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Low level archers needing to buy arrows or bolts should visit the Fletcher's daughter in Stonehall and the Fletcher who has his shop to the south of Aelmon in Midgaard City. A low level fletching kit is available for sale from Liam in Wayside. - Riviat
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2005-04-23 05:18:58
Paladin spell: charge weapon. Similar to 'charge

Dude, haven't you heard what I've said regarding paladin ideas? BTW charge weapon won't work. Weapons are out of values.

2005-04-23 07:09:46
Paladin Oath of Leadership - Paladin must keep a certain ratio of groupie levels to groupie deaths when leading. Ratio very high for hero, somewhat lower for lord. In addition, in order to fulfill the oath, the Paladin must lead a minimum number of groupie levels within each defined oath range. I.e. Paladin must lead 150 groupie levels between level 900 hero and 999 hero to keep the oath.

Good restriction, but what's the perk?

2005-04-23 17:09:16
weapon rush should be a pre-requisite skill for dancing weapon. It only makes sense since dancing weapon is really an improvement of weapon rush.

pre danc Spell name: dancing weapon Prerequisites: weapon rush

2005-04-23 21:02:46
Paladin spell: blessing. Similar to mystical barrier, a

I don't approve a lot of ideas with "similar to" in the first sentance.

2005-04-24 00:24:12
I would like to suggest players be allowed to add with a spell a nondrop flag to there containers. My thought was a spell that adds it so you could turn it on

No. And certainly not togglable like you suggest.

2005-04-24 04:50:16
paladin spell Divine armor gives you a -20 on armor optimization

So it's an AC spell like the hundred we already have?

2005-04-24 05:06:02
pal spell 'Peace keeper' something along the lines of xp

I'm going to start deleting pal ideas that aren't in oath format.

2005-04-24 11:19:48
A command so players can see their current list of multireg'd alts/altof's etc

lvl 4

2005-04-24 12:45:16

sic cuen

2005-04-24 15:34:50
could we get a message that displays when you finish sharpening? like 'You stretch your tired muscles as you finish this sharpening session'. might

No. The wait system just doesn't work that way. Just type dance after you input the sharpen command. When you dance, you're done.

2005-04-24 19:53:59
abbreviations for depositing/withdrawing gemz

No, but only because of the z

2005-04-25 03:16:07
let barkskin be one-round lag, since it's in class

Uh, for who?

2005-04-25 03:31:26
charge shield never backfires on mages but it backfires on wizards. I am hoping this is an unintentional bug since wizards are not inferior to mages in all other mage skills, and mages and wizards get charge shield at the same level.

The one way in which wizards are inferior to mages is battlefield experience, which is important for proper use of the charge shield spell.

2005-04-25 17:29:23
make a wolf like human speices called Wolfonians and make a bender as a what is it, oh like mage warrior you know where you choose your specializing. benders can control the elements

Nah. Too many futurama jokes.

2005-04-25 19:16:30
two monitor targets? *inno* prs lord only or somesuch, skill

No. Would involve a whole new field in pcdata for the benefit of too few.

2005-04-25 21:05:03
make it toggleable whether or not you always appear visible on public channels


2005-04-26 10:23:37
Demonslayer Enchant - A permanent enchantment on a weapon that increases damage done to demonic/undead mobiles, has a chance to stun(?) and has a cool white (Holy) flag on it. For paladins

It's actually going to be kind of hard to make anything in melee do that. I can do it with arrows, but it's going to be tricky in melee.

2005-04-26 11:06:09
make etch removeable at a cost of item hp

For the millionth time; ETCH WILL NEVER BE REMOVABLE

2005-04-26 15:46:19
Tor is so scawwy and eeeeeeevil! *shudder* But he's the one and only really suitable choice for rogues. Any chance that we might someday see an

There are 4 gods with a bonus to stealth.

2005-04-26 21:34:36
make it so that you cannot skin a corpse with anything in it so that someone cannot loose their gear over a groupmates foolishness in skinning dead animated corpse

No can do. Emptied npc corpses decay too fast. Besides, I'm not here to babysit so nobody does anything stupid.

2005-04-27 00:28:51
i think a blackjacked or sleeping mob should be easier to stab. Maybe remove the sneakiness penalty when mobs are sleeping or give a stab bonas to

They are easier to stab.

2005-04-27 15:52:01
New Social: Shoo

We used to have shoo. It can't function because of shoot. Commands always override socials.

2005-04-27 20:44:00
add an email function to whois, allows players to keep in easy contact

Put it in your char desc

2005-04-28 01:18:23
do not permit racial-evil races to remort priest or paladin

They can TRY. The thing is to make it so that pal and prs are hard to play if evil. This is already true of prs.

2005-04-28 10:04:00
shortcut keys helpfile listing all the available channel and command shortcuts in one place.

lvl 1 help shortcut

2005-04-28 11:25:36
when i expired it didnt add 1 death to my death counter

Expiration is not a death, technically.

2005-04-29 14:56:07
typing who 'class' would show all say archers, afterall it is a pain having to type last 'name' over and over again to find an archer outta those online

Uh, this works now. Never tried it?

2005-04-29 20:59:55
Paladin Oath of Chivalry. Oath keeping requirement: Must perform a certain number of CRs (both mercy and gurney) within a given level range in order to keep the oath (i.e. CR 15 corpses per 100 herolevels). Benefit of keeping: EXP loss on death for members of the Paladin-led group is greatly reduced.

Add to the list please.

2005-04-29 21:00:07
Paladin Oath of Selflessness. Oath keeping requirement: Must keep a certain ratio of healing others to healing self (i.e. 10 heals to others allows 1 self-heal). Benefit: Increased mana regen, decreased spell cost, increased heals per cast.

Good except for the perk. Almost impossible to measure. Match up benefit with a lonely perk.

2005-04-29 21:00:19
Oath of Bravery. Oath keeping requirement: Paladin cannot flee, be rescued, or healed when below 1/3 max hps and tanking. Benefit: Paladin's hitroll/damroll greatly increased while tanking at less than 1/3 hps. In practical terms, once a Paladin has tanked below 1/3 hps, his increased hitroll/damroll must bring the mob to death before his own death.

2005-04-29 21:00:31
Oath of Purity. Oath keeping requirement: Paladin must keep alignment above 500. Benefit: Paladin receives a slight boost in exp.

2005-04-29 21:43:00
Oath of Servitude: When pal joins group lead by another, pal cannot sleep or flee while leader is in combat. Oath broken if leader dies. Pal receives positive hr/dr mod while in same room as leader, and a positive ac mod when rescuing the leader (or maybe even any group member). Receives negative mods on hr/dr/ac when in a different room as leader. Maybe disable fol self command for pal to prevent possib

List 'em!

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