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2005-03-12 03:13:29
wizards should get a racial good anchor skill and mages should get a racial neutral anchor skill

If it's by class then it's not a racial, is it? I like the idea of a neutral oriented class, but if that works for anybody it's sages. Wizards and Mages can be found at either end of the moral spectrum.

2005-03-12 07:48:19
config +autolockbox


2005-03-12 14:08:50
shield of ladies


2005-03-13 02:00:57
i think moniter should work when target is invis or hidden, i can follow them and see their hp on group, so why not moniter?

The game is kind and assumes the leader is yoddling or something when he moves so that groupies can follow even if blinded. lvl 3; make invisible via group command the stats of any groupmate one cannot see.

2005-03-13 19:42:07
make the lord level charge shield (pulse) level 124 instead of 125 since some shields can repop at level 124.. currently trying to charge shield a level 124

Sounds like you'd better remember that in future and try using other spells to raise the lvl first.

2005-03-14 02:19:30
when gods "smile upon" someone due to a good sacrifice, make the action different depending on the god. Bhyss, for example, would probably "grin evilly"

Planned. Theoretically someone is working on the design as we speak.

2005-03-14 02:34:44
can players have their own way of preventing talking on public channels, kind of like a toggleable voluntary silence? or maybe integrate it into the deaf

Why can't you just, like, not do it?

2005-03-14 18:30:45
Meditative Trance, lord caster spell. Clears player, forces sleep and lags for 10 ticks, during that period mana regen is doubled and hp regen is 0.

Good thinking in terms of the limitations making it painful to use on a run. I'll ponder.

2005-03-15 00:03:37
should the 'spells' list really show me spells i will not be able to obtain for 99 more levels? i am hero 2 but spells i cannot aquire until 101 are on this

The spells command is wonky.

2005-03-15 17:04:22
There should be an exp bonas implemented for group diverstity. There should also be a slightly bigger group exp bonas if the less desirable classes

Interesting idea, but I'm not sure how to imp it

2005-03-16 22:37:23
allow notes to be directed to members of a buddyset.

No can do.

2005-03-17 06:39:08
can you remove the lag when holy sight is cast after heighten its pretty bad it may even be a bug

Nope. You CAST the spell, you get the lag. It's up to you to remember you don't need it.

2005-03-17 14:06:31
Asn Insightful Strike that works for poisoned arrows etc

I wanted this to work on snipe, but I think it turned out to be nigh impossible.

2005-03-17 15:30:22
ability to change channel colors, too many similar colors in game

You can do that now.

2005-03-17 18:35:26
Make Commander repop just a little bit quicker...

No can do.

2005-03-17 18:54:24
racial-abomination modification, Chance of losing a random item from body when corpse evaporates.


2005-03-17 19:27:51
put some fun stats in that MOTD, deaths per day or hour, mob kills per %, or some other kind of fun mud stats, most killed mob of the day, player who has leveled the most, so on

Got that MOTDies?

2005-03-17 20:41:47
allow more than 80 characters in descriptions, color codes should not count when it comes to display length unless it is part of unix or the mud code or something that can not be changed of course

It can't. And 80 is plenty.

2005-03-17 21:30:10
if the target of a spell is to be self, require that self be typed out as a full word

Not sure if it'd be worth the effort.

2005-03-17 23:27:32
Legend-Mage (CD) Spell to add an action statement to a worn piece of gear.

Nah. Then imm renames wouldn't be special.

2005-03-18 09:34:51
sacrificing corpses to your God will increase the chances of getting a good prayer


2005-03-18 15:36:01
ability to hire group member npcs / ability to hire guides / ability to monitor PET HP!

No. We want you to group with PEOPLE.

2005-03-18 23:29:08
The prs class should be forgiving in nature and able to help the "less fortunate" and should thus be able to cast dark embrace imo :)

Nah. Most underground races are evil.

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