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2005-04-16 07:11:11
when someone has a gold BOUNTY on them. The ammount should increase when they kill someone (they become even more wanted by "the law")

Bounties aren't really set by "the law" Whatever Imm set the bounty could up it manually.

2005-04-16 07:12:59
When recieving Qp, A note on WHAT quest the qp came from woulden hurt.

Noted for questies

2005-04-17 06:33:01
trg racial spit: quite reptilian response, more for race flavour than effectiveness, can add high racial fatigue .. vaguely poisonous.. certainly quite noxious in smell

If trog odor is ever factored into a racial it'd be part of broader charisma/racehate stuff

2005-04-17 10:20:17
trg racial: stench, to add a bit more flavour to the race, vaguely poisonous cloud, doesnt do anything dmg wise so to speak but does add a little character to the race, high fatigue effect to counter .. one off usage

See above.

2005-04-17 10:24:11
trg racial - camouflage the inborn ability to change the pigmentation of their skins at will, standing still hide essentially .


2005-04-17 12:04:07
give fdk ability to eat corpses too!

Nah they prolly eat embers or lava or something

2005-04-17 13:44:34
add last charmer to mstat so if a mob is charmed and left somewhere, it is easy to see who did it.

It's logged

2005-04-17 14:37:22
there should be some new classes that would be sweet

I'm getting there.

2005-04-17 22:14:52
Modify Tor so that he helps you nil fewer backstabs.

Raise your hitroll. A nil is a simple miss. And if I WAS inclined to do this it wouldn't be Tor. Rogues are powerful enough already. I'm not going to improve the god they all worship with regard to their most powerful ability.

2005-04-17 22:48:53
for calling morph, can the clear be called prior to the restore? that way we (people without detects) wont see Someone has restored you. we would actually see the persons name

lvl 2; move restore in morph_gain to AFTER the clear but BEFORE stats are changed

2005-04-17 23:54:58
Casters have had it easy for too long, any non-area spell should be dodgeable

Maybe one day as part of a wide-reaching modification to magic. IE we'd have touch spells, ray spells that can be dodged, and normal unavoidables, and the damage is higher for the spells that are harder to hit with. All good ideas, but now isn;t the time, and it's a bit more broad than a single "task"

2005-04-18 02:07:20
Paladin skill: vow of chivalry (or oath of knighthood or whatever). Gives paladins combat bonuses (perhaps +5% to both HR and DR) versus good-aligned mobs and equal combat detriments versus evil-aligned mobs. Also makes paladin healing power directly proportional to alignment, varying from 100% (normal at 1000 to 0% at 0 or below.


2005-04-18 02:08:36
Paladin skill: knightly courage. Makes paladins immune to 'fear' and 'awe' spells. Rather useless, I suppose, but very much in-character, I would say. Make of it what you will. :P

add to paladin list; Oath of Clarity; gives immunity to poison, disease AND blindness, but the pal's alignment can't drop below 900.

2005-04-18 02:09:47
Paladin skill: aura of courage. Allows paladins to inspire their group members to exhibit equal courageousness in battle. Again, rather useless but probably rather appropriate. Make of it wwhat you will. :P

Make of what? A skill name?

2005-04-18 02:12:10
Paladin spell: altruism (self-spell only). Lets paladins automatically rescue group members whose HP fall below a certain percentage. Also prohibits paladins from fleeing/recalling from combat until every other group member has safely gotten away (or been killed). Perhaps death will be kinder to paladins who lay down their lives for their group members in this fashion.

Similar to something added last week.

2005-04-18 02:29:44
for concealed weapons as they are generaly stileto type or similar weapons cut the lag on bs by half for them as at the momment dammage is considerable smaller than say a 2handed spear id consider using a concealed weapon if the lag wasnt so much as at the momment id rather do the huge punch of dammage with a spear

Your point is valid. I need to get around to making BS only work with 1-hand only weapons. lvl 3 task if someone else wants to do it. Same goes for murder and assassinate.

2005-04-18 02:54:33
to put arguments to affects, like affect sanctuary will return hours on spell Sanctuary.

lvl 3; but for the aura focus spell. enable aura focus cast on self too

2005-04-18 14:37:22
trog racial forage - trogs will eat almost anything that they can find/hunt/catch/shove into their jaws or toss down their throat

Who decided trogs need racials all of a sudden?

2005-04-18 14:43:09
Valkyries Kiss - bzk/war skill, only using polearm 2handed, essentially specialised thrust into your opponent seeking to exploit a weakness in the mobs armor to cause dmg, failed thrust leaves you defenseless for 2 rounds, takes time to gain

Just assume your normal attacks are already stabbing just as hard as you can stab. I don't like skills where you can extra melee weapon attacks or more damage just by trying harder.

