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Get into the habit of saving using the SAVE command when you have gotten your gear back from your corpse after dying. This is in case the MUD crashes and reverts you to a saved version of your pfile when you had no gear. - Riviat
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2005-06-18 03:44:01
make lordrun command available for all levels. No harm in it but people won't pester lards on run and will know if their lordalt can join in

Yeh, but it pretty much piddles all over the idea of lord secrecy. lvl 3; When lordalt is called, check the "altof" field. If the char is sublord, but is the ALT of a lord, allow the command. Also allow it at any level if incarnations > 1.

2005-06-18 09:32:29
Help language shoulden't apply to music channel. lyrics are lyrics bad or not

Whoop de crap. I love Liz Phair, but I can't sing her over music because she's a pottymouth. All the artistic integrity in the world doesn't change the f-word into something appropriate for kids.

2005-06-18 12:19:40
in the worship banner displayed upon reaching level 10, mention that you can unworship for free until lvl 20

lvl 1

2005-06-18 12:54:11
make skills like quickstrike level dex-based, ident. wis-based instead of being level based, make some sneakiness based, etc.

what aspect of the skill are you talking about? Level LEARNED? Interesting idea, but it won't really work for av.

2005-06-18 13:59:59
let people with magic lore see how much wisdom a spellbook needs on examining it

Only rune requires wisdom. lvl 1; mention in the help rune requires 21 wisdom

2005-06-18 16:00:19
ability to compare stats on items. ie. wis or ac, hr, etc

No, but while i remember;

lvl 3 high priority, if incarnations == 1, and ch->level < 15 show messages regarding items stats (you feel stronger etc.) as fakey free identify

2005-06-18 17:35:31
as for sizes very small would be better as tiny and very large as huge.

Maybe, but I didn't want to clone DND exactly

2005-06-18 22:10:34
(continued) because with new stats older super hero drgs are very weak statwise compaired to old ones

So is everybody. I'm hoping that once we get stabilized we can offer everybody a gen, so to speak.

2005-06-18 22:35:41
Implement a hero 101 or lord pas. skill for assassins that increases the accuracy of aimed shot and snipe depending on how much intelligence you have.

int already figures into location based damage (vs, snipe, etc. ) Stop aiming for the eyes and you'll do better. Eyes are very hard to hit because the mob's pretty much always gonna see it coming.

2005-06-18 22:47:50
Humor me :P Skill Betrayal -Allows an Asn to pkill a groupie, in exchange for 100 ticks of no grouping.


2005-06-18 22:53:33
Ruthlessness - A small chance for insightful strike to trigger on the stabbing of a fleeing mob.

Too powerful. Isn't it enough that you can snipe them after they flee for a chance at i.s.?

2005-06-18 23:00:24
Stalk- Allows an asn to follow a mob that flees from them instantly after the fleeing mob leaves the room.This can work with and against the asn. Seeing

Too automatey.

2005-06-18 23:08:38
Skill that allows assassin to set up traps in a room, very much like the traps set in containers that a rogue has to disarm. Possibly leave out detonation

I've considered it for arc/ran, but it's quite tricky to implement for something that would see minimal usage.

2005-06-18 23:14:17
Grapple Stab - Rog/Asn A successful stab with vital strike can add more pain when a rogue turns the dagger to grip internal organs. Lord high level maybe

vs is powerful enough

2005-06-18 23:18:33
BloodBinding/Bloodbound- After a stab that is a "critical but not terminal" (to be determined by % of hp lost) an asn becomes bound by code to finish the

Interesting half-idea, but Assassins don't have a code. PC asn are indy. If you want a guild or society you're talking Black Circle.

2005-06-18 23:30:09
Sleight of mind? - switches an item a mob is wielding with a weapon in your inventory.

Creative, but a little too silly.

2005-06-18 23:34:15
BCI - Distraction, a mental spike or audible glamor that diverts an unsuspecting enemy from noticing an in walking group. This could allow for multiple

*sigh* I know you're trying, and your ideas aren't bad per se, but they all add significant power to already very powerful classes or abilities.

