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2005-07-02 10:41:13
Still don't have a really good "pet" class, like many RPGs are starting to do. How about a Summoner rebuild, or some other class that uses Pets as their class-definer?

Archers are my pet class. Oh, you mean one that USES pets. It'd be cool, but it'd require a pretty massive system wide revamp of how charm/pet/etc works and I'm not ready to task that yet.

2005-07-02 13:40:39
big races have more chance to bash if they hit the mob, but miss more, small races miss less, but fall down more

Something like this is planned.

2005-07-02 17:04:48
could arrow's barbs digging painfully into a mob be a different color than red? I use red to tell when _I_'m getting hit


2005-07-02 17:24:04
spell that allows a person to go berserk if hit hard enough

There's class skills and racials for that.

2005-07-02 18:25:13
Imm genesis should go to Imm info as we may have varying reasons for genesising and may not want to make it public

lvl 2

2005-07-02 19:51:17
an evolution race with different possibilities to evolve into possible favoring different aspects of the character such as spellcasting ability or

again, this kind of system seems to supercede the existing race system. This is something you base a whole game around; have only 3 starting races, but branches you can move into to specialize.

2005-07-03 01:27:37
Give locate object an extra argument. "All," "NPC" and "PC" arguments. PC locates items carried by player characters, NPC by Non-Player Characters and All searches both types.

nah. Makes it too easy to item-map.

2005-07-03 11:39:43
when it's dark outside, even when you have a light, you shouldn't be able to scan and see mobs a room away

I agree. But if we coded that, we'd need to add a bunch of skills and spells to circumvent it and that all seems like a lot of work and player annoyance for very little added game value.

2005-07-03 12:06:24
we now have prc's for most classes... or all classes... but... then.. shouldnt it be about time for the vampire/ware diseases?....

It's always been time for them, but I don't care enough to do them, to be blunt. Other coders can if they wish.

2005-07-03 12:24:29
warrior skill that uses the blade to attack as opposed to the hilt. New version of slash, dependant upon the condition/sharpness of a blade as well as

No. You already attack as many times as you can in a round. You don't get extra attacks with your main weapon just by executing a skill. Smash should really work ala quickstrike, but the only reason I don't make the change is because it's not worth the complaints it'll cause.

2005-07-03 12:56:04
if a lord spellbook appears make it have a lordlike wis requirement


2005-07-03 13:01:41
if size comes into play on weapons/bows pls lets us old lords have a work around i really dont want to have to go thru the hell that is lord stabbing every

Size was already figured into racial archery mods when I made those.

2005-07-03 13:59:53
ad vinegar as a fluid type, for wine that has gone bad

uh, ok, lvl 2

2005-07-03 15:22:02
add class to who for hero and lord as it is shown for low mortals. This would conserve resources by not having to whois each person or who argument for every search parameter you are looking for

2005-07-03 15:58:35
teleport potions

They exist. But they don't work.

2005-07-03 16:51:32
somehow make very large races like gia/drg/ent etc.. be able to wield 2-handed weapons in 1 hand.. just don't see how a giant couldn't wield in 1 hand what a human or even gnome needs 2 hands for (like massive swords)

that involves gear size, which we're not up to yet. Also, using a smaller persons' 2 handed sword in 1 hand would not be ideal as the grip would be undersized. We may let you do it, but there'll be usage penalties.

2005-07-03 16:55:09
make it so you can do racial <race> while you're asleep

lvl 2 but I think i already tasked this to be done for all informationals

2005-07-03 17:34:18
have a way to config off the lowbie area changing messages for experienced players. they are annoying

isn't this tied to the true newbie flag? should be if not; lvl 2

2005-07-03 18:35:54
new spell level 101 for priest/cleric level 500 for everyone else magicaly prtect any corpse other than drc from dusting via corpse being eaten it basicaly makes the corpse unedible

lvl 3; sor lord self-only spell that just adds an aff. If they die with aff on them, corpse becomes noxious, repellent to non-undead corpse eaters. Downside is the corpse's initial timer lasts half as long and gains half as many ticks from req.

2005-07-03 20:04:43
MOBA room in sanc doubles as a remote bank. 10% of deposit/withdrawal taken as MOBA transaction fee. They need their cut after all.

Wouldn't that just be the same as turning demonbank on?

2005-07-03 20:06:51
some mobs I blind, can get weapons after I blind em... shouldn't that be impossible?

Blind isn't really blind. It's more like "see less good." True blindness would be about a billion times more incapacitating.

