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2005-06-25 10:06:40
since stone skin can be cast on others with foci, why not let us cast the spell on others separately? It would make lowmort mages more useful groupies

lvl 2

2005-06-25 11:14:32
poison lore- helps poison hit more frequently on stabs, (lord level)

Didn't you read what I said last time about trying to add power to rog/asn?

2005-06-25 11:17:22
a gear targetable deception for mindbenders...ie, c decept mob wield..a little harder to target tho

Just quicken and strip em of everything

2005-06-25 12:13:44
I think giants should get an attack bonus when wielding clubs or other blunt weapons

They do. They just get the same one as when they wield anything.

2005-06-25 14:39:35
give gold a purpose other than smithing/paying for stats... for heroes: sell double healie pots maybe for lords: sell double heal ii pots maybe?

No. We'd rather they grouped healers

2005-06-25 14:41:12
make planeshift require an item like a stone, could buy them from a vendor for 25, 000 coins and add a permanent stone to a less popular run also could have monsters on normal runs carry

Interesting idea, but not sure I like the potential fallout.

2005-06-25 14:42:49
get rid of gold caps and decrease everyone's money held/inbank by 50% or something

Not worth the negative pr. Lots of old players would ask for their gold back.

2005-06-25 14:44:08
make it so rogues can't pick the locks on a glyph run

I put those locks there for the sole purpose of giving rogues a chance to pick something at lord.

2005-06-25 14:45:10
increase levels of all mobs in spires by 25%

needs doing but i'm reluctant to do this without also doing something to make the run more interesting

2005-06-25 14:47:07
make it so you can only recall when you're not in combat

lvl 3; curve combat recall cost waaaay up at tiers. At lowmort 1-25 it should be about same as flee, curving up to 200% by lvl 50, then 1200% by 51-999, etc.

2005-06-25 14:47:51
make heighten last longer at least for psions

i think it's already tasked, but use gen-dur for hei if is-psionic

2005-06-25 14:48:24
an area building contest like the one for hero except for lord

ok. questies, let's have a quest for lords to populate Nowhere with mini quest areas. Make sure they know these will be TEMPORARY and NONE of them will stay in the map forever. We'll discuss on quest or builder.

2005-06-25 14:49:29
a way to make it so the prompt doesn't show up after everything like grouptells - make it so it only comes up when the user enters a command or gets a stat change

not sure that's feasible.

2005-06-25 14:49:48
a built in ignore or gag command

code intensive

2005-06-25 14:50:40
make it so certain classes are more proficient in combat with certain types of weapons like rogues with dagger, warriors with swords, and clerics with maces

this is slowly coming about as true as it'll ever be. THe cleric-mace thing is rubbish tho. Always hated that in dnd.

2005-06-25 14:54:20
the questpoint system is stinky right now, change it a lot... make qps easier to get, make the deck options go way up, they should be in like qpcatalog8


2005-06-25 15:03:16
pt2 of hog thing: people can just flee all their alts up to 30k+ tnl and plvl someone for a hell of a lot of

I agree, but it';s not something i can task.

2005-06-25 22:19:22
make positive ac better than negative ac, it's confusing to people who are new to avatar

I agree. Lvl 4. Convert to positive xp system.

2005-06-25 22:21:46
plz write witty rejections for my ideas

I'm tired.

2005-06-25 22:41:09
Archery gear that helps with aimed shot/snipe lord level

lvl 3; add snipe affect as an option for gear. Put a couple aimed or snipe items in.

2005-06-26 02:50:59
No statloss for deaths untill lvl 3 lord. This will give time for new lords to get skills and gens.

lvl 3

2005-06-26 12:41:33
Ciquala should be part of the panthion


2005-06-26 13:29:08
healing objects in the hands of a cleric/prs should heal more then in other classes

lvl 3; cle/dru. Prs shouldn't need it. +healing from wand/staff if used on another. Needs a downside. Maybe uses 2 charges, or binds the item or something.

2005-06-26 14:28:34
make lordly lockpicks pick chests (the one in mudschool)or make another lord lockpick that can

yeh, i need to add more lord tools. Noctopia!

2005-06-26 16:45:36
make ticks so the longer you sleep the faster you regen

I like it. Someone want to look into the feasibility of this one?