2005-04-18 18:46:25
shadow spells. spells castable only in shadow form.

lvl 4, add whisper as a lord spell and make it castable only as a shadow. Research possible abuses first

2005-04-18 19:36:50
have automorph be toggleable leaving the decision to morph to the player

If we'd wanted to do that, why would we have coded automorph in the first place?

2005-04-18 21:34:25
the help for bashdoor should mention the fact that you must FULLY type the direction as the output you get back form the mud doesn't

2005-04-18 21:37:57
help brothers grimm needs to be removed the area is gone

2005-04-18 21:59:48
help defensive stance needs to be removed

2005-04-18 22:00:00
help offensive stance needs to be removed

2005-04-18 22:02:14
help dual should reference help poise instead of saying the offhand must ALWAYS be lighter

yeh yeh. bunch of lvl 1's

2005-04-18 22:41:30
allow imms to quit in noquit rooms please

lvl 2

2005-04-19 02:29:13
train all, fully trains all stats using normal practices.

Nah. Train is messy enough as is.

2005-04-20 01:53:57
cle spells like fearie fire, blindness, etc should be a but more effective, as it is i find them useless

Try casting it on appropriate level mobs for the level you actually learn the spell.

2005-04-20 11:46:30
Dunno if it's ever been idead before but, shouldnt 'stamina' increase as you walk more and more? IE mv's go up after a certain amount of walking and

There are 2 models of advancement in level games, exp and usage. We're clearly in the exp camp for stats, thus, your movement goes up when you level, along with everything else.

2005-04-20 16:30:05
should make it where lord arrow/bolts decay faster, my lowmort was picking up lord level arrows while i was soloing today, hes level 15. shouldnt be picking up lord level stuff

I think a better use of time would be; lvl 4, close loophole which allows use of lord lvl poisons and arrows by shadowed lords.

2005-04-20 17:11:46
Why does a better Saving Throw play a negative part on your chances to remove curse/blind/disease etc? I think this could be a possible flaw.

lvl 3; remove saving throw from the equation when a player casts rem curse on another player. Saving vs. a spell should take at least SOME deliberate effort, so it stands to reason you could drop your guard, so to speak, for bene spells.

2005-04-20 22:29:24
race/class info need to be shown in the output of the group command...

We're not re-doing group again.

2005-04-20 23:03:13
would it be possible to sort help stafflist by the particular department (quest, builder, etc) that the staff members are on as opposed to the seemingly random (by length of time serving?) that they listed by now?

lvl 4; rework stafflist to break down into departments.

2005-04-21 14:10:12
MXP support would be super-dee-duper!

So would knowing what that is

2005-04-21 18:51:11
any chance of seeing other classes get mods on items like archers do? for instance, monk gloves to help open hand, cleric staff to give a healing bonus, etc? would probably need to be class specific or not terribly powerful.

From the player's perspective, this is a way to get more power. But if we DID go for this idea, we'd actually have to LOWER everybody's baseline healing or monk hitting so that you'd only be equal to current if equipped with all the best new items.

2005-04-21 19:27:03
Color code the +battleself output. It's way too hard to tell who's hitting whom at a glance, since all dodges are green and all hits are yellow, regardless of who's on the receiving end.

We tried that. People didn't like it.

2005-04-21 20:34:12
note searchunread <note section> <text>

Can't think of a reason not to. lvl 4.

2005-04-21 20:59:57
a breakdown on quest site for qp won in individual quests would be nice. for instance, group A got XX qp for their tokens while group B received XX qp for killing the big bad mob. easier for us players to keep track and make sure we get the right amount etc.

Noting for questies

2005-04-21 23:58:43
since dragons are remort, can we maybe get a choice of breath weapons? like acid, lightning, frost, gas, etc or maybe do it randomly each use?

Lots of code for no real affect. What does drg being remort have to do with anything?

2005-04-22 15:24:35
Pasladin spell: lay on hands. Paladin must have at least 25% (?) mana. Casting this spell consumes all of paladin's remaining mana and increases target's hp and mana and mvs by a percentage equal to tpercentage of mana lost by paladin. Or

So it's an unnecessarily complicated copy of a healing spell?

maybe that's too much--maybe just affects target's hp. Castabl on others only. Can not incresae stats above their max.

2005-04-22 17:37:37
A peace command to stop battle in the arena, can be initiated by the one with the most HP. A sort of mercy

You mean flee? If you walk away from combat, even against a foe you think you can beat, you're fleeing.

2005-04-22 23:55:47
just like there's "who newbie" and "who chat", there should be a "who herochat" and "who lordchat"(for lords)

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