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2005-01-15 07:33:36
could we get lockboxes added to automatically loot list like gold is

No. There's more than enough automation there as is.

2005-01-15 14:31:14
After a "shadow gen" (supposedly impacts only Midgaard stats) I lost 2k hp on Thorngate instead of my Midgaard (shadow) stats changing at all.

I can't replicate this bug.

2005-01-15 14:35:24
treasure lore, so we can see condition of treasure type items with config +condition

Tasked already.

2005-01-15 14:46:36
if you have autosplit off, you should still be able to manually split moneys. currently, you cannot

Last time I checked you could. Someone verify? If so, task it lvl 2 to fix.

2005-01-15 15:09:59
instead of 10% hp left, increase to 20% final fury's affects, when down to 5k, ignore pain affects etc. are going to be nil, and final fury will only be useful for

It's called FINAL fury for a reason. If I put the percent too high, hero bzk will be able to abuse it by having healers keep them at exactly the right amt.

2005-01-15 16:02:43
correction, the necrit shows if someone has a disease or a poison

Use aura focus.

2005-01-15 17:42:57
update help who to mention who zombie, who fool

lvl 1

2005-01-15 18:13:02
bzks can eat corpses for health

Nah. The ability to digest uncooked corpses is a racial thing, not something you can learn.

2005-01-15 22:45:25
ability for sors to immolate player characters in arena

Got a friend with a sac alt huh? No dice.

2005-01-15 23:39:54
make groupstat echo only to person issueing the command

lvl 2. Only the leader can echo groupstat to entire group.

2005-01-16 02:00:01
warriors/bzks need to get an "improved bash" kind of kill at hero 101, to make bash fail less

No they don't.

2005-01-16 05:23:25
i find it odd the rogue is the first class to get trip, and asn dont even get it in class :P, whats up with that :P, can we make asn trip in class?

Asns aren't rogues. They're different. You can tell because they're not the same.

2005-01-16 14:45:49
when a mob has the sneak flag, should you be able to see which way they flee?

Lvl 3; if a mob has sneak and is class rogue, make it fake slink.

2005-01-16 16:23:08
A "stasis field" spell, which pretty much freezes all loose gear in the room. Gear in stasis can't be imped, damaged, or otherwise tampered with until the

That would be a pain in the butt, but I see no reason not to have a no-imp spell. Lvl 3- lord prs spell; Holy Circle. Ala safe haven. Keeps imps out.

2005-01-16 17:32:24
Let sorcs use their own potions in UD.


2005-01-16 18:51:44
update HELP MUDMARRIAGE to reflect change in required mud years. Perhaps go off of character level and RL hours on game?


2005-01-16 18:52:21
update HELP UNWORSHIP to mention that unworship is free up to level 20

lvl 1

2005-01-17 01:39:50
give Tuatuars the ability to eat corpses since they are an advanced form of lizard men and they can.

Ever occur to you that maybe a more advanced race wouldn't want to eat corpses?

2005-01-17 02:22:54
Priest should be able to provide some short of shelter, they should be able to help nosun races!

Actually, Priests should constantly shine with a holy radiance than blinds no-sun races.

2005-01-17 11:34:33
1-2 sor necritsthat allows u to see the time since a chars last death, and/or a necrit which allows u to see some sort of death ratio/frequency-- sors know a lot about death.

Maybe, but the mud doesn't. That data isn't tracked.

2005-01-18 00:48:16
did racial breath ever get fixed, from the nerf when real time was imped? I cant see much difference.

I dont think so

2005-01-18 01:04:41
A helpfile giving areas to in game gear quests, instead of bye word of mouth ?


2005-01-18 13:15:29
open hand disarm skill. we spend our lives learning to fight with our hands. you'd think we'd learn how to disarm our opponents.

Help counter disarm.

2005-01-19 02:05:04
trip is inconsistant on howmany rounds between trips aka example: last fight i went 10 rounds without getting a second trip

Yes, it is.

2005-01-19 15:24:19
since assassins are masters of killing, they should have a good sense of biology. why no bio emp for lord asns?

Because they're not empathetic.

2005-01-19 15:28:37
rethink some worship relationships. bhy or tor seem more up an asns alley than dur

So worship bhyss or tor.

2005-01-20 15:06:11
mark Dem with an asterisk on HELP RACES

2005-01-20 15:07:00
mark Gol with an asterisk on HELP RACES

lvl 1

2005-01-20 21:48:10
change help tier: Overlord sounds cooler than super-lord

lvl 1

2005-01-20 22:12:23
better morph stats for dragons?

If we had less PC dragons this wouldnt be a problem.

2005-01-21 03:03:44
add a "who lowmort or who mortal" command to check level 1-50 like who hero for hero's and who lord for lord.

who 1 50

2005-01-21 03:24:30
Psis should be able to wield weapons based on INT, not STR. I'm not physically throwing a dancing weapon.

Yes, but when not casting dancing, you are, in fact, just holding the damn thing.

2005-01-21 03:32:33
allow afk/linkdead people to be sent from outerplanes->thorn/mid

Sorta dupes salvation but ok, lvl 2, if victim is LD, send ignores the resting requirement but only if the target plane is thorngate

2005-01-21 10:15:42
give the healing potions in lockboxes a small value so we can sell them if we don't need or want them.


2005-01-21 14:00:50
make saving grace last for the same duration as frenzy at lord?

Make it shorter? Why?

2005-01-21 17:45:33
barkskin at lord lvl 1 for all classes minus bzk


2005-01-21 19:27:49
are the UD restrictions on surge still valid? can that be recinded?

Ask DaWiz. Considering it's possible to beat him without surging I'd say they stay.

2005-01-22 00:14:13
Pain's Insight: Hero 500 spell for sorceror's, allows you to see mobs hp?

No mob's hps for you.

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