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2005-05-28 14:40:40
for nosun races, even with dark embrace affecting them reduce regen rates by 50% because they are still afraid of the sun. without dark embrace should be no regen as normal.

2005-05-28 15:38:32
add ac to a viable prompt output, already has gold weight, surge/augment/quicken why not ac?

Why ac?

2005-05-28 19:35:24
Give wizards a chance to change classes/races since many have become near useless with the wisdom requirements on spells.

That's total BS. They're usefulness hasn't changed at all. There's just ONE NEW thing SOME of them will have to wait to lord to use. "Near Useless" Ha. It's that sort of hyperbolic garbage that makes me delete your posts for the rest of the list.

2005-05-28 21:16:20
how about we let gargoyle's have higher hp gains? they have the same con as giants put still only get around orc gains

Giants don't have armorstone

2005-05-28 23:21:50
make asn prc for rog *blink* honestly, we would have more assassins wondering around...

Who says I want more? Assassins are twinky, so the less we have the better for balance. Truth be told, had I planned all this in advance asn probably would be PRC but that's not the way it's built now and it's not worth the hassle for me or existing asn's to rework now.

2005-05-28 23:49:16
add a level 2 prc of any createable race to the quest catalog. Or maybe just include that in the current remort prizes you can choose.

No. You can use QPs to bypass 1 requirement, though

2005-05-29 05:41:42
for further spellbooks, make the quest require the use of flash to obtain the next spellbook. ie. a tough mob that can't be killed until you flash it, and once flashed, mob doesn't hit

You mean a mob you can easily kill repeatedly for high xp? Sure, I'll get right on that.

2005-05-29 07:06:31
my bloodlust is broken 1/3 the time i get a kill i dont gain hps

Maybe your ac is too high 1/3 of the time unless you're fully berserked

2005-05-29 10:58:16
Reputation could give a neat message when it activates to other players

But it won't.

2005-05-29 13:20:58
modify word of recall: divine casters can cast it upon afk or linkdead members of their group to have them recall

lvl 2; and move w.o.r. to hero 101 and only for cle/dru/prs/pal

2005-05-29 22:33:27
give bzk's in class corpse eat? what's crazier then eating the corpse of your slain opponent? could ven be for less or no hp just need that skill :)

Either you have the anatomy to rip raw meet off a corpse and safely digest it or you don't.

2005-05-30 11:23:24
Yeah I know this may be scoffed at. Lord level Taunt, allows reputation to be activated. Even though I feel its a good idea if done right, somehow, I realise its abusable.

Either they've heard of you or they haven't. Wiggling your butt at them won't make you any scarier.

2005-05-30 12:17:46
a flag in whois that tells whether a lord is on mid or another plane, makes it easy to know where your friends are

I think we're redoing lordrun so you can use it for this purpose.

2005-05-30 12:17:58
A skill unnamed - Goldenstrike plus sneak attack damage? lord level, or shf hero level 500

I can't really give shf any more damage unless they give something up since they share monk's ability to do full damage in any type of gear.

2005-05-30 17:49:51
make skinnable corpses not subject to the new deaths that were put in recently. having a skinnable corpse combust is rather annoying, but i can imagine it would be flat out horrible to happen during the UD quest for instand.

As far as I know, the new messages are just for show.

2005-05-30 20:57:31
Aggressive stationary mobs should notice when intruders are one room away. If the intruders stay too long, it will "drag" one into its room.

Having mobs "scan" rooms or areas other than their own is more process heavy than it's worth.

all set their recall to, in the name of their brotherhood etc, maybe written by the players themselves and put in some

I can put more story-based organizations like the silver brigade in I guess, but they'd have to be things that fit in thematically, not any old clan made up by players. We don't endorse player-created clans.

2005-05-30 23:04:38
maybe the area command could have alphabetical options too, like area a would list all the ones starting with a, etc.

lvl 4; rework area command to allow sort by lvl, sort by author, alpha and partial alpha sort, etc.

2005-05-30 23:47:56
Feeblemind - Mindbender cd - Advanced scramble, target becomes unable to communicate intelligently if affected. Possibly old drunk effect.

Wouldn't do anything to mobs. Lots of code for minimal purpose I think.

2005-05-30 23:55:26
druid cd - healing wind - cures all in room (varies with level of caster) and removes caster from combat for x rounds with same amount of lag

Another chance to use my DOT and sustained spell system? Okay, but I'm not sure dru is the right class.

