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Take the time to read room and mob descriptions carefully. There are often hints which give clues about hidden items, quests or warnings about particularly dangerous areas. - Riviat
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2005-02-19 03:21:39
quick strike help is 125+, is a hero 101 skill

There's also a lvl 51 one. There needs to be some way for Imms to see both so I stop getting these reports.

2005-02-19 16:53:15
when you see Cookie in solace in the room, it says she offers a free cookie sample, but she really doesn't, she needs to have a free sample!

Maybe she just ran out before you got there.

2005-02-19 16:58:38
how about rogues can appraise items for there locations as well as there general worth mainly im asking this for items such as watershapes that do

I intended watershapes to be confusing. That's why I made them confusing. I could've easily made them not confusing. But I didn't.

2005-02-19 17:59:53
a command similar to namethank where imms can reward lords who consistantly help newbies (having nchat on and being helpful)

Imms have plenty of existing commands to toss mortals a quick boon. They don't need to be uniform. Mset a few pracs, or a level or even just bless would be appreciated.

2005-02-19 18:17:39
change eveolution races so that when they rebuild there stats are affected by there class, ie. wars get more hps, casters more mana/int


2005-02-19 21:37:14
let folks like us bzk see how long a time we have on racials, ie...Spell: 'racial berserk' for a small amount of time.


2005-02-20 04:36:54
An automatic global echo every so often when doing the weekly sunday maintenance, just to let newbies know that the lag is temporary

I like it but not sure it's possible.

2005-02-20 14:49:01
why can't we sell throwing weapons to woe?

Because he doesn't buy them.

2005-02-20 15:28:01
bzks should get stances


2005-02-20 21:05:55
no spell rooms should be BOTH for pcs and mobs, not just no spell for players

No they shouldn't.

2005-02-20 21:28:19
some sort of shield spell which makes u impervious to area dmg spells when sleeping

It's called solitude.

2005-02-20 22:40:44
disarm seems to work prettyw ell in some lord areas, but the mobs also appear to have 're-arm' where they get the weapon and wield it again, they can do this


2005-02-21 04:28:41
give mobs catch weapon, and make it possible for them to catch and keep danced/fandagoed weapons with it

They have catch weapon but it doesn't (and won't) work against psi spells.

2005-02-21 08:49:06
smithing seems to be a bit off today... it cost me 37800 to smith a shield that was at 400/500 and valued at 6510, then i noticed the smith all didnt smith

Code doesn't go "off" on a day to day basis. And this isn't an idea.

2005-02-21 12:16:48
Paladin spell 'charisma'. This is a self-cast spell that increases hp and mana regeneration bonuses for the entire group at the expense of the Paladin's regeneration rate.

2005-02-21 12:18:38
Paladin skill 'protect'. When leading, the Paladin can stick its neck out first and detract the attention of aggressive mobs away from groupies upon entering a room. Syntax protect east. Upon entering the room, only the Paladin can be attacked, and the Paladin will receive a +AC mod until the fighting in that room is completed. This does not protect groupies from walkins.

Paladin-idea-forwarding-to-crom-person, it's all you.

2005-02-21 12:21:28
Grant asn the ability to "aim" their held shot at lord, perhaps an improvement on held and aimed shot

Then what will I put at legend?

2005-02-21 12:47:04
It would be nice if the infirmaries worked in conjunction with demonbank, rather than requiring mountains of gold to be in your possession.

Divinely powered infirmaries and demons don't get along.

2005-02-21 20:47:47
set the quest flag for completing the ultimoose quest for when you actually kill the ultimoose. I got as far as the wolf leader and then went out to get spells

That is when it's set, but I'll double check.

2005-02-22 08:46:42
name rescue somthing else or rest becuase it is really annoying too have too type resc when I all you want to type is res

help alias

2005-02-23 09:12:02
give the enraged githzerais on out spec_berserker

Sure as soon as it's coded.

2005-02-24 01:55:03
divine blade - paladin cd, creates a weapon item which cannot be removed for the duration of the spell, high damage and saving throw, 2 handed hafted type with slashing damage

2005-02-24 01:56:35
holy shroud - paladin/priest cd, spell to protect caster from demonic magic, also give more protection from evil damage sources.

2005-02-24 01:59:11
guardian - paladin cd, skill. gives the paladin more chances to shield block, pre-req shield block, rescue

2005-02-24 02:00:20
pure faith - paladin cd, skill, lower the penalty of rescue modifier, pre-req rescue

2005-02-24 02:01:14
Paladin spell 'communal prayer'. Works just like prayer, except the Paladin's god will affect every member of the Paladin's group, for good or for bad.

2005-02-24 02:02:39
Paladin spell 'holy crusade'. Affects entire group in room. All good-aligned in group receive AC bonus and damroll bonus. Sorcerors, Demonseeds, and other evil-aligned members suffer AC penalty, damage penalty, and/or other penalties.

2005-02-24 02:03:56
touch of glory - paladin cd, spell, divinity type healing which cures blindness, plague, poison and removes curse, single target, suggest lord level. pre-req divinity, remove curse, cure poison, cure disease, cure blindness(possibly add mass aid to paladin's and use that instead?)

2005-02-24 02:14:20
crush warrior/paladin/berserker - combat skill, allow a person wearing a shield the ability to crush their enemies while they are down, target must already be bashed or thrown or recently tripped. pre-req bash, smash

2005-02-24 02:18:07
valor - paladin cd skill, very minor bonus xp for killing evil mobiles, slightly higher xp penalty for killing good mobs.

2005-02-24 02:26:28
piety - paladin/priest/cleric cd, skill, allow the casting of prayer spell to gain each of the different affects.

Off to crom with you, paladin ideas!

2005-02-24 08:57:43
can identify be changed to show information about spellbook type items? and can magic lore be modified to show similar spellbook information?

What's the problem here?

2005-02-24 15:07:51
high elf remort from hel at level 150 lord


2005-02-24 23:42:32
a toggle for group leaders to loot everything from corpses instead of groupies? im sick of people stealing upgrades before passing the gear to the leader

Hrmm. I don't see a reason NOT to allow it. Whether to make it a toggle or skill of some kind I'm not sure. Input?

2005-02-25 19:51:11
i beleive it makes sense that backstab shouldnt fail on mobs you just blackjacked, even if you made noise they wouldnt wake up cuz you knocked

Backstab cannot fail because of STEALTH on sleeping mobs. However, you can still miss.

2005-02-25 20:02:41
Make it so PSI dont get caught as often in death field or bhyss doesnt show up as often

As opposed to all those other people who use death field?

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