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2005-02-05 07:10:34
I think I may have founded a bug on centaur war wer gains... before gods I was getting max 12hp 2mana now I only get 11hp and 2mana with now a con of 24. what is going on here?

Bad luck.

2005-02-05 15:55:13
can we get a way to buy/sell/list to a second shopkeeper in a room? For instance, I wanted to sell a crown of crystal to garrow but ashara refused to leave the room. All attempts to sell it defaulted to ashara and i was thus unable to sell until one of the

It'll be messy but I guess we need it. lvl 3; add shopkeep to selling syntax. IE "sell walnut steve"

2005-02-05 16:51:02
change salvation so that u can salv ppl from thorn, so we dont always have to send.

No. Salvation is for saving people FROM danger, not sending them to it.

2005-02-05 23:04:37
I have been playing avatar for 10 yrs and I am hoping to see cen remort

It might happen. It might not. In the meanwhile you could go DSD.

2005-02-06 13:04:09
to lower the dragon population, give incentives to give up the alt, like .... gold, enchanted weapons, a new a non-remort race alt of same lvl, etc! ;)

Can't I just persecute them like usual? I'm SO good at it.

2005-02-06 17:56:01
could look show if the item is in your inventory or merely in the room, it gets confusing..

lvl 2; add a line to look ala examine "You look at the large stuffed wombat you carry..."

2005-02-06 23:15:56
if getting coins out of a container you already hold, ignore weight check, as it's already on your person

lvl 4.

2005-02-07 00:42:07
make vials weigh less 3lb for a vial of healing is

There's more than 1 potion of healing in the land.

2005-02-07 01:17:28
'white fire' and 'white light' do not work on the demons in the tarterus garden run. Also, both spells lag me for 4 rounds.. that does not seem right.

Mobs in garden are mis-raced. You're probably getting out of class lag. Ask a prs what their lag is then double it.

2005-02-07 01:25:30
write a help for psi spell reinforce

You mean like the one that's already there?

2005-02-07 10:29:55
for paladins: mass heal at hero 101, mass divinity at lord, and mass comfort at legend to work on the entire group except the caster

If they're not going to work on caster they should be different spells. Leaving this here for Crom's perusal.

2005-02-07 21:06:50
sorry, typo in previous: allow tickets with value 3: 3 (cast spell) to play adescription

they don't? are you sure your ticket doesnt just have the dark flag? Someone verify please. lvl 2 if true. All tickets should play adesc under the same circumstances.

2005-02-08 13:19:54
let remort to any creatable race now that you can't delete

Remort does not exist as an open-ended character configuration tool or a means to deletion. If you don't actually want to BE a dsd/hob/hie/min/prs/sor/etc. you should just forget the command exists.

2005-02-08 14:24:44
when the AFK flag is triggered, a character automatically would rest (unless sleeping or fighting). This could facilitate using send to get AFK/LD groupies

To karnath! Hahaha! No. Use salv.

2005-02-08 16:32:37
Flee, costs exp, easily recovered, perhaps losing an item in your confusion to get away may keep the wusses in check.

flee is nasty enough. I'd much rather have people flee than face death. Maybe death needs to be nastier...

2005-02-08 18:25:00
assassins should still get a message when they term a mob from insightful, since normal terms CAN occur

Only if the mob is too small to be worth reputation.

2005-02-08 21:53:38
Change taint duration so that it's useful at lord, without having to idle for an hour.

We're not making you idle. You could play on and just conserve mana.

2005-02-09 02:08:49
help clarify states it clears mental impairments, clarify clears faerie fire, does this mean HIE should be IMMUNED to faerie fire?

Dream on. Not everything cleared by clarify is a "mental impairment." It's that whole square rectangle thing.

2005-02-09 10:54:31
Bound gear is always savable.

Bug? If so, what's it doing in ideas?

2005-02-09 14:24:02
ritual that when cast forces a character to rest, use to

Absolutely not. The send limitation exists specifically so you can't send the unwilling. I won't ever approve a way around it.

2005-02-09 16:34:13
Can we change the failure msg on locate from "...in hell, earth, or heaven" to "...in hell, this plane, or heaven"?

Considering avatar doesn;'t have a heaven or hell, and locate object wouldnt search them anyway because it only works on your current plane, it should be "nothing like that found" lvl 2.

2005-02-09 18:36:18
can we remove items by their slot rather the presently worn eq keyword. ie. remove neck or remove held

No. Messy code, and I can only think of automatey applications for it.

2005-02-09 22:46:33
ability to buy manifest items with questpoints

The gems perhaps. Questies?

2005-02-10 01:42:10
Lord level Rogue skill - "File" for removing etch from gear. Perhaps a chance of slight damage if badly done/less than adept.

Crom was pretty clear there would never be a way to remove etchings.

2005-02-10 13:56:11
rebuild for dragon somewhere at Lord

Just so we're clear, not every race is going to get their own remort/rebuild, and I for one am more inclined to give them to lackluster races.

2005-02-10 22:36:51
Change the level requirements for chaos channel and quicken for sorcerer. Quicken if a pre-req for chaos channel, but learn after.

lvl 2. But more importantly we need some automated code that checks pre-reqs for us. Lenne ponder how I want it to work...

2005-02-11 06:57:13
have prs spells like absolve and holy ground damage or otherwise negatively affect dem and dsd players

Dsd aren't demons, but you're right that HG should hit them. Not sure how to make that work. As for absolve, it has the alignment concern for evil chars.

2005-02-11 10:28:27
Tuataur have racial see-invis, but I can't see improved invis (or maybe even just invis) people without heighten (at least on thorn)

imp invis = invis as far as the seeing code is concerned. Curious it doesn't work on thorn. It worked when I tested. Verification please.

2005-02-11 12:31:37
for quest catalog, reduce base of a stat by 1 and increase another stat base by 1 (slightly cheaper than the increase of max by 1)

shrug, then you just buy/train the stat back. What's the point of that?

2005-02-11 16:40:56
give the send lag to the shiftee, not the person that finishes send. plane lag x2 yuck

The shiftee DOES lag. That does seem high for caster lag tho.

2005-02-11 23:06:46
give sors shield block since wizards get it

Wizards probably shouldn't get it then.

2005-02-11 23:57:38
Conceal weapon should make it harder for rogues to be disarmed

lvl 3 conceal weapon only works with concealables, and it is necessary for them to get the concealable weapon stealth perk.

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