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2004-11-27 02:14:25
bzk ritual "sanctification" through ritualistic bleeding, a berzerker cleanses himself of magical affects. reduces hp to 1, clears player, adds immunity to magic damage for 24 tics.

Interesting idea but it kind of clones ablution. The immunity to magic damage is a bit much without a corresponding immunity to beneficial spells.

2004-11-27 02:18:49
mobs that yield crossbows should yield 5 bolts instead of arrows..

They do. At least most of them do. Feel free to report exceptions.

2004-11-27 05:25:07
bard class: can't solo, mass effects -- bzk/prs mix

NEVER! While I find it appropriate that a bard type might sings songs of mystic power to encourage his allies, he would do it BACK AT THE DAMN CASTLE and not actually come along slogging his way through dungeons, where the exp is.

2004-11-27 07:56:30
town crier shouts/sends notes/rings bells/HERO INFO? when a wedding is about to be performed.

Wedding Imms, up to you.

2004-11-27 07:57:29
when two people are married, the rings they receive, when worn allows them to teleport to each other with no lag/spell cost.

Don't expect any code to support mud marriages.

2004-11-27 14:37:08
create scroll- a spell which allows a mage to etch a piece of paper with a spell to recite later

Item creation is intrinsically problematic. You can consider almost any item creation ability you can think of to be under consideration. There's just always... issues. Just powers are always either overpowering or useless, and require a bazootyload of code.

2004-11-27 20:44:10
classes with IC heighten senses (psi/mon/bzk) shouldn't have lag on it

I believe I already approved this for psis, but yes for all classes who get it below 51

2004-11-27 21:16:25
let remorts be able to remort at the same lvls as none remorts!


2004-11-27 23:34:56
skill - skewer - only useable with hafted weapons attacker tries to run target through with polearm in an attempt to pin the target to prevent them from

Isn't that what you NORMALLY do with a spear? Try to stab someone with it?

2004-11-28 03:01:53
Let players 'last' staff and imms. When one of them posts you a note to find them in the game, it can take ages to do so. Unless there's a point for our staff to hide from playerbase?

Sorry, Imm perk. A partial solution would be for Imms who deal with players often to remember to update their helps with their office hours, or include such in said note.

2004-11-28 06:01:02
racial smash for giants. used on chests and things of that nature that require locks.

You mean like break, the command everybody can use?

2004-11-28 06:09:22
panthrodine remort for kzin...

Kzin consider themselves the top of the evolutionary chain, and rightly so. (I'd rather add remorts for less commonly played races)

2004-11-28 06:36:01
For a character in sharpen lag, add a visual flag (sharpening) to look. benefits players and imms.

The problem is there's no such thing as sharpen lag. It's just wait-state. For players, the "busy right now" thing on tells should be sufficient, for Imms, check the players gear for the held whetstone.

2004-11-28 08:16:57
strike a better lag balance between classes, warrior lag for sharpen seems quite lengthy in regards to archer restring/fletch, enchant armor etc, can we not decrease the lag timing with experience, i.e

No. You could always opt not to sharpen your weapons if you dislike the lag.

2004-11-28 10:36:53
"Blood Frenzy" flag on certain mobs causing them to swarm towards a room containing a fresh player corpse.

Giving mobs "victim radar" has effenciency issues.

2004-11-28 11:20:59
Currently no help for 'gem lore'

Tsk tsk. Lvl 1

2004-11-28 11:57:34
for bzk maybe a LEgend idea.. Bzk Legens who get an advanced bzk skill.. have it make party memebers gain PK flags, so they can be attacked accidentally.

Gonna hold off on legend rites for the time being I'm afraid.

2004-11-28 12:17:29
in help manifest, the note says that the gems that are embed in the item will disappear when you log off. does this mean that the item goes back to normal after manifesting and logging off, or that

That's what it means. Wait, this isn't an idea. *note to self; trans mawg deathwish*

2004-11-28 13:06:15
i "examine ten" to look in my tenkei skin bag, and it says i look at killing gloves which i have equipped. then says it's a container, that just happens to be the right container. and lists the contents

examine will pick everything with the viable keyword.

2004-11-28 16:20:03
shining pennant and other magical floating objs shouldn't take spell damage

Not sure if I agree. Float may eventually hold more mundane items that should logicall take the damage. It'd be easy enough for an imm to deck out any created item with wards if they didn't want it taking damage.

2004-11-28 16:27:12
different msg for rogues who try to use backstab without the skill practiced, since being told to leave it to rogues is just plain weird.

lvl 3; remove all failure messages that say something like "Leave it to the rangers!" or whatever.

2004-11-28 17:03:42
Millament the mad Necromancer gets the Shard Whip from <@@@> .

More info. Why in the hell was the mob getting the weapon out of something in the first place?

