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2005-08-20 05:39:29
for legend: a way to send notes to your own team only

left for people paying more attention to legend than i am

2005-08-20 09:22:15
Eep, to clarify, it was rejected because it lowered aggie chance - I'm saying the only benefit should be in move speed.

Which lowers aggie chance.

2005-08-20 12:01:45
there should be no fightinng after a crash for 5 minutes well at least for lords to give ppl time to shift back

The code doesn't really know the difference between a crash and a regular reboot. After a crash, try giving imms a minute to sign on. They will generally turn on nofight for 5 minutes or so.

2005-08-20 15:22:06
put the color orange in the game?

Our palette is determined by ANSI. Not much we can do with it.

the difference in warriors alive, like singlehanded wielders need an edge again

This means double weapons are too powerful

2005-08-21 02:32:08
imp a better reimb system (something that saves the bases/special modifiers/names).. it definitely seems like a better investment of coding time than

Be thankful for what you've got.

2005-08-21 02:36:08
I feel like my ideas are being filtered :(

I only include ideas to which I have a useful or funny reply. You'd get real bored of reading the idea list if I included all the things to which my answer is "meh."

Mage as a class name is just old school and unoriginal :) We should change mage into wzd for


2005-08-21 13:04:11
modify christen/onoma so that when the edesc is added, the name christened is also added to the edesc

lvl 2

2005-08-21 15:21:35
could we possibly move keyfinder to hero 101 for bci, given our dabbling in psionic teachings?


2005-08-21 16:14:24
Can there be other reasons why we fail spells (You failed your sanctuary due to the fact you stepped in a puddle/didn't know the safety was on/forgot how it was spelled)

meh. See? It gets old.

2005-08-21 17:45:00
out of sheer convenience, can nightvision, and night cloak be reordered in the skills list, so that night cloak can actually be cast with just c night

That would mess with all the people who had pracced them. Make an alias.

2005-08-21 21:20:28
an advanced version of dispel magic that works mid-fight

Ok. lvl 3; shatter boon and shatter curse. Both for wizard from books. The former ends 1 beneficial enchant on an enemy for damage, the latter ends 1 negative enchant on an ALLY for damage to all enemies FIGHTING that ally. Involve saving throw somehow so it's not more powerful than pancea/clarify.

2005-08-21 22:37:35
color the damage verbs


2005-08-21 22:52:13
lower the level of help files for races and classes and possibly pr <class> to 0, so that players trying to create a character, can actually read the help files suggested at the race/class selection screens. Last time I created an alt, I tried reading

lvl 1; but check first to make sure lvl 0 helps are legible at creation and it's not some other method of flgging.

2005-08-22 09:50:27
web-based intro to the mud to complement the mudschool. Can cover things in detail, hyperlinked even!

sure, but not gonna task it

2005-08-23 18:23:56
mana swell mnd spell that pumps mana from them to group sends them to 10%hp and mana and they must have full hp/mana to cast

maybe if someone suggests a version that isnt abusable by bots/afkers at thorn center.

there are the words (Pink Outline) in front of the Mob. Why can't that be in pink instead of the standard color? After all, it -says- it's pink.

Because we want to limit color proliferation so the mud doesn't look like puke.

2005-08-23 21:29:18
removed deepgnome as creatable race, change them to remort only and make them more "interesting"

I don't really care enough about either variety of gnome to do much with them.

2005-08-23 23:12:45
make remort classes TWINKY at least

or make

2005-08-23 23:13:15
oh and remort races too make them twinky at laest.

Remort classes and races are intended to be different, not necessarily twinky. If we lowered the requirements, there'd be more OF them, and then they'd be less different. Personally, I think remorts get some of the twinkiest things in the game. If you don't agree, don't remort. Nobody said you had to.

2005-08-24 10:18:55
add a list of which races can be which PRCs to help file

Deliberately vague.

2005-08-24 12:37:47
shouldn't charged shields go off on a successful bash?

No. Magic's funny that way.

2005-08-24 20:40:16
since genesis is gone remove the 1k prac cost for unworshiping at lord before 100?

maybe, but genesis might not be gone for good

2005-08-24 22:31:48
at 100 lord u get the calss with human race at 200 to keep ur race u should option to pick anyrace u want thats creatable

we had that. didn't like it.

2005-08-24 22:43:14
how about an escape artist skill to allow rogues to help others break webs

lvl 2; -/+5% chance to escape a web per size category above/below medium

strength w/ the new double wield. so a +1str mod on UD girth would be beneficial to all players not in aspects of power, but mostly to round out the dblwield impleme

Doublewield is proving too twinky, so don't look for any favors for double wielders.

2005-08-25 11:22:30
better accuracy on held shot?

There are items you can sport to do that.

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