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2005-01-01 02:24:01
help hero needs to be updated, it says "Anyone can send TO Hero, but use of the Hero channel by low mortals should be limited to real

lvl 1

2005-01-02 01:10:58
otto uda sieghard(sp) and wolfie should assist eachother, they are a party of adventurers after all

Assist code is horked up. I couldn't make them if I wanted to.

2005-01-02 18:34:00
the help archers file says archers never learn second attack, but on slearn second attack it says archers learn it at hero lvl 5

The help says they never learn any skills that give them extra shots, which is true.

2005-01-02 20:05:54
make automorph toggleable so people could stay at hero if they wanted too, but you dont get gains for the 999+ .. just thought to add that right after


2005-01-02 23:00:02
if asn aren't as good as casters as say a mag or psi, can you make it like that? I fail every other spell and I have 28 int(I know Im an orc but still), not even worshipped to a god that gives negative int

You're an orc. Orcs fail a lot. It's what they do. Your intelligence can't overwhelm your races natural ineptitude for magic.

2005-01-03 09:22:32
Change Summon spell so only players can be summoned not mobs. This is to prevent the accidental or deliberate summoning of aggie mobs out of their

I've wanted to do this for a while, but if memory serves Snikt likes it the way it is.

2005-01-03 09:56:52
tua psions shouldnt drop their weapons ever since they have that third eye?

It's a third EYE, not a third HAND.

2005-01-03 09:59:28
just guessing that if you already have detects up from spells(and cant get heighten) then you shouldnt get lagged for it. Currently you do.

lvl 2. Also reduce the lag appropriately if only part of the senses are heightened.

2005-01-03 14:58:06
throwing weapon skill for asn like longshot only it does assassinate damage?

You're funny.

2005-01-03 17:02:30
purity seriously does not work

Seriously, it does.

2005-01-04 03:39:36
racial farstride for centaur *toe*

lvl 3

2005-01-04 09:30:22
some sort of command related to where that displays the help with the name of the area the player is located in (if it exists)

Tricky to do the way our helps work.

2005-01-04 10:27:31
cle/war/rog/psi/mag still have stock, or at least old, poses. Can we make up new ones for them?

Sure but will anyone take the time to implement them? Who can say? We're low on code energy collectively right no, so I would guess no.

2005-01-04 12:58:30
update HELP CONTRIBUTION. Paypal no longer offers a $5 new account bonus, and Snikt's address needs updating.

lvl 1

2005-01-04 22:21:22
make private bids illegal on auction channel, since 99% of the time its the auctioner trying to raise his own prize.

I don't give a hoot what people do on auction.

2005-01-04 22:45:08
eat peoples characters who use hogged alts to run gear

2005-01-04 22:45:17
lord gear that is:P


2005-01-04 22:45:31
people who run Lord Gear Runs with hoged CHars Should get JAILED for a few

But I'm hungry!

2005-01-04 23:26:48
Sorry if this has been reported: Break doesn't work, tried it with a long war-maul and a rock, both crushing, I get the default message about using a

lvl 2; tell the break command about the new weapon types. As is only a basic 1-handed crusher will work.

2005-01-05 02:18:58
Wizards should get dodge the same time as mages, as they serve the same role during hero levels, which is generally soloing.

Heck, even sors get dodge at hero. Crom?

2005-01-05 08:56:03
add a See Also: WMODIFY in help weapon types

lvl 1

2005-01-05 10:11:35
dual hand crossbows, you spend time winding on a metal spool ( loading lag pre fight/run/whatever) that allows each of them to fire freely when the trigger


2005-01-05 12:49:22
give wizards improved invis at hero, sometime at hero

No. It's not a bad idea, but imp. invis was created to serve a particular metagame function for lords.

2005-01-06 06:39:44
high lvl archer skill that would allow him to auto-pick arrow after he misses a shot

That's very silly.

2005-01-06 12:40:58
One of the major problems with grouping lowhero casters is the lack of mana regen. If casters were to get med ii at lvl 50, and fast heal ii at hero 250 that

I like it but don;t think it's workable the way skills work without a major overhaul

2005-01-06 14:31:00
last time a true fae remort for high elves was suggested, it received 'no opinion'--what can i do to get some idea of its possibility? :)

Consult a magic 8-ball?

2005-01-07 02:04:42
make regeneration above regenerate, since regenerate is no

Can't. It'd hork up everyone's practiced skill list.

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