2004-11-28 18:04:48
help trg refers to nauseous odor emitting in battle how about some kind of poisonous/gas racial offset perhaps with a nosun racial since they are subter folk

It's noxious, it's not overpowering.

2004-11-28 20:20:30
when hp is at 0 - and a cleric has mana to cast cure light - skill that autocasts cure light ( death protection as it were ) - (example: transfer life dranes life to 0 )


2004-11-28 20:27:45
gargoyle remort : some races like elf and drow can remort into HiE cue HiE are like a better form of those two races, atm golems are being implemented to be remorted from gargoyles, i have a suggestion

Exaclty how much work do you think we're going to do for a rave that like 3 people play?

2004-11-28 20:49:29
make heighten not lag if it doesn't add any affects (ie if you have infra/detects on already)

You still took the time to try.

2004-11-28 21:17:10
exam cor exams the corpse, and the player 'cornwall' at the same time..is this a bug?

Good question. Who coded it that way? Intentional?

say?' echo, there is one that says 'Idont't understand.\r'...assuming the .\r is not intentionally there :)

2004-11-28 23:54:18
small bug : I don't understand.r

2004-11-28 23:54:57
doh.. shows up as I dont understand//r the //r shouldnt be there

Didn't this get fixed yet? It's embarrassing.

2004-11-29 12:45:00
when hiding (not using movehidden) any command takes hide away, including affects and score. is that supposed to happen?

Apparently. If anyone were so inclined, they could allow any command that can be performed while sleeping to work while hiding with a single line of code. Not going to add it as a task tho.

2004-11-29 21:05:17
auto-genesis with new god change (tweak unworship costs to reflect this)

Interesting thought. WIll reconsider once genesis is tweaked.

2004-11-30 09:29:13
Paladins should have the option to remort into Berserkers. If they were warriors before remorting into Paladins, they've rightfully earned the required level amount at least once.

Nope. Paladins leave their anger at the door. What's so hard for people to understand about remort being permenant?

2004-11-30 15:32:05
bestial races such as griffons, dragons and firedrakes could gain a benefit (hp or mana or to-hit, etc) related to the size of their hoard (read - bank account).

You mean other than having a lot of money?

2004-11-30 20:00:26
Warrior skill, a sort of defensive focus. You put away your weapon so that you can focus on blocking with your shield. No AC bonus, just better block rate. All normal attacks are lost, including open-

Why would anyone keep attacking you once you put away your sword, instead of devouring your friends?

2004-11-30 20:43:30
a new board for lord council updates/info. For people who regularly note catchup board 1, and thus cause imms to duplicate notes on board 7, or make notes that reference to the notes on board 1.

Use the mailer

2004-11-30 22:12:59
focus on completeing/balancing out classes/races rather then imping new ones

Yay for random useless grumbling that gives you an excuse to feel superior to everybody! Woohoo!

2004-11-30 23:16:29
reflect damage: spell to reduce or reverse melee damage on self

Dream on.

2004-12-01 00:25:43
Ok bare with me. Bzk Legend. Insanity rush. Allows a bzk to lose random stat loss

See above.

2004-12-01 14:34:58
HiE have many more racials than Dsd, and yet shouldn't they more balanced?

What is this supposed to mean?

2004-12-02 10:52:16
If I might make a suggestion. It would be nice if mages had a "knock" spell to unlock doors, chests, etc

It might, but then all the effort I put into to coding traps and rogue items goes to waste.

2004-12-02 12:39:02
exempt nexus and portal from the spellother filter, so that groupies with spellother filter on, will know that the portal or nexus has been made.


2004-12-02 21:43:09
if psions are going to get heighten inclass, i want rangers to have it to ;)

Rangers get nothing.

2004-12-02 23:23:23
change the room people are moved to when 'safe mode' kicks in to a nospell room so that people can't cast unwanted spells on linkdead players

lvl 1

2004-12-02 23:25:52
have incarnation add {x}% exp per kill, to promote the idea of remorting

If the remort races/classes don't sell themselves, don't remort.

2004-12-02 23:48:53
is there any specific reason sors don't learn energy drain? seems like something evil people would be interested in. if there's no objection, mind tossing it on our herolist? :p


2004-12-03 15:48:04
should be a spell that's the inverse of keyfinder... finds the locked item given a key

Can't be done (easily enough to justify the effort). Keys contain no reference to what they open.

2004-12-03 22:46:30
drg rogs should get bonus to stealth mod during night time, or when flying....you can be pretty sneaky if you fly in the right direction

You get nothing. Raven already coerced me into moving drg stealth up not once, but twice, from what I originally wanted it to be. It will increase no further. Heh. Night time. Who WOULDN'T get a bonus to stealth at night?

2004-12-04 00:49:00
move sanctum to top of list for when "sanc" is pp - for those of us who are lazy and cant type the -tum

No. Suffer.

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