2005-07-03 23:41:07
make a second attack for offhand at lvl 250 also so those who don't like dbl wield can get the benefits, tho I myselflove double wield


2005-07-04 00:43:48
Twilight Chop- Shf- Openhanded Blackjack, that has a chance of blinding the mob.

lvl 3; treat fists of a IS_UNARMED ch as a 75% blackjack tool

2005-07-04 00:53:04
Aura Breach- Upon casting this spell, a shf can attempt to break a good aligned mob's Aura, eliminating protection of sanctuary, when below a certain % of

lvl 3; lord lvl; vile touch. violates sanctuary on 1000 align mobs only. must be cast on self and should have a high cost, maybe a downside like each successful hit drains the shf's hps a little.

2005-07-04 01:04:58
hurricane kick - lord shf area attack. pre-req whirlwind kick, maybe base success partially on sneak mod, for each mob it tries to target

lvl 3 but for monk. works ala whirlwind attack (only hits your target and mobs hitting the same person as your target)

2005-07-04 01:16:48
Snake Bite- Pre-req Serpent Tech, sleight of hand- A shf

Nah but while I'm here; lvl 3; poison finger, if poisoned, shf can attempt to poison target with a quickstrike, vs, or golden strike. Poison finger copies the first poison the shf has onto the target if successful.

2005-07-04 01:29:16
BCI Dagger of Dread - using a concentration of energy, a dagger of dread can be formed out of basic throwing weapons. Once thrown, the dagger can make mobs that are otherwise, stationary, run - as though their last minutes are upon them.

nah, stationary mobs need to stay stationary

2005-07-04 01:30:02
shf/rog slippery mind: this skill allows the rogue a chance to avoid the affects of spells that affect the mind, such as overconfidence. basically allowing the shf/rog a second save against said spell.

BCI already get this by dint of being psionic.

2005-07-04 01:33:14
Wzd-lord Lesser Illusion- Casting an illusion takes considerable concentration and is a drain to keep up, requiring 0% distraction. However once accomplished an enemy is kept at bay fighting another mobile within the room. The wizard must cast this from one room away, and may not be grouped with anyone else, to demonstrate

2005-07-04 01:35:02
true concentration. If even as much as a "Skin crawling feeling" or a "Flash of light" distracts the caster, the spell is broken, at the expense of recovery lag, and a drain in mana over these ticks. Once the spell is broken the mobs return to normal.

interesting idea, but really hard to code and it'd let you do something i don't want you to be able to do.

2005-07-04 06:00:28
bear walker, mag prc, cannot be nofail, cannot have more than 23int, gets some monk skills/spells and loses most divine skills/spells. cont.

2005-07-04 06:03:17
gains a floating spell that acts like a bear spirit, giving more defence, offence, spell damage(costs more to cast),spell cost(more failures).gains a differrent once each 250ish levels at hero.

not bad. Toying...

2005-07-04 12:06:57
lordrun command should work for trackies, at least the lord version of it

lvl 2

2005-07-04 16:28:56
I have a feeling you already went over this/considered it, but toss arbalests into the realm of fusilier and make bullets fletchable (maybe just at a really slow rate similar to the explosive arrows)

I want arbalests to be available, but not really practical.

2005-07-04 19:13:43
ud viewing room on thorngate?

can't scryto multiple rooms

2005-07-05 00:32:25
Change Padmasa's level range from 35 51 to 51 51, to reflect the boost in mob level

lvl 1

2005-07-05 07:41:10
allow black circle intiates to become expert trackers and gain bloodhound, possibly later than normal rogues, due to the time spent learning other skills/spells, say hero 200 or 250 for bloodhound.

nah. gotta be SOME stuff rogues get that BCI don't

2005-07-05 15:46:43
let wzd have death shroud or lower death cost at lord

Some players opted to stay mages or play more robust races precisely so they would have higher survivability than you. Why should I reward you over them by taking away your downside without giving them the extra mana, spell more, etc. that you have from your race/class choices?

2005-07-05 16:41:45
a message for area repops

yeh right

2005-07-05 18:44:02
Since wzd excel better at casting than mags, why not let them become sors sooner than mags. They get more mana, and even have some spells sors have. They just seem like they want to become evil

because mages already become sors at the minimum level. I'd have to push mages back, and everybody would hate that.

2005-07-05 21:06:40
intune rune like spell for bow/sling/blowgun/thrown weapons ask for more info

i intend runes for bows and perhaps other item types.

