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2005-02-12 11:55:52
I believe putting a limit to winning 1 type of card only once ever is a good idea. if not then some lucky characters stats will become unbalancing and will then require a lot more time/effort to fix imo. thanks for taking the time to read this

Too hard to track

2005-02-12 12:27:23
throat area for vital shot which prevents breath

I like it. lvl 3 for me.

2005-02-12 15:46:52
instead of showing "Sorry, that's a mob." when using a social on a mob in a afar room, give a more logical response


2005-02-12 21:19:50
can leader gtells be a different colour please

No, but they can say "Group Leader Alphonse tells the group, 'Let's all put all on party hats!'"

2005-02-12 22:35:59
let heroes restore the mud at lvl 500!


2005-02-13 01:27:02
when my roomie typed racial armorbark it didn't work. It said you must type out racial arguments in full. He is an ent by the way.

Armor racials are on all the time. They can't be turned on or off. lvl 2; add a different error message if you name an existing racial but it's on that can't be command activated.

2005-02-13 12:27:59
there should be mana quaffies


2005-02-13 13:54:40
In Ultimoose power Quest since the quest is once an incarnation now, perhaps the wolf leader should be changed to a normal repop instead of a forced repop so that if someone fails someone else can attempt to fight him, since you have leave his area to force the repop ie losing your chance at running Ultimoose.

Actually, players have the ability to reset the entire quest except for the prize. I leave it to you to figure out how.

2005-02-13 14:15:15
stealth mod gear? gear that allows for higher stealth mods, and even the reverse for rog, asn

Concealable weapons are all you get.

2005-02-13 19:39:53
add more flags to locate object spell for instance Mob, Player, Ground, so if you locate say a 'scroll' you don't just get someones 75 scroll collection

But that's what we WANT you to see.

2005-02-13 19:55:43
get rid of the Snikt tells you, 'The option to morph is available now. <help morph>.' for failed morphers re500ing. it's kind of a slap in the face :\

lvl 2

2005-02-13 20:51:58
lower costs at healers of the lowest level spells

I'd rather they found a cleric to group with

2005-02-14 12:21:59
an altof command to see who you are an alt of

lvl 2; add altof to score or something

2005-02-14 13:00:40
if wzds get flash, shouldnt sors get wall of thorns?

That doesn't follow.

2005-02-14 16:27:31
make a info message for when a Priest Blows up

There should be a death message.

2005-02-14 17:16:28
make a class channel


2005-02-14 18:17:41
make different races gain a different twink gain at lord 100/200/etc rather than the flat bonus across the board

Ok. lvl 3; tf tnl > 2000, twink-gain = 150, if tnl > 4000, twink-gain = 200, if tnl > 8000, twink-gain = 300

2005-02-15 00:14:58
i should stop tracking after i planeshift

Yes, you should. Type track self. You could also do it before shifting.

2005-02-15 03:49:32
like sandstorm blinding, earthquake should have the chance of knocking a mob down, like it were bashed. make it work as much as sandstorm, would be

Nah. Too powerful for such a wee spell.

2005-02-15 10:23:51
In help gazette it says to type subscribe username@hostname (MudName - RealName). The word 'gazette' should be between subscribe username@hostname.

lvl 1

2005-02-15 13:41:03
if no target is given with "send" upon completion, rather than sending to Midgaard, send to a random plane (Without focus, the ritual goes awry! Energies


2005-02-15 20:48:46
have it so that when u type c thren, it shows you how many people have already cast (in blue with rest of text)

Nah. Pause your screen and count.

2005-02-16 00:06:14
add legend and titan to help tier

When they exist.

2005-02-16 07:44:26
counterpush stil works after remort

lvl 2; make sure system-called clear wipes secret affects

2005-02-16 10:03:55
can we make heighten 36/48 ticks when used on a lord plane? using heighten 3/4 times on a lord run is bad, 2 times on hero isn't that bad

There are alternatives.

2005-02-16 11:56:55
when you fletch a brace of poison arrows, add the name of the poison to the brace's keywords

Can't be done I don't think

2005-02-16 11:57:51
let archers nock a single arrow from a brace of arrows in their inventory. they'll fire that one arrow in the next round, then go back to firing the arrows in

Nah. Just swap em in and out

2005-02-16 18:39:38
i was at 3/47 and suddenly died

Yeh, that can happen pretty easily when you have 3 hps.

2005-02-16 20:19:07
add some way to put apostrophes in help titles? :/

Can't be done.

2005-02-16 22:07:39
Inoocence when casted wakes people who are sleeping


2005-02-16 22:07:58
deep trance Rogue skill that prevents vs from being interrupted by spell damage of less than 500hp

See, this is the problem with SKILLS. Everybody gets em. If this was more like a bzk rite where you had to give up something else to get it I'd be more inclined to go for it.

2005-02-16 23:28:00
since both wield and offhand weapons are useable +5 levels now, how about held weapons being wearable +5 levels also?

Nah. You didn't really think I was going to fall for giving the entire mud more powerful held items did you?

2005-02-17 11:49:38
use qps for lowering an item a level


2005-02-17 16:49:18
give half-elves reduced spell-failure as percentage goes up and perhaps nofail at 100% as part of their elven heritage? just a though

They have reduced spell failure. There is no such thing as no-fail. The numbers either work out so that failure becomes impossible at a certin % or they don't. It's a switch I can flip on.

2005-02-17 18:13:22
help pr rog conflicts with present policy on backstab/sneakiness. it shows dragon ?

lvl 1, update help pr rog and shoot whoever put drg in there.

2005-02-17 20:40:23
I backstab a mob a few rounds in I quickstrike the mob flees I chase the mob but I can't quickstrike/vital shot it to start combat I have to wait until I'm in combat to find an opening. It makes no sense

Makes perfect sense if you read the helps. VS as an opener does a lot more damage; it's a different move altogether than doing it midround.

2005-02-17 20:51:59
high elves should be immune to forced rescues, mind thing and all

lvl 2; hie immune to the forced rescue in spec_illusionist

2005-02-18 12:22:26
how about a floating object for psions that we can anger management to that has our hitpoints...recastable when it dies. would be nice to have for lord

So the mob winds up attacking an item and doing 0 damage to any players? No way.

2005-02-19 00:27:36
reword help dragon, they no longer truely excel at being a rogue

lvl 1. Fix and shoot whoever put that in.

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