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2005-05-07 11:20:23
help remort needs updating to reflect any prc class remorts

You leave help remort to me...

2005-05-07 16:31:48
PRC Elementalist, based off Mage: Lose all non-elemental spells(including disint, enchants, teleport, etc). Gain ability to align with an element, cost mana to align, lasts short duration(10 tics), while active lets you use mid-round melee attack(flaming punch/ice kick?) at very low mana cost, more powerful than smash.

No midround melee. Only vs-style midround attacks from now on. This idea isn't bad per se, it's just more involved than I'd like for a PRC.

2005-05-07 18:44:03
Explosive bolts/arrows hurt the archer if used while in melee against a mob (within blast radius)

I like the idea but it would sort of "exist in a vacuum"

2005-05-08 13:32:08
edge, puts finishing touches to a sharpened weapon further raising the max dam just that little bit more. Would of course be a step up from sharpen.

Why don't we just leave hog on, eh? That'd be good.

2005-05-08 14:45:20
Make name changes possible through QP

No. Name changes are a pain in the butt.

2005-05-08 18:24:25
Stalk skill, allows you to snkea up on enemies increasing the time it takes them to attack you. For rogues/asn/maybe arc

How would this be different from sneak/hide/invis? What would you be doing while stalking besides hiding and sneaking?

2005-05-08 19:39:59
help submitting helps either needs removing or modding or who subs


2005-05-08 22:11:29
remove the word 'kinetic' from help death field.


2005-05-09 02:26:41
who corpse - or something similar - hero and above, shows players who have a current corpse in existence. Maybe even a count if there are multiple

c lo pcc

2005-05-09 08:08:58
PC repair should increase weight instead of decreasing the hp of an item since to repair an item a person has to use other materials to seal up

Yeh but not a whole KG worth.

2005-05-09 18:22:44
make the amount of items/lbs you're carrying affect the amount of movement points you use each time you move

Not a bad idea, but should be part of a more comprehensive mv revamp, otherwise we run into the same problem we did with AP.

2005-05-09 21:54:36
who wartype, healertype, etc so rare classes like pal/dru/prs etc. don't get left out of groups cause we all type who cle

lvl 3. Will hash out specifics on design list

2005-05-10 03:05:00
High tnl races really have tnls disproportionate to their power. I suggest a lowering of some tnls like: HiE and Gol to 1750, Cen and Gar to 2000, Grf to 2857,

There's more to this than power.

2005-05-10 11:50:27
The Temple of Utami, Neraka, The Hunting and Olympic Grounds all should have {51 51} in area section of their files.

lvl 1

2005-05-10 15:06:00
If a class cannot learn a skill/spell instead of the standard 'You have not practiced X at all.' message have it say 'You cannot learn this spell/skill.'


2005-05-10 15:16:02
minds eye needs to let me scan in my sleep


2005-05-10 15:22:34
xp should go up as well as down after a reboot, depending on how often the mob is killed. Then harder areas would eventually entice a posse to gather in

This already happens. "Reboot" xp is simply "hasn't been killed much yet" xp. Any uncommonly run area will produce better xp than a commonly run one. Why do you think you never see my heroes in divide?

2005-05-10 16:35:00
put a hive mind spell duration in the affects list


2005-05-10 17:32:52
gate Lord ritual requiring 15+ players in group. Must be initianted by a mage or wizard. Open a "portal" to another plane allowing player to enter freely for

I coulda coded that instead of send. I didn't.

2005-05-10 21:09:23
Make threnody work only for retrieving corpses from tier have become lazy and need to get back to the challenging aspects of the game.

I agree, but it's not worth the complaining to change. Feel free to discuss options in LC.

2005-05-11 01:37:52
Lowmort ticket quest, with the prize being directions into River Tunnels to find the mushroom amulet.

The whole point of PLMG is to de-emphasis the "best available" lowmort gear

2005-05-11 14:29:27
Improve "help fetch" by adding that c fetch peanut cookie will work and c fetch 'peanut cookie' will not when using more than one keyword

lvl 1.

2005-05-11 14:51:46
shf should have to stay evil or they revert to monks

lvl 2; make demonic intent prereq for everything shf get

2005-05-11 16:37:40
Reimplement the yeti and bandit quests in Icewolf, or remove their references.

