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2005-03-26 02:48:33
make SoL rooms lloydable, so we can shrine and regen mana a lil faster in there...not like it removes any danger or anything

What's that? Add drift mobs to SoL so you can't regen there so easily?

2005-03-26 04:22:58
Why not make remove all and wear all show less spam for the wearer, or make a toggle? 'You remove all of your equipment' instead of the normal 21 line

Because it's very easy to muck things up that way

2005-03-26 07:47:50
change white fire saferoom message from "You are denied from turning undead due to the safe nature of the room." to something that reflects the anti-demon nature of the white fire spell (or just doesn't mention undead)

lvl 2, change the msg for all those spells to "You can't cast that here." or something generic.

2005-03-26 17:46:58
when we finished the ritual on Scalybane, apparently he had spammed maelstrom or something and he still damaged the mob from Thorngate.


2005-03-26 19:50:50
make altof work bidirectionally, so frunk can wear waite's gear and waite can wear frunk's gear

I think this is pretty near impossible or we'd already have done it. I'll ask DW when he's better.

2005-03-27 01:04:52
aural shield. new lord level spell for mag/wiz (or maybe psi or cle) that would allow a group member to shield an entire group from area spells. this would convert a certain percent damage from the area spell against the caster (shielding larger groups would hurt more than small

No way. The drawback you designed shows you're thinking, but I just don't want that many people immune to area spells.

2005-03-27 05:00:18
warrior skill: last ditch stand, warriors, more than 3 can create a temp shield wall, to protect a group while others flee or to create a temp barrior

Sort of unnecessary. If a group flees and you;'re the only one left fighting, the mob will only be interested in you. It won't pursue any of your friends.

2005-03-27 12:06:30
a staff you can brandish with a lvl 51 spell of portal

It wouldn't do anything. No way to signify target.

2005-03-27 16:28:08
repair skill removes reinforce extra hp, fix please

lvl 2, repair should not recalc hps

2005-03-27 22:22:09
Have weight of player's wield checked versus the player's STR score when parrying. If wield is too heavy, have it knocked out of player's grasp.

Perhaps as part of a comprehensive system of critical failures, but it's a bit off by itself.

2005-03-28 02:51:24
allow deposit all, to deposit gemstones also

lvl 3, gemstones should be more convenient than cash

2005-03-28 15:54:58
report alignment, since we can report just about every other stat individually

c 'know alignment' person whose alignment you need to know

2005-03-28 23:39:43
a dispel spell for all spells.

Befriend a priest or level until you get ablution

2005-03-29 05:09:07
perhaps an anticipate pill/potion somewhere in avatar?

Perhaps group a psion?

2005-03-29 05:11:24
As a mage i seem to have a bit of trouble killing when hogging as i miss sooo much, with 20000 hit i have missed 3 times in one fight, for hog could mages/wzd/psi get a boost to spells instead of the hit/dam?

Try smaller mobs. Hitting has a huge lvl vs. lvl comparison.

2005-03-29 05:17:47
a boost mana spell on eq? can only be cast on items that have mana already increasing the mana of the item but as you do it you trade off base ac of item as it becomes more 'brittle' the more magical you make it?

I had a similar idea once. I may yet imp it. We'll see. I'm not going to task it tho.

2005-03-29 13:18:31
make it so you can't smith your gear while killing the smith. you'd think he was preoccupied...

lvl 2

2005-03-29 15:52:21
I dont think Pals Should get innocence because why the hell would a warrior/caster use a peace spell?

They wouldn't. Who said they're getting innocence?

2005-03-29 22:59:46
config +blind will does not only change channel config but also does not allow you to see people/mobs exit/enter the room.


2005-03-29 23:25:19
make the stands permant sphere of silence, some people seem to find it "funny" to spam 30 times with the same social, which in turn provokes another person to spam the same

The perils of public places I'm afraid.

2005-03-30 10:35:26
a spell that would explode a door open for wizards

2005-03-30 10:36:28
How about a spell similar to the knock spell in D&D that would unlock a lock. I realize this is supposed to be the domain of the rogue, so maybe make it a class definer for mag/wzd

I wouldn't allow it to work on any door that had any type of protection, which means nobody would use it, so what's the point? Befriend a rogue or learn the areas well enough to find the keys.

2005-03-30 12:44:30
a quaff that would transform a lord into a true hero instead of a shadow for a period. Afterwards the lord is at 1/1/1 and unable to regenerate for 100+ tics,

Exactly how much free time do you think coders have?

2005-04-01 12:59:58
make spell length and ac-modification subject to a slight randomness, with worship-modifiers increasing chance to be either at low or high end of the

Lvl 3; add a slight random variance to spell length and ac modification. Like -2/+2%, only applied if worshipping. Atheist spells are always the same.

2005-04-01 14:28:53
I think there should be a class, possibly remort or not called something like Soldier. The idea would be that soldiers when working together would gain benefits based on how many soldiers were in the group. There could be kick-like extra attack could be forced march which would also be based on how many soldiers exectuted it. they could gain ranks which would add morale to other groupies that weren't

I like the idea of a martial "teamwork" class but it's needs some serious design, so that it's not weak w/o teamwork yet not twinky with it. And of course the problem with any warrior based sub class is that warriors are very powerful.

2005-04-01 15:52:19
A "debate" channel would be a welcome addition!

I like the idea but I fear it would turn into the designated borderline flaming channel.

2005-04-01 16:55:40
gravediggers sight - syntax "c spell plane" shows all corpses on target plane, similar to casting 'c locate object pccor' if one were on that plane

lvl 2, but better name. Dont care who it's for but dont give it to everybody.

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