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2004-12-18 15:45:44
Change racial abomination to racial martyr and have it affect all mobs +

No, abomination is meant to be all bad.

2004-12-18 18:52:06
FDK should be able to eat corpses

FIREdrakes only eat lava and junk.

2004-12-18 21:19:05
put a banker in sanctum

Sanctum is too convenient as is.

2004-12-18 21:22:52
make wall of thorns block people from walking in, in the same way that it blocks people from walking out....it only makes sense that if you can't walk through the wall coming from

The thorns all face the same direction. Yay! I win a no-prize!

2004-12-18 22:53:39
can remort command reflect change in number of levels needed with second and future remorts

It should do so already. What combo isn't computing properly?

2004-12-19 20:00:18
wizards need wizards staff too start with :) and maybe a quest for a hero level one :)

There's a bunch of staffs out there. Pick one and let the bonking begin!

2004-12-19 21:59:44
racial_construct for gol/cyb lowers leading ability severly but allows a good chance to resist skills/spells that affect the mind.. (You cant really play mindgames with a machine)

Clearly these characters have some semblance of a mind or they wouldn't be doing all this walking around and talking.

2004-12-19 23:13:51
golem/cyb should get some no_drown racial cause machines dont need to breathe

Fair enough. lvl 3

2004-12-20 00:15:17
a skill that lets you learn how to swim

Lvl 3; fix racial swim and add a swim skill for ran/arc/war/mon/bzk. Learnable at hero by rog/pal

2004-12-20 01:39:44
You creep up behind A sleeping gatekeeper... ...but he sees you coming a mile away!... hes asleep... realy how could he see me

I guess you made a noise and woke him up. Butterfingers.

2004-12-20 06:06:51
title i type dont ask comes out dont aks checked it a few times still the same

Not possible.

2004-12-20 11:31:52
an ideas board for ideas to long to post with this command

Use the mailing lists.

2004-12-20 11:32:14
idea new skill: lvl 50 war CD. Weapon finesse. syntax finesse. for a certain duration a war gains one extra attack. once this bonus is gone, the skill cannot be used again for

No. Maybe something similar with a specific weapon type, like concealables. Will consider.

2004-12-20 17:21:57
wizards being so powerful with damaging spells shouldnt get enchantments or wards or charges

Sure they should. They're wizards, not warmages.

2004-12-20 20:49:23
Add a total number of groupies killed to the score sheet. Would be a fun number to have so we can compare skills!

Heh, maybe as part of an expansion on leadership. -1 leadership slot for every 10 deaths.

2004-12-21 00:58:56
wisdom should directly affect curing potention, maybe each

Who's to say it doesn't?

2004-12-21 01:24:09
if you are already a remort race, you should be able to remort to a low mort of your own race at lord lvl 1.

No. Remort is not a character configuration tool.

2004-12-21 07:22:29
explosive arrow and cluster arrow should each do minor damage to "close" mobs, calculated the same as whirlwind... that is, a mob is "close" if it is targetting the same PC

Explosive arrows have a VERY small charge. It wouldn't hurt much at all if it weren't detonating in your LIVER. Cluster arrow? What's a cluster arrow? I dunno what you're talking about.

2004-12-21 08:24:51
should we change locker help file to reflech they are out of service at this time?

Yes. lvl 1

2004-12-21 10:11:19
when training hp or mana a chance that you could get a bonus of 1-5 mana or hp rather than just 1 for simply training it...

Nah. No downside.

2004-12-21 22:00:14
What if you were to alter wall of thorns so that the seal spell could affect it the way it does ports and nexi? Just an abuse prevention idea.

You mean an anti-wall of thorns spell? Hrmmm.

2004-12-21 23:59:33

No. The fletcher's daughter is safe, but the bowmaster lives in a wild, unpredictable frontier town.

2004-12-22 23:16:42
special detect spell for mages to detect for illusionists

In what manner?

2004-12-23 01:03:16
tal should slow down mobs too, i wacked a drow in the head, and it used a skill right after

I'm not sure this is possible given the way specs and wait-states work. Most specs should check for wait before calling.

2004-12-23 01:22:56
we need mana quaffies

no we don't

2004-12-23 12:34:07
free unworships before lvl 20 to encourage lowmorts to experiment and find out who's right for them

I like it. lvl 2

2004-12-23 13:18:44
shoulda have a command like current boons/curses and show u all the boons/curses for the time being

It doesn't REALLY work that way, sorry. You'll just have to rely on notes.

2004-12-23 15:53:35
make wall of thorns no pass, no bash so its more of a trade off when you cast it

No opinion.

2004-12-23 17:21:17
more options for small lord groups (size 5 or so)

I'd love to but then certain people would duo there.

2004-12-24 00:11:03
allow wzds to start the Send ritual

lvl 2

2004-12-24 06:25:43
shouldn't demons get raical sanctuary ? By reason that they are demons and that evil should protect them :)

Maybe they're protected in other ways.

2004-12-24 11:51:41
Since orc have racial butcher, shouldn't they be able to eat corspes like trolls and dragons?

No race should have both abilities. Why learn to butcher if you can eat raw corpses?

2004-12-24 15:06:48
make it so you can morph as a new race AND new class at the same time

Sorry, remort is messy enough as is.

2004-12-24 21:00:25
I was just zapped by an item that was of the wrong alignment for me. I didn't suffer any damage. Shouldn't being zapped by an item do some damage to a character?

No. It's just a minor jolt.

2004-12-24 21:24:32
emotes a command that is simmilar to emote, but instead of having tseraph (does whatever), shows tseraphs (doing something)

"emote |G|'s riding a walrus." will do that

2004-12-25 01:54:53
dem/gol need to be added to help tnl

lvl 1

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