Nobody's changed icewolf to my knowledge. I'm guessing that's something Crowe never finished.

2005-05-11 18:18:59
I think help consider needs to be updated with new consider messages

meh. It could be clearer but changing it would only add to confusion

2005-05-12 11:31:28
Last ditch - war, bzk skill, i.e, tank is down to his/her last said tank/hitter will die regardless.. kinda take it with me attitude

It's called Final Fury.

2005-05-12 15:06:01
Split the 'help class'

2005-05-12 15:07:54
bad enter key, sorry Dev. Split the 'help class' helpfile into 2

I wrote up this big long task, but I guess I'll just do it.

2005-05-12 21:00:51
give throwing weapons critical adn fumbled hits, (low damage roll->'a blunt edge of the weapon hits enemy' critical hit high damage -> 'weapon whacks! enemy upside the head'


2005-05-13 03:36:29
Tighten Mnd ultrablast damage to be a bit more reliable, currently for a Liz Mnd it ranges from: (MUTILATE to **DISMEM) the range is so wide, often a surge 2 will hit **DISMEM

Spell damage doesn't work that way. I can't change it except to increase it in level.

2005-05-13 03:38:04
when you remove your mana gear mana should drop to base


2005-05-13 04:53:12
A command so that players can see class definer skills for their class - like slist but only those skills their class gets

I'd consider a HELP CD if someone wants to write one, but this is hinky for a command.

2005-05-13 09:22:06
help classes, help highest, and help remort all need updating w/ the new classes

Yeh yeh. lvl 1. Don;t bother will help remort.

2005-05-13 13:10:52
barriors between areas which range is 10 levels or greater than current area range, command syntex "pass barrior" to enter the next area, as a saftey

Group an archer. Ask them to tell you when map lore goes off. Type where.

2005-05-13 13:36:29
add a mob spec that attacks player stats such as str, int, etc... Would be fun to have midround attacks that drain these stats 5-10 points for a certain duration. Give priests, paladins, and clerics a spell to counteract these affects.

I like. just not sure how to make it work.

2005-05-13 13:45:50
Demonic Intent for Asn? Seems to fit the desc

Asn aren't necessarily evil. They could opt to only take hits on naughty people. Also, Assassins aren't an organization like the Shadowfists are. There's no guiding philosophy.

2005-05-13 18:05:51
Give berserkers 100% resistance to fear and ego whip under the steadfast rite, and 0% resistance to overconfidence. Also a penalty should be assessed for flee attempt success. Bzk should never flee nor fear their enemies.

Actually fear should be doubly effective against bzk. Once you make them afraid to die, their powers wouldn't work at all.

2005-05-13 18:15:01
Make remove curse targetable to an equipped slot. When its cast at a specific target it should also have a negative success modifier. Would make it easier to remove the curses on items you mistakenly wore.

Get a divine caster to do it. They ignore saves now.

2005-05-13 21:07:27
when you butcher something the little steak thingy could heal you...a bit

No. It's food, not medicine.

2005-05-13 21:50:29
down with tnl tiering!

Down with thren and eulogy!

2005-05-13 23:54:24
Revised Paladin Oath of Selflessness. Requirement: Cannot ever heal self. Benefit: Increased hp/mana regen, decreased spell cost, increased healing per cast.

2005-05-13 23:54:52
Paladin Oath of Clarity of Mind: Unaffected by spells by outsiders, the Paladin can concentrate better in battle. Requirement: Cannot receive spells from others. Benefit: Increased hit/dam, cheaper spell cost, better concentration (not fail as much), faster hp/mana regen.

2005-05-13 23:55:53
Paladin Oath of Tranquility. Once oath is taken, Paladins cannot be frenzied or rallied. Paladins worshipping Tul-Sith, the non-combatant tranquil god, will have access to an advanced form of prayer where Tulsith will be more likely to bless him with AC and regen bonuses, greater than that of regular prayer alone.

2005-05-13 23:59:52
Paladin Oath of Vengeance. Fulfilling Paladin's purpose in righting the wrongdoers of the planes, Paladins take this oath. Requirement: Alignment 800+, certain number of kills per level range (i.e. must kill 100 mobs with last hit per 10 lord levels). Curses from Tul-Sith decreasing regen. Benefit: Increased damroll, increased melee.

add to pal doc plz

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