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2005-02-26 07:28:15
alias does not accept skin command

Works for me.

2005-02-26 09:39:08
reduce the price of healing potions in the Alchemist in Midgaard - 5250 for a fiery-red vial is way out of the league of most lowmorts

I'd make them cheaper for lowmorts but then you'd all just make lowmort haggle alts. Resourceful people can find alternate healing. Or hell, group a cleric.

2005-02-26 12:36:52
since prayer is essentially praying to a deity it would be nice to make it exempt from the nospell room effect since hopefully your chosen god should be able to circumvent such an event.. perhaps make it a skill or a ritual rather than a spell

Nospell will never be circumvented for players in any way.

2005-02-26 16:22:55
wpuld it be possible to put qps in score? perhaps under incarnation?

I dunno. Is it in the pfile or some sort of database, questies? If pfile, lvl 3, add qp's to score.

2005-02-26 20:26:20
a new config to be able to see backstab/assassinate with battlenone on


2005-02-27 01:47:41
Remove practice bonus as it leads to selfish lords who won't let others hold group to allow everyone to play. Instead, offer practice bonus some other way.

So don't follow that lord any more. This is a good example of an incomplete idea. It's more of a complaint than anything else, and they're not really useful.

2005-02-27 17:39:30
can vlad be recoded to say general ubercon comments instead of the specific ones he says now?

Probably. I'm not going to task it though.

2005-02-27 21:54:40
change planar anchor from "utters the words 'planar anchor'" to "concentrates deeply..."


2005-02-27 23:10:33
update the current task list on the design site a little more often, there are closed tasks in there which are listed as open.

Theoretically it's the same database. it's entirely possible there's duplicate tasks tho.

2005-02-28 10:20:05
alter bs so that the only fails are stealth based (no nils)

No. Raise your hr.

2005-02-28 15:43:41
shoppie that buys throwing weapons

task lvl 2; somebody pick a couple. I don't care.

2005-02-28 17:26:11
new pose for rangers. "You stand around picking your nose like the useless ranger you are." "Cleites picks his nose. Oh what a mighty ranger he is!"

Imms were very clear that rangers were grandfathered and would receive no new development. You chose to stay one anyway. Guess who doesn't get to complain?

2005-03-01 05:08:23
there should be a way to improve the percentage of the surge skill beyond 95% (ie tingle). Surge is a way of life for mages/wzds, it's kind of ridiculous

Okay, but all skills will max out at 50% praccable. Sound good?

2005-03-02 11:27:49
give the spell rune to another class since is almost

No. Rune will not be given to anyone else.

2005-03-02 13:34:24
asn should get imp invis at hero 500!


2005-03-02 15:16:43
rework smith/repair. warrior types will be able to only smith weapons and armor (anything heaver than say, leather armor). a new skill 'stitch' would work for fabric items (dresses, shirts, etc) and be for rog, mon, ran maybe. finally, repair (or better name) would be for cle, psi, mag, wzd to repair amulets and rings. smith on mobs would have to change to reflect this also.

Nice idea but we don't have the item specifics to make it work, and the thought of adding them is daunting when you consider the length of the task list.

2005-03-02 18:24:01
sneak and movehidden to be practiced for Bzk


2005-03-02 20:29:18
modify ultimate dragon to allow for the fact that berserkers cant get spells.

The classes are what they are. Not all of them can beat the dragon easily.

2005-03-02 23:45:12
restore on Bahamut avatar death?

You mean he should be restored when he kills a lord? Ok.

2005-03-03 10:12:02
put in enough pills that a bzk could get enough spells to allow for them to have a decent chance to survive UD.

Now why the hell would I make a class that gets no spells just to give them spells? Here's a handy thing to do before suggesting something. Think, "Does my idea negate a deliberate design feature, like nocast rooms, or psis dropping weapons, or bzk not getting spells?" If the answer is "yes", or even "kinda" save us both some time and don't send it.

2005-03-04 18:54:05
Instead of a blackjack for Assassins, a Garotte to strangle a victim with.

Anything weak enough to go down to a garotte would have to be like level 8. I toyed with the idea of garottes but had conceptual issues. I couldn't come up with a function for them in game that wasn't either twinky, useless, stupid, or some combo thereoff.

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