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2005-06-11 22:23:26
remort classes should be equiped with the basic set of starter equipment that is available to the first available base class. Sor - mag, Asn - rog, Bzk - war, Prs, Pal -

I'll give you the weapon. Lvl 3- load a starter weapon for remorts

2005-06-12 01:08:05
Skill: 'arcane lore' Automatic once practiced. Arcane caster that has this learned can sense the amount of charges remaining (numerical, Error: +1/-1) if they examine

lvl 3- spell for wzd's via easy to find spellbook. Adds an affect when cast. If you use a wand or staff with the affect up, the wand or staff will tell you how many uses it has left.

2005-06-12 01:34:07
there should be a command associated with Recall like recall current or recall XXX that tells you what your current recall is set to

lvl 2- recall show

2005-06-12 08:51:07
Syntax -- CD classname -- Lists all classdefiners a class gets, and at what level

But what constitutes a class definer?

2005-06-12 14:02:54
Can we reduce the cost of purchasing identify from identifiers from 50x objects level to 10x level. It was never lowered when gold costs were changed, and I'm tired of

yes. lvl 2, BUT I want to see my lowmort gear awareness thing imped first

2005-06-12 14:08:46
I know at mudschool and level 1-2, you are buffed by your god. Would it be possible to keep the damage taken during those times from appearing on HDL in score? It

When you get done those 2 levels, reset your HDL. See the help.

2005-06-12 19:12:46
make it clearer about the no arrest policy to become a bci.


Personally i let myself be arrested so i could break out of jail. I was hoping that might impress him. Also would be nice so that people know to be careful in audis' area, where it's unbelievably easy to be arrested

That would be the point of the challenge, yes.

2005-06-13 02:09:09
could where command be changed so it can be used while sleeping?


2005-06-13 11:20:55
runes that add mana to items? some mana mods on my ac would be nice since all i get to do is solo:P

I do intend to add more rune types one day but not going to task it.

2005-06-13 11:59:10
A dragon Pyramid... many floors each floor has higher level dragons

Nah, sick of dragons

2005-06-13 19:40:09
"inverse reputation" -- if you get a reputation for being a pushover or doing "wimpy" things, mobs are more likely to aggie you. This is the foil of an assasin's reputation.

lvl 3. -1 rep for fleeing.

2005-06-13 21:39:05
No experience penalty for grouping level 51(5) with lowmorts. Or an even lower limit.

I asked that the penalty not kick in until 51-101. Is this not the case?

2005-06-13 21:55:54
update help forage to mention the effect of druidic oath on forage command

lvl 1

2005-06-13 22:00:14
Make the rooms where gems repop only gettable 1 time per day per character. People have their recalls set to the rooms or 1 to 2 rooms away and camp them continuously.

People suck. Whatcha gonna do? Certainly not add a big array to pfiles to track camping.

2005-06-14 03:26:52
beast lore:direct result more info from consider

Like what?

2005-06-14 04:21:20
a skill for spellcasters to stand BEHIND another groupie causing that person to become the target.

inverse rescue? no. But ranking will one day be a factor. And size will play into it.

2005-06-14 05:12:16
PRC class - Blade Dancer: war/rog mix, uses dex as main stat, skills like weapon finese and acrobatic like dodge...grace, style, and finese is the main goal, not

Under consideration. Aren't you subbed to hero?

2005-06-14 05:14:02
since we have PRC classes, how about PRC races? give players a sense of uniqueness without having to reach lord+ to remort


2005-06-14 05:26:45
In "look crash" in this room, perhaps put a reference to reimbursement?

2005-06-14 05:27:18
In the previous message, the room refered to is the "A purple tunnel of light" in the Meadow

2005-06-14 05:29:28
In "A Red Tunnel of Light", when typing "look reflexes", autopull should be added to the list of reflexes.

2005-06-14 05:33:27
Add into mudschool / training grounds above Nom information on Demonbank and Earplug.

lvl 1

2005-06-14 19:17:18
bring back intheme names

Nah. Some people got to adamant about the policy and drove players away. It got to the point where I realized MY first character name would've been rejected by some.

2005-06-14 19:28:54
actually make the mob "a giant sheet of ice appears to be blocking further passage" block further passage, so that you have to kill it to advance in the area.

lvl 5; don't describe mobs doing things they can't do

2005-06-14 22:56:17
cleric/priest spell which allows protection against hive mind, after all who wants to drain the one keeping them alive?

Mindbenders! Mmm. Juicy divine mana! Yum!

2005-06-15 06:42:25
tor should help bzk skills/rites, or bzk affects

Isn't it enough that he makes you tougher and helps you pound enemies into sticky paste?

2005-06-15 12:10:17
ever considerd having advertising on the AVATAR ight to raise money? might help with finances and doesnt haveto be too obtrusive

Not sure, but I think this might obtusely be a violation of the license. Something for the web folks to consider.

2005-06-15 13:53:32
a poison fist skill, for shf to poison mobs, gives the shf -stats or something when casted.

under consideration

2005-06-15 18:10:43
toggle the wake command to automatically look or not, please

use stand if you don't like looking

2005-06-15 21:59:34
if you get 'lidded' in a noquit room, treat it as if the player was forced to quit

that's not what happens? It just calls do-quit? huh. lvl 3

2005-06-16 04:07:54
socials should be in a more noticable colour, instead of just base colour(hard to notice since they blend in with alot of other base coloured stuff.

Nah. Socials are obtrusive enough.

2005-06-16 06:10:08
Wouldn it to be in place with another new God to worship for all theese new prc/classes?

Not going to create gods just to suit a new hybrid that can't conveniently pick one. The gods are who they are. With the exception of Shizaga, none of them were invented just to fill slots in the pantheon or make sure x class had a worship option.

2005-06-16 14:51:59
An elemental prestige class, for mages maybe. Based on your

sub to hero. we went over this.

2005-06-16 22:53:00
re-justify slearn layout? (black circle initiate is throwing it out)

fixed prior

2005-06-16 23:47:29
Possibly for the new size ideas, a smaller creature can evade a smaller creature in combat, within reason of course.

Uh, you mean a BIGGER creature, right? We already have dodge, which is partially based on dex, which was set to what it is for various races because of how conceptually big or small they were. There's no need to double up the bonus or penalty now that race is tracked seperately.

2005-06-17 02:02:51
There's no stabbing weapon available for rogues between the level 35ish heavy barbed spear and hero weapons, perhapse a new stabber could be put in

This might not be true anymore since plmg. P? C?

2005-06-17 11:01:51
if a lord attacks a hero mobs and flees, once he mob has regen'd to full hp can it have the regular xp back?

Uh, ok. lvl 3; in regen- if a mob's hps are full, clear last attacker field.

2005-06-18 00:05:58
give flaming arrow its own helpfile, or at least a mention of what it does in its existing file

It's a flaming arrow. It hurts you. What's the mystery?

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