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2005-04-30 03:24:57
"who plane" would allow lord+ to see either who or how many lords are offplane (not on thorn/mid) would make it easier to discern if there are groups out, esp the priv ones that dont answer when people ask

lvl 3; allow lords access to the "lordrun" command, but have it only show lords on exp planes, not those on thorn, mid, hell or imm

2005-04-30 12:56:13
paladin idea: recruit. A paladin can recruit any lawful mob

No mob control for players.

2005-04-30 17:18:07
Change donation so that people can only get a certaint weight worth of items per every hour. This would prevent one person with high strength just

lvl 2, add a 1 pulse wait state to get if in the donation rooms. Should help make things more fair without the need for babysitting.

2005-04-30 18:27:20
similar to the wounded flag for mobs, can we have one for players below 1/3 hp?

No. Circumvents deliberate limitations on monitor.

2005-05-01 04:46:47
heighten senses should be longer for lords :)

level 2; apply gen duration to heighten for IS_PSIONIC classes only

2005-05-01 09:47:20
a player-command to show the current boons and curses affect the char's race

lvl 4; compare current to standard set list for pc's race and gen output in text form ala "You feel better at casting spells" or "You feel worse at hitting things" Only better or worse. No need for degree listings.

2005-05-01 13:44:37
i dont know hope popular 2haned wepons are,,, but being about to wield then while trying to bash would be cool

That's what hafted weapons are for.

2005-05-01 14:25:53
A 'who lowmort' or 'who mortal' option/argument needs to be added to the who command to show players between levels 1 and 50

2005-05-01 17:03:56

2005-05-01 20:31:07
color bleed in help 'REMORT AND PRESTIGE'

2005-05-01 21:25:40
make a wolf like spieces called a wolfonian

no again

2005-05-01 22:17:27
Allow rangers to rebuild into warriors. Warriors, after all, have an easier time getting groups.

fine, whatever. ran->arc/war

2005-05-02 08:18:45
with the new shadowfist and the ability to use sneak attack, could we see some hand wpns, like clawed gloves, spiked gauntlets etc which can enhance this ability for monks/rogues to wear without losing open hand abil

No. If monks had weapons, they'd be everybody else.

2005-05-02 17:26:52
with changes in money maybe the cost of keys bought from the sanctum guide should decrease

Since when does he sell keys? Having him hold keys while you relog is technically a loophole. I'm not going to make it easier to do.

2005-05-03 03:04:51
add a Deck card that gives a random amount of quest points


2005-05-03 09:20:29
can we lower the level requirement for setmin, no real need for it to be lvl 35 and it does add lots of flavour to making someones alt more interesting :)


2005-05-03 12:29:13
if a psi cen becomes a mnd - a remortable race , displacer beast, basic racials, pass door continuious, move hidden and sneak.. and tentacle ( an x2 racial damage hit), just an idea

I hate beastial races. Haven't you noticed my excessive cruelty to grf and drg?

2005-05-03 14:30:24
i know this isn't the reason wzd were created but desc./skill set makes sense for them to be a mage prc class

It sort of does. Then again, so does the opposite.

2005-05-03 20:12:45
shadowfist medicine modification - is it possible to give back cure poison and cure plague to this spell, but for shf make it castable on self only?

lvl 2, mod medicine to work well if inclass, not just if monk

2005-05-03 23:39:51
for mortals, please place altof in the scoresheet of a player if it has been set, so they can check who they are registered as an altof. I know...they should

didn;t i approve this last week? if not lvl 2

2005-05-04 12:39:08
add throw weapon and catch weapon to shadowfist! :)

2005-05-04 13:40:56
add arrow dodge to shadowfist?

shf are deliberately missing a few things from the monk list

2005-05-05 14:31:47
mindbenders should be able to cast in all rooms, since we have great mental powers

nobody will ever be able to cast in nocast rooms

2005-05-06 08:41:59
sort 'slearn' output, alphabetically, by class.


2005-05-06 23:53:16
Revised Paladin Idea. Oath of Leadership. Requirement: Paladins leading must keep certain ratio of groupie levels to groupie deaths. In addition, Paladin must lead minimum number of groupie levels in defined oath range. Benefit: Paladin gains current hp/mana each time groupie levels, loses hp/mana each time a groupie dies. Major hp/mana regen decrease if oath broken.

2005-05-06 23:59:00
Paladin Oath of Brotherhood. Requirement: Must be taken in conjunction with Oath of Leadership. Must keep ratio of groupie deaths to groupie eulogies very low. I.e. No more than one groupie shall resort to eulogy per 30 deaths. Holds Paladin accountable to taking care of group. Perk: Decreased damage done to Paladin when tanking against 3+ mobs.

add to oath list

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