weight should be a MINOR influence. Give a bonus to catching ethereal and hafted, penalty on double and chain. +10% catch if bound/owned.

2004-11-23 16:25:09
ents shouldn't lose xp when they die

lvl 3; Racial-earth-embrace. Reduces xp lost as if the race had 1/10th the tnl.

2004-11-23 20:33:42
I'm carrying two swords (tourachs) and when I poison one the other magically becomes poison as well... not that I'm complainin' but I think this is a bug

Whoa. This doesn't seem possible. Someone verify?

2004-11-23 20:36:34
instead of making somes runes being worthwhile, and others weakness, make weakness runes able to cast ON poisoned weapons, for Rogue extra stab bonus, weakness shot -5 str, sickliness double poisons

Eeeenteresting. I'll ponder, but rune and sages have an uncertain future atm.

2004-11-23 20:48:08
Sorcerer.. snort - Crimson fury, any damage stab damage done to them does damage back to the stabber, would be a funny way to go :p

Cute idea, but a little hard to rationalize why only a certain type of damage sets it off. Plus it's too similar to martyr.

2004-11-23 21:12:30
make announced hogs translock on ;)

Maybe sometimes.

2004-11-24 22:17:28
I think clerics should use wisdom instead of intelligence for mana gains and mana regen. Sounds more logical.

If Avatar stats worked like DnD stats, maybe. But they don't. Everybody has the max int for their race/class pretty much constantly.

2004-11-24 23:35:13
Ents should not drown. ~>.<~

Plants can drown. Ever water one too much?

2004-11-24 23:54:43
"miracle" spell for paladins, only castable out of combat. 6 tic duration, 72 tic "taint". If paladin reaches 0hp during the 6tic duration, is instantly healed by Divine intervention.

2004-11-24 23:59:42
"offering" lord (legend?) paladin emergency transport spell. when cast, paladin instantly dies, and the rest of the group is pulled out of combat and planeshifted with no argument (to zin)

Leaving these here for the pal list.

2004-11-25 00:32:19
when you etch something that's spiritlinked, the spiritlink flag should go away


2004-11-25 02:50:17
an archer skill, requires two rounds of no attacks, but unleashes a deadly shot.

I think the 1 round held shot is about as deadly as an archer can get.

2004-11-25 03:45:23
The weapons master's anger is too powerful for you to controL! - extra capped 'L' there at the end for some reason

lvl 2; fix that

2004-11-26 08:28:08
add to hog file that savable hogs cannot be saved if you are below xx whatever the level is? 10?

you heard the lady

2004-11-26 21:51:05
Paladin spell 'charisma'. This is a self-cast spell that increases hp and mana regeneration bonuses for the entire group at the expense of the Paladin's regeneration rate. Effects should be able to work concurrent with shrine effects.

2004-11-26 21:53:47
Paladin spell 'forced repentance'. Causes aggressive mob to be docile (unable to iniate combat) for duration of spell. Cast directly upon a target. Similar to awe/calm, but not an area spell. Fizzles often.

2004-11-26 21:56:52
Paladin/Cleric/Priest spell 'communal prayer'. Similar to prayer, but the Paladin's god will affect every member of the Paladin's group, for good or for bad.

2004-11-26 21:58:35
Paladin spell 'holy crusade'. Affects entire group in room. All good-aligned in group receive AC bonus and damroll bonus. Sorcerors, Demonseeds, and other evil-aligned members suffer AC penalty, damage penalty, and/or other penalties.

2004-11-26 22:00:09
Paladin skill 'advise'. Increases leadership potential of the leader when a Paladin is in the group and higher level than the leader.

2004-11-26 22:03:17
Paladin skill 'vicariousness'. Paladin gains hps/mana when a group member gains a level. Paladin loses hps/mana when a group member dies. Stat gains refer to current stats, not permanent stats. For example, a group member levels, the Paladin goes from 1450/2561hp up to 1654/2561hp.

2004-11-26 22:08:10
Paladin skill 'united escape'. When Paladin is leading a group and flees, he/she/it is able to take the entire group with him/her/it. Group members will each lose experience points for their flee, but it will be reduced when led by the Paladin. If the Paladin fails to escape, all fail. If successful, all successful. Paladin should have choice to use skill or not when fleeing.

2004-11-26 22:11:03
Paladin skill 'righteous fury'. Paladin deals increased damage to a mob that has just killed a group member. Damage increases more with a second deceased group member. Damage lasts until mob has died. Possibly a group effect (i.e. entire group's damage increases with Paladin leading)

2004-11-26 22:11:51
Paladin spell 'final invocation'. Cast when group hit points are below 1/3 and all group members are in combat. Gives a temporary AC bonus to all group members. Works like rescue mod - bonus is dropped when mob(s) die.

2004-11-26 22:13:35
Paladin spell 'sustained zeal'. Paladin cheers the group on towards the end of a run. This spell increases the duration of the spells group members are already affected by. It can lengthen the run. Fatiguing effect to prevent more than one use in a run.

For the paladin man's consideration.

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