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2005-04-02 02:11:31
Can bash with a shield OR a two handed weapon.

Nope. That's the point of hafted weapons.

2005-04-02 12:49:31
experience bonus for killing 2 mobs in 3 seconds, 3 mobs in 4 seconds, 4 mobs in 5 seconds, and so on.

I once toyed with this for a simple kill-speed counter ala UT (MONSTER KILL! , etc) but it's a bit too hard to implement to be worthwhile, and tying it to an exp bonus would give an unfair advantage to those with powerful area spells.

2005-04-02 14:25:43
high level rog/asn class definer: deadly concentration. allow a rogue or an assassin to maintain vital shot concentration after dodging enemy attacks. concentration would still break on getting hit, parrying, or shield blocking

This is a well-rounded idea with it only working on dodge, but I've already slated this idea for a prestige class.

2005-04-02 15:52:11
modify bank message when you type deposit to say You can deposit gold or the following gemstones:

Please add this to the text for the task added last week re depositing gemstones

2005-04-02 20:05:37
Allow alignment restrictions on special room items (fountains that cast spells/levers you pull/etc)

Fountains have alignment. It's just not used much. Levers aren't really magical.

2005-04-03 17:15:22
quest points to weapon modify existing weapons to different sorts example to modify it from a sword to say a mace keeping same enchants and

I think change weapon type is an option already, no?

2005-04-04 07:28:21
EXAMINE is short for 'LOOK container' followed by 'LOOK IN container', however, examine gives info neither of the look commands give. In particular, there is no way I could find to check the health of a corpse without seeing the eq inside. Perhaps a 'look container condition'?

lvl 3

2005-04-04 13:52:42
scryrecall type spell to scry your recall...in case it's highly aggie?

Pick a safer recall?

2005-04-04 15:01:47
move detect haven to lowmort for priests?


2005-04-04 16:55:15
Have the astral shield spell also block scry attempts targeted at the player. (scry to someone or something else in the same room will still work, just can't


2005-04-04 17:45:45
unlearn! use at a trainer mobile, can only be used with an adepted skill as a target, unlearn a skill and regain a(1) practice from unlearning it.

No. While you could argue people can forget learned knowledge, they don't get the time and mental energy back.

2005-04-04 19:21:42
filters are awesome. how about filters for scan spam, and failed disarm/bash?

Both are a bit specific.

2005-04-05 08:13:50
create a toggle for ghosts to let them interact with mobiles, would be good for checking tickets in areas. maybe set the permission to have this toggle

That doesn't sound like the sort of thing ghosted trackies are meant to be doing.

2005-04-05 18:02:11
an autoloot like command that only loots lockbox's

For the 50th time no. Lockboxes were intended to take some of the automation out of the gold collecting process.

2005-04-06 15:39:35
Dunno if being able to get items from corpse in a dark room is intentional -- I should try it with containers in general and at different levels; but seems like a

Lights are always visible.

2005-04-06 17:22:56
worship-bhyss-add bless mod that adds the hr mod of bless, no save vs spell, but instead can not use protection spells ie protection evil


2005-04-06 20:36:01
make players getting hit (other than you) bright yellow instead of just yellow

I did. Lots of complaints.

2005-04-06 20:45:05
Auras for paladins: auras affecting the whole group(help defensively, offensively, or whatever). perhaps the auras, when toggled on, could drain paladins' mana(every tick or something?) or perhaps drain hp/mv?

The entire rest of this list is paladins, isn't it? Okay, paladins will have group affects as their special gimmick. lvl 4; make group affects work per my mail to coder

2005-04-06 21:47:10
Charged sword for Pals... Charge with white fire, enhances damage to demons only, possibly only during smash?? A blazing sword of holy fire upside the head of a demon would be a fine sight to see.

2005-04-07 17:33:15
Paladin, holy sword a paladin can stab his sword into the ground creating a small circle where mana regen is 10% faster

2005-04-07 17:34:18
the sword must be bound to the paladin in order for this skill to work.

I like the idea of paladins having bound flaming swords but the regen idea is problematic to code, as is anything which works against particular enemy types or does anything fancier than add an affect. Will ponder.

2005-04-08 19:53:50
auction board link on www.outland.org needs to be updated


2005-04-08 21:59:59
Paladin skill 'spirit of protection'. At the time of death, a Paladin taps the powers of the good spirits and receives a spirit that rests upon him/her/it as a floating object. This object remains with the Paladin until the corpse is retrieved. The spirit provides quicker hp and mana regeneration, and gives AC bonus.

This isn;t a bad idea, but it'd require a lot of messy code to work well, and I just added 2 big, complex paladin projects.

2005-04-08 22:11:29
Paladin spell 'undead ally'. The Paladin channels the power of the undead to his advantage. Casts spell upon mob corpse, placing that mob's spirit on the Paladin as a floating object. The spirit absorbs some damage when Paladin is tanking until the spirit is destroyed. Larger mobs produce more resilient spirits. Negative: Paladin is unable to sleep while accompanied by spirit.

That seems more blackguardy

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