2005-06-18 23:39:41
Bait and Ambush - Don't know how this would be at all implimented, but here's the idea. One groupie is bait, and lures a mob in. The other has to be

This is a strategy, not a skill. You can do it now if you really want to.

2005-06-18 23:48:27
Soften flesh, allows a psionic-type to soften the flesh of a victim in order for a pointy object to slip in like a hot knife through butter.

Maybe if we had DR

2005-06-18 23:53:05
throw weapon for asn? BCI and Rogue get it, yet neither as as deadly via helpfiles. *cackle*

asn have to give up SOMETHING

2005-06-18 23:56:07
Will Degredation - An opponent can lose there train of thought losing valuably parrying skills the more often a BCI hits them. Each painful strike feeding

clone of guard crush

2005-06-19 00:02:45
for wizards Phase Door, would allow a wizard to move 2 space in one direction if that was a valid move.... essentially skipping a room..... would not allow


2005-06-19 00:23:37
Wizard- instead of every spellbook being together, maybe pages of a spellbooks can be collected as in a ticket quest.

not a bad idea. will keep it in mind if I have a spellbook i want to be particularly hard to get

2005-06-19 00:32:35
Cleric/prs/psi? - (no skill name yet) - Reduces the chance of stat loss, low tick lasting, similar to a sor's death shroud but for stats, and self only.

lvl 3; lord 200 prs. make it another via. no stat loss.

2005-06-19 03:59:22
A concentration-kind of skill that allows an assassin to have a 50% shot at not losing their concentration with aimed/vital shots (Exclude held) if they

clone of a bci skill

2005-06-19 04:33:11
Due to fact that costs are overwhelming now in both practices and gold for new stat system especially in the lord tier, severly limit occurances of

lvl 2; keep statloss off for a little while til we can really put a done stamp on train costs and stuff

2005-06-19 06:19:19
you should fix help highest, I know you don't think it is much of a product but through research, everyone seems to want to see it fixed, and since the

Yeh, but it's haaaaard. We'll get there eventually.

2005-06-19 13:56:42
skill steady nerve is an arc skill that allows them to have a chance to avoid having their held shot ruined by area spells.

so an autoskill that negates the only downside to held shot for everybody who uses it? no.

2005-06-19 14:30:32
hero fletching seems to be more productive than lord fletching. i got anywhere from 3 to 28 arrows per fletch and at hero i got 6 to 14. how about

Use mithrils, high survivability. Easy to make.

2005-06-19 22:17:26
another great war


2005-06-19 22:20:18
sorcerer spell/skill that has a chance to cause hive mind to backfire on the mnd if a sorcerer is in the group, after all sorcerers dont' share

too bad they don't have a choice

2005-06-19 22:26:47
remove bash from archers. It doesn't seem very archerlike to be running into things with a shield

Archers, being core, get access to mushpot skills of which bash is one.

2005-06-20 01:36:51
i don't know if it does already.. but maybe you can give failed rescue a reduction in lag?

ok. lvl 2; half lag on 100% failed rescue

2005-06-20 04:44:45
Xp is reduced when mob has been killed X times...but shouldent it only be redused if you self actually killed it to many times?

Maybe it stops trying as hard.

2005-06-20 14:11:40
task 2493 seems flawed. There is already a 'help base' which is also help core, which is a quick overview of core classes, base classes, prestige, and

make task 2493 help 'base ac' or just add it to help armor or equipment

2005-06-20 16:42:32
RE: task 2585 bashdoor help update. The full direction does not need to be typed out. Sometimes there is a keyword conflict, and it reduces chance of

close 2585. Thanks, xilo.

2005-06-20 16:48:55
the Hospital/Infirmary system should be changed to a cheaper price. To gain any benefit at all I would need to have great deal of gold on me in hand but I cannot do that since gold weighs so much

lvl 3; reevalute infirmary re gold weights or allow it to be demonbanked

2005-06-20 19:09:53
add a time to when the last person shifted for the lordrun command

Nah. I still want you guys to have to talk to each other a LITTLE

2005-06-20 21:33:55
in relation to the undead, healing spells should cause damage to the undead...

this isn't dnd or final fantasy.