2005-07-06 09:38:50
maybe add dr to the staff of the strange from a trolls nightmare in veil would actually make it useful

yes, but to the wrong people

2005-07-06 14:48:30
change the built in mud command stack character to one that isn't used in URLs so often. Perhaps to


2005-07-06 15:18:37
have the old hunter that sells lord level arch kits sell a very simple low max starter lord bow for new lord dru, arc, asn

ok. give him a lord level no mod long bow, heavy x-bow and sling. lvl1

2005-07-06 16:39:10
allow heroes at sub level 500 or maybe at 250 a chance to rebuild into a fus? some of us made bad choices for an archer that are good for a fus :( shouldnt have to be perm but kinda like what crom did for mages and wizards?

Run lowmort.

2005-07-06 18:51:42
get rid of the two messages when you miss a kick after a fight, currently it says |W|To whom do you wish to do that? (and) |G|There is no target to kick!

lvl 2

2005-07-07 01:53:20
make death loss different at lord, I lost like 400 xp EVERY time I die....1 lord run equals about 1-1.4k xp....400 xp on death? ouch?

Try not to die. I have 250ish lord levels on various alts but only 5 lord deaths.

2005-07-07 01:56:44
tone down lord areas because not many lords are running and the areas just keep getting harder and harder...today I went to outland 4 times, 2 of them with wzd, mag, mag, war and in both runs we got swarmed by 3+mobs...

The game is bottom heavy right now. This will change in time.

2005-07-07 09:05:49
a message like the new you feel weaker or stronger only for archer gear so if i wear a piece of gear that improves accuracy a message like this item will help you shoot straighter or somthing along those lines


2005-07-07 13:07:01
put the areas list in alphabetical order

i might've already tasked this but if not; lvl 4; make area list sortable by name, maxlevel, minlevel, averagelevel, author, plane, theme, etc.

2005-07-07 14:01:27
make it so it's possible to gather stuff like metal and leather (random drops from mobs) to a smith to make gear, bags, and weapons

2005-07-07 14:06:04
make it so sors can make different types of potions (potions with bless, barkskin, armor, sanctuary etc.) by using other types of vials besides empty

Thus completely negating the design intent of them not getting those spells! Awesome!


2005-07-07 14:12:52
put comfort potions on less popular lord runs

2005-07-07 14:13:43
put a comfort brandish on the king downstairs at gith keep, I never see him killed :/ or at least give some incentive somehow

Comfort brandishes and potions. Ha. You're funny.

2005-07-07 15:34:40
Some kind of warning BEFORE being disconnected for using the same command too many times... sometimes you just have to type note scan over and over, why get disconnected?

lvl 3; warn player 2 repeats before disconnect if easy.

2005-07-07 20:31:04
new command rt which would be simular to reply with the exception that it would reply to the last person that you sent a tell by specifying their name making reply lock redundent.


2005-07-07 21:25:49
make afk a toggle mode. this would allow people to see if someone is truely afk and not have afk removed by a trigger.

Just make your afk trigger set you afk. Problem solved. (Or better yet, don't use an afk trigger. If you're really gone, sign off!)

2005-07-07 23:15:36
stats command that echos to you a more descriptive report with hp, mana, moves, tnl, align, hr, dr, and ac

you mean like score?

2005-07-08 00:35:14
No massive death exp losses for lords.

Try not to die. Lords should be skilled enough to avoid it.

2005-07-08 01:25:10
a total count of lords who are running in a particular area with the lordrun command.

jeez louis. Just count.

2005-07-08 02:07:38
Maybe on the website we can have a meter of cash donations for a month vs the goal for the month so people can better see how cash is being used and what's needed (mebbe sparking more donations)


2005-07-08 04:20:53
smith all should give a message if nothing needs to be smithed, currently uou just get a blank line

lvl 2

2005-07-08 04:29:30
allow qp to be pooled between registered alts

not my call. k?

2005-07-08 16:35:04
some way to see the suggested level range of a particular area other than through trial and error w/ the area command

huh? it shows on where

2005-07-08 18:07:58
A way to keep seeing that lowbie warning when you switch areas, a reminder to type WHERE even at higher lvls

It's called map lore. Or group someone with map lore.

2005-07-08 23:15:46
Human exp bonus. Since humans are a jack of all trades, an exp bonus would show their versatility with learning anything.

Isn't having the lowest tnl (without sucking) enough?

2005-07-09 00:19:54
allow players to create portals from the bci trainer

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