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2005-03-05 09:43:18
have all the quixoltan worshippers in Pantheon courtyard, aggie draconians

Nah. Maybe if we ever get around to race-hate we can deal with that.

2005-03-05 14:16:14
give sors deaths door at lord

I suppose I could, but it wouldn't really work on mobs.

2005-03-05 21:15:15
allow undevotion cost to be lesser than unworship when reworshipping the same god but do not wish to devote

Nah. If anything you should be unable to reworship after undevoting. Ever tried to be friends with an ex lover?

2005-03-05 21:19:15
help quest-staff references help staff which gives you the help file on staves

lvl 1

2005-03-05 22:46:02
add a small chance to kill self with mutilitation, i'd love to see a bzk fall over dead after cutting self :)

How would that work? Anemia? Dirty knife?

2005-03-06 03:10:57
Illusionary Shield - A wizard spell that creates an illusionary copy of the wizard that disappears after 1 hit

lvl 3; but for psion. hero 500 or so. If the mob can see invis, they get an even chance to hit the psion or the illusion. Otherwise they always hit the illusion.

2005-03-06 03:44:4811303=Jarlaxle=give the priest mobs in karn via pax

You're funny. There are no REAL Priest mobs. Yet. They're all clerics.

2005-03-06 10:09:41
Assassin - Gut thrust- basically a thrust that only works on mobs that are at pretty hurt or below.

This doesn't seem like a fully formed idea.

2005-03-06 12:30:49
allow smith ? to show how much it will cost to smith your gear

lvl 3, but make it smith with no argument

2005-03-06 13:30:18
when rogs have alertness on, they can see weapons that are concealed

lvl 2

2005-03-06 15:39:44
sue social since so many people want say 'sue me'

Thematically inappropriate.

2005-03-06 18:01:09
Benevolent imps: When an imp takes an item from a room other than one of the donations, there's a chance the little bugger will drop it off at the appropriate don room.


2005-03-07 17:08:16
some new spell/spells that improve saving throw

Nah. Try gear.

2005-03-07 22:46:28
2 solns to a problem im having, as a new lord cleric, when i mass comf, it says diff things dep on how much ppl get healed, its all green and hard to tell who got healed what. soln1-make different degrees of healing different


2005-03-08 02:17:55
since kra has been added to the god pantheon, add other storyline gods to worship like Rauhn and Straul

Rauhn is a dragon, not a god. Straul is not accepting worshippers from among those training to destroy him.

2005-03-08 06:55:36
make new thalos runnable again by removing outlaw there

No. You should have to LEAVE cities to get exp. Eventually NO city will contain runnable exp of any kind. Start learning the map and using all these new areas I keep adding.

2005-03-08 14:49:49
Have Jake give a small gift if you give him a body part from a slain pc dragon...he should want us dead too!

No, that'd be me.

2005-03-08 17:18:49
heh, give Assassin's double wield? they are killers after all.

But not fighters.

2005-03-08 18:12:29
how is it that a dev qxl hie sor is only +1khps/+2kmana over a dev shiz drow sor? def a bug

Well, it's certainly not an idea, is it?

2005-03-08 19:09:08
task 2342: magic sense, sixth sense, arcane attunement, have it part of magic lore/arcane knowledge. attunement.


2005-03-08 20:51:40
ignore coin item limits: When pulling coins from a corpse, or container on you, ignore item limit. The coins go from the corpse to your purse, and add 0 items to your inventory. Similary, if it is on your person already, there's no reason to drop it.


2005-03-08 21:21:04
Holy ground dont affect Mobs in Garden even tho they have Demon in its name

Surprisingly, I'm STILL aware of this from the last 40 times you reported it. It's not a priority.

2005-03-09 09:56:35
deadly opening - rogue/assassin skill, automatic once learned, when in direct combat, and a dodge occurs, a small chance to land a random vital shot on the mobile can occur without lag - with a loss of ability to dodge in the next round. pre-reqs - quickstrike, dodge - Suggest level 250 hero or 1 lord.

Tip; I will not approve ideas that boil down to; "I'd like to do more damage!"

2005-03-09 22:58:45
Fix My PFile, I'm a sprite with base 17 Con and Str and I think my racial dodge is messed up too, this weirdness happened after Gia - > spr rebuild, oh and my meelee damage is likea giant with bad stats (I

Talk to any senior. Surprisingly I'm not the only imm who can do things.

2005-03-10 02:35:30
a racial neutral race....it would be very challenging no protection good/evil and it couldnt use half the eq in the game

Dark Helmet was wrong. Neutral is dumb.

2005-03-10 17:47:09
having lost yet again another set of gears god knows where on an alt can we please have a togglable command to flag items no drop

I've never had this problem, and I transfer gear all the time. Maybe you should try like, being careful or something.

2005-03-10 22:40:02
the 'new' tell messages while sleeping and reply messages don't change color when tell is changed with the color change command

uh, lvl 2. Double check all tells and afkreplies use tell channel color.

2005-03-10 23:25:40
garrotte usage - Rogue/Asn start combat with a garrotte if the mob is a smaller level they get strangled to death if the same level they break free with 2 rounds of choking lag, if they are a higher level they break free with 1

Nah. Too twinky. Plus conceptually dumb on any mob above 10th level.

2005-03-11 00:49:24
Is there any way to raise faerie fire's success rate to something like 5% of casts, at least

There's always a way. Doesn't mean we're gonna do it.

2005-03-11 12:03:40
typing "kill f" and "kill s" brings up a message about fighting other players in the arena. Other letters don't seem to do this

S is for self. Guess what f is for? (hint, for you, it's the same thing as self)

2005-03-11 12:09:44
have your god be the person to give augment information - seems kind of odd to be told by tul-sith how much I am augmenting with, even though I worship Shiz

I'm not entire sure why the gods tell you that at all. lvl 2; remove gods from augment. They're too busy to keep track of that crap for everybody.

2005-03-11 18:12:07
add worships as option for who command. "who shz"

For the 10th time, no.

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