2005-06-20 21:41:23
a failed sneak attack should change the tank?


2005-06-20 23:37:01
"Black Circle Assassin" - as a 2nd tier prc for BCI, if 2nd tier prc's is even a thought

I've thought about it. BCI's but with snipe as a BCI remort. Could be fun.

2005-06-21 00:24:14
have immolation last longer at lord

lvl 2; check immol is tied to gen duration

2005-06-21 01:52:36
make it impossible to fletch in arena for the same reason you can't sharpen

lvl 2

2005-06-21 03:20:00
have afkreply, if given an argument other than reset, automatically set the user afk after setting the message. After all, if you're setting up a new message, it's probably because you're going afk.

k; lvl 2

2005-06-21 09:05:44
who should support Lord/Legend/Titan/Angels if it doesn't already as banners. Lords are currently highmortals.

lvl 2; what cuen said

2005-06-21 10:23:11
Alter the class struct and race struct to carry a flag indicating whether the c/r is open for playing. Other code can check flag to hide things as

class has it; fdeny. lvl 3; add a remo-lvl and evo-lvl field to race. populate it duly!

2005-06-21 10:36:33
Make consider account for mob wielding a weapon, and print something about 'but the mob is armed and may be more dangerous than it looks'

lvl 3; ditto for sanc

2005-06-21 13:37:07
mnd spell that casts decept on all peices of gear on a mob


2005-06-21 20:18:15
Kabhyss, worshippable for bci only... maybe even manditory... make it interesting

he's a dragon, not a god.

2005-06-21 21:40:05
possible to have a leader mentioned in "lordrun"? have it go off who everyone is following

lvl 2; in lordrun, tag the leader somehow

2005-06-21 22:54:42
make groupstat report self only

lvl 2; groupstat to self only except for leader

2005-06-21 23:56:50
for the groupsize diversity bonus, only classes mage -> sorceror add to diversity. Should we add in asn/prs/bzk/prc classes?

lvl 2; add remorts, but not prestige. Prc's should count as their base classes re diversity

2005-06-22 09:56:19
include lizard man, troglodyte, kzinti, griffon, harpy, insectoid, ver* in the 'beast lore' aggressive check

no, they have above animal intelligence.

2005-06-22 17:36:24
Maybe one of the imms could do a Survivor like we did back like 6 years ago for heroes?


2005-06-22 17:52:44
demonic intent for bci...because they are very evil and they work for a very evil dragon

true, but they're not out to taint souls like sorcerors and shadowfists.

2005-06-22 18:47:02
Wizard/Mage Lord CD- A "piggyback" spell where a caster can take another lord with them as they shift whom is grouped. Spellcost 2.7kish

why would i have bothered coding send just to give you an easier way to do the same thing?

2005-06-23 01:32:38
create a spell for priest that can turn mobs to sleep so when we help lowmorts and we goto a agge area we cant attack the mob to kill it maybe it would be nice if we can put it to sleep that one 1) make mob sleep 2) make it attack just a idea

lvl 3; consider giving prs whisper at lord but make it only work if there's a corpse in the room

2005-06-23 05:02:25
quote of the day (qotd) added to motd to make it alot more interesting to read. everyone loves quotes!

shrug, up to ayanna

2005-06-23 17:44:21
modify password command to <old password> <new password> <repeat new password> to avoid getting locked out of an alt because of a miskey stroke

lvl 3

2005-06-24 00:15:55
make the shades in this area (viznabilioki's enchantment of the shades) undead

lvl 1

2005-06-24 14:18:43
When someone is killed in the arena, can it clear any poison/disease affect also? Currently, if someone is poisoned or diseased during an arena fight it

No, because they're not dying. Poison doesnt tick on the cloud.

needing item type changed, it was just explained to me why it's that way, but it confuses the heck out me

yes, it's a bit silly, but it's established now

2005-06-24 16:59:34
Assassin mobs should insightful and vital strike.

yes. yes they should. (not tasked)

2005-06-24 23:36:05
since wzds take over some sage spells, and they're supposed to be high wisdom characters, how about giving them acumen?

ok. lvl 2

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