2005-05-31 00:52:11
when a mob aggies you you should auto return a hit, i mean if something was to hit you you'd immediately respond, you ARE ready for a fight after all (more often then not)

I notice you left out mentioning that the mob should get to hit YOU when you aggie

2005-05-31 17:09:11
a warrior type class that is baised on HR instead of DR

The idea of damroll helping melee damage is too consistently presented in avatar for a hitroll melee class to make any sense. After all, if it was all about precision DR wouldn't help rogues, but it does.

2005-05-31 17:28:41
wizard portal lock - with this skill anyone trying to portal directly to the wizard whom casts this, gets a "your spell fizzles" message.

why only portal?

2005-05-31 17:28:54
When you use the wake command to wake up, have it automatically look at the room. Most people will look around when they awaken. This does not happen when you are woken

lvl 2, have wake self command call look

2005-05-31 17:36:04
One can successfully cast fear on tranquil races, but not calm. This seems backwards: fear shoould fail, and calm should be easy to cast on tranquil folks


2005-05-31 23:15:16
When a player with racial 'eat corpse' eats the corpse of a mob that was spec_undead, it makes them sick ... poison maybe.

lvl 3; use the vnum stored in the corpse to check for undead flag. If so, eating corpse damage player instead of healing

2005-06-01 03:14:10
monk specific gear to improve monks as hitters. light slot ger to improve

Being efforted as we speak. May not be feasible

2005-06-01 16:49:52
every time you die, some small mod gets added to your character such as a permanent -2 to alignment or two more experience to level

nah, statloss is bad enough

2005-06-01 21:35:18
consider putting in another an etch mob since there's only one?

lvl 1, make all jewelers etch

2005-06-01 22:43:30
Toss/Trip should be disabled in a 'full' water room. When swimming it wouldnt be feasible to actually trip someone. And tossing someone would displace you as well since you have nothing to brace yourself against.

There's so many little conceptual issues with trip I'm just going to let them all slide.

2005-06-01 23:06:38
Bloodlust should not function for lord berserkers on Midgaard. It

lvl 4; make sure lord lvl bzk are approrpiately weakened by shadow

2005-06-01 23:58:13
i was thinking of bards, make them able to cast used range and melee but non proficient in any, spells like singing to calm enemies ionstead of sleep

I'm thinking of bards too; *God, how I HATE Bards*

2005-06-02 01:30:42
give half races (such as half elf or half orc) the ability to remort into either full race (human or elf for hel...orc or human for hor) at lord 1


2005-06-02 04:46:14
call the ent banker in mervue elken, for old time's sake/people who hate change/people who don't want to change

No, I'd rather laugh at those people. Teeheehee!

2005-06-02 06:04:41
When jailing someone for whatever reason, you can atleast right a note about it on board 2 stating the REASON!


2005-06-02 16:23:50
an xp bonus for diversity in groups

Presently considering

2005-06-02 18:15:54
evolutionary racial system:Increase in experience allows more access to innate potential. Get points at 2, 25, Hero 1/50

don't we have this already with fdk and vbt?

2005-06-02 20:31:52
Any chance in making braces holdable by the number in the brace? for example hold 500, for a 500 brac


2005-06-03 10:26:28
Paladin Oath of Righteous Revenge. Pre-req: Oath of Leadership (to avoid abuse). Requirement: When Paladin's groupie dies, Paladin is unable to flee and must kill the killer. Huge xp loss for failing to avenge (dying). If Paladin fails vengeance too often, oath broken. Benefit: Upon groupie death, Paladin receives floating object for duration of battle (longer?) that gives hit/dam & AC bonus.

add it to the list

2005-06-03 12:09:35
run command. quadruples mv cost, triples damage if hit by a mob, halves the chance of a mob hitting you if you run past. anyone in grp runs, all run.

nah. lords would use it bypass aggies.

2005-06-03 20:45:10
a seperate help highest, one for prc only ( help highest <argument>, common, prc, remort... ect... would make for easyer updating...

That's what i was thinking too

2005-06-04 00:12:46
When an exit is walled with thorns, we should not be able to see mobs in that dir at all as if no dir even existed that way or the door was closed, but I don't know if we can code that.

A wall of thorns could conceivably have holes

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