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2005-08-13 03:57:01
fus cd at hero 500 intune, binds a sling to the fus, if removed from wield or imediate inventory its ruined, raises the minimum dmg on sling by 10

in future, you will be able to have a sage rune 'em for you

2005-08-13 14:55:18
headbutt (bzk only) the beserker headbutts the target doing slightly less dmg than smash, the beserker takes 20% of the damage done, and the attack has a 30% chance to daze the target, while

dazed the target would gain -20 hitroll, -5 damroll daze would last 1-3 tics

2005-08-13 22:35:11
tainted healing: allows for the shadowfists to learn to heal, but it has a side affect in that it can only be cast on self

If I'd wanted shadowfists to heal...

2005-08-14 08:51:15
Add a couple new helpfiles to explain the difference and possibly list each spell in its 'class'. Help spelldown, help spellup, help damage spell, help curative spell, and help transport spell. Would have to have different levels of access for lowmort/hero/lord etc...

Write em for us. The only problem i see is that we'd forget to update em.

2005-08-14 12:02:36
toggle-able Follow Me flag at lord to show who is leading a run at Thorngate, since lordrun doesn't show runs *forming*

title sez follow me for arcadia!

2005-08-14 13:18:45
provide a help stat loss to heroes (L51 and higher) to train newbie heroes what stat loss is when they see a reference to it on the hero chat channel

don't we have one? if not lvl 1

2005-08-14 16:04:51
I was thinking that curse could increase in power in a similar way to bless. Since bless maxes out at +8 hr +8 save at hero, couldn't curse max out at -8hr and -8

racial maladiction- curse spell scales for dsd and it's descendants at 1/4th the rate of bless or some such

2005-08-15 11:15:17
No exp whatsoever for sponges with AFK flag would help the lord tier a lot

lvl 3; Okay. At lord, no exp if afk. Doesn't really hurt the afker if they legitimately have to go save the baby for a minute. Council can veto w/in 1 week.

2005-08-15 14:32:09
make assassin's assassinate/backstab (but not melee) dmg use HR instead of DR. the same argument applies here as does to archers: hit the right spot once instead

Makes sense but the distinction for our combat model is HR helps archery, DR helps melee damage. Don't want to switch gear? Don't. I'm not making you.

into combat with the targetted mob (but not hit by) they hold shot for one round and then fire with a significant multiplier.

I've wanted to do this but it's wonky. Aimed shot is supposed to work this way to start fights and I just can't make it do it.

2005-08-15 15:12:02
instead of implementing one small idea in at a time, you should release avatar 2.0 after everything has been tested and finetuned

Okay. I'll get our highly paid coding staff with the gobs of free time right on that.

2005-08-15 16:14:47
add a flag on the lordrun command to show who is leading the group.

already tasked

2005-08-15 18:34:19
Ud girth should add 1str

Nah. Not gonna change it just to suit whatever gear set you're trying to make work. You do all HAVE girths right? At Lord? You're going to be sad if you don't.

2005-08-15 20:35:11
I believe Quest Staff members should be allowed to run UD being thats its a quest of some sort.

The problem is the wear bit.

2005-08-16 00:56:22
brilliance: prs skill that allows them to see when a groupie's sanc falls

lvl 2 but I'm not mad on the name

2005-08-16 03:39:56
cle's should get blunt weaponry

this ain't dnd

2005-08-16 21:37:59
hard code prs so that if they worship any god other than tul they lose priesthood and revert to cleric

Any prs who changes gods does so on the risk that we won't add any more prs skills.

2005-08-16 23:00:41
Change language rules for priv lord groups. When I lead priv I let my groupies know I dont care about language in group. Anyone minds they can leave.

That IS the rule for private groups as far as I know.

2005-08-17 00:31:14
Is there a way to create a message that tells you, upon death/eulogy, if you lost a gf'ed stat (con/str, etc)? I lost a str to eulogy and it looked like I lost nothing

i don't see why not. lvl 2

2005-08-17 02:04:15
make the spells awe/calm not working in sanctum to stop people casting it on one another.

lvl 2; block awe and calm in safe rooms

2005-08-17 08:48:45
races with racial invis should stay invis during battle if they cast invis on them selves

right, cuz that wouldn';t be twinky

2005-08-18 15:23:49
A new lord plane for us to play in! Something fire themed would be a really nice addition to Lord! Or even expand Airscape and give us some new places to kill stuffs.

Haven't you heard? There's a whole lord area contest going on RIGHT NOW!

2005-08-18 15:35:18
seperate the legends from the lords!

I'll put them in my centrifuge.

2005-08-18 17:29:01
Show somewhere in score or worth the roomname where your current recall is set. Would be a really nice perk.

uh, ok. lvl 2. and find a nice spot to put it

2005-08-19 11:47:05
when leading allow a 20% chance to re-gain a lost stat on a groupie level instead of the free practice

add to that project re leadership perks that i started last time

2005-08-19 20:39:58
Why don't a few of the new hero areas (e.g. Greed's Gallows, Tortuga Clay) have any coins or lockboxes on the mobs? Can this get "fixed" please?

Not everybody carries money around. Only certain types of mobs do.

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