2005-06-26 18:06:05
when you rescue you should get an extra attack after the rescue to draw the attackers attention twoards the rescuer

lvl 3; if you rescue and arent fighting, do a round of attacks after the rescue.

2005-06-27 11:07:52
unillegalize duoing until avatar has a big enough active lord population to give lords the option to run during

It's not ILLEGAL. It just needs to be really hard. So if you duo, and it's not really hard, you have to report it, or you're abusing a loophole.

2005-06-27 13:03:34
can hive mind have a duration in affects? It might come in handy every once in a wh ile


2005-06-27 22:04:30
change the message when a leader uses disband from "%w removes you from his group." to "%w's group has disbanded." or something like that

lvl 2

2005-06-30 03:37:19
bodyguards threaten warriors much more than other prestige classes do their main. they fill a role warriors already do, better than the main class does, their requirements are already what makes a good warrior, as opposed to being restrictive, and the loss of OOC skills is pretty superficial. speaking from a Lord point of view, wehre dumb warriors vastly outperform others

Guess you better make one then. Bodyguards give up almost nothing, it's true, but they also arguably gain less than other classes.

2005-06-30 10:06:19
Paladin Oath of Empathy. Lord Level. A Paladin chooses to protect those smaller than he. For those he chooses to protect (some command to specify), he will incur their statloss if he lets them die. Benefit: Paladin receives improved AC when rescuing that person & bonus to tanking multiple mobs. Also, the smaller the person protected (lower hps), the more beneficial AC effects the Paladin feels.

add to list plz

2005-06-30 14:41:23
an extension to psyphon at lord where you can psyphon mobs, and transfer mana to groupies

lvl 3; flood; mnd xfers 10% current mana to target groupmate. Cannot excede victim-max, adds a 5 tick SECRET fatigue to the TARGET to prevent reuse on same target. If used on target with the aff, mana is wasted. 20 to 1 rate of xfer for total thugs, 3 to 1 for other mnd's, others in between as appr. Divine casters relatively low.

2005-06-30 15:49:06
move death info to be available at level 50, as that is when you get mercy/gurney

lvl 2

2005-06-30 17:01:38
I would love a "relog" command that would save, quit, and send me back to the login prompt without closing my telnet session... and I'm sure others would find it useful, too!

lvl 4

2005-06-30 20:34:17
This would probably be too powerful, but a bci skill/spell that allows you to add a psionic affect such as overconf, decept, fear, dread, ego whip to a peircer in place of a poison for

cool idea, but bci aren't THAT psionic.

2005-06-30 22:13:13
in line with last weeks idea...half lag on "Soandso doesn't NEED rescuing!"

lvl 2, make part of prior task re rescue lag

2005-06-30 23:15:37
an 'auto' setting for wimpy so that it will adjust itself to 20% as your max hit points change

lvl 3. Do it w/o adding a pfile field.

2005-07-01 03:07:38
This and the following two ideas form a general basis for the Paladin oaths. Hopefully they will help to get the ball rolling for Paladins. Oath taking costs nothing, and requires 3 witnesses at or above the oath taker's level. Some oaths taken are directly controllable by the Paladin (Oath of Bravery - not fleeing), and

others they loosely control (Oath of Empathy - keeping groupies alive).

2005-07-01 03:07:38
Each oath has a long-term tolerance of error to satisfy. i.e., In long-term sense Oath of Leadership requires a certain ratio of groupie levels to groupie deaths to be kept. If ratio drops too low, oath is lost, Paladin is penalized, and oath must be re-earned. In short-term sense, there are small temporary penalties for

each indivudal groupie death, but benefits aren't alltogether lost.

2005-07-01 03:07:38
Other oaths are one-time commitments that cannot be lost. I.e., Oath of Tranquility permanently prevents Paladin from frenzying. They're simple choices to take benefits over costs. I'd like to kindly and respectfully request that you please look over the long list of oath ideas I've provided over the months and decide whether oaths will be implemented for Paladins.

list. we're getting near the point where I'll review it.

2005-07-01 11:11:24
automatically mirror imm notes to a section of www.outland.org

dw? cuen?

2005-07-01 13:31:06
have heighten senses show up in aura focus' list

not a spell

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