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2005-08-27 08:54:04
allow priests the ability to cast vigil on other's corpses.

It's called deathwatch

to my attention that my archer shot a goblin as it was fleeing... and it made me think.. fleeing shot on avatar only works if the player is fleeing, it would make more sense for it to work if the mob or the player is fleeing... (aka shouldnt fleeing shot shoot fleeing mobs)

It's called longshot, and OH THE HUMANITY it's not automatic. You actually have to TYPE SOMETHING!

2005-08-27 17:13:01
Please dont include SoL in lord quest prizes which involve large groups? It makes all the lil girls cry. You dont want to make the girls cry... Do you?

That's why I kiss them.

2005-08-27 19:17:39
add a lord ac wield??


2005-08-28 01:27:07
the prac + qp jackpot from deck should always have at least something in them

If it was reliable, it wouldn't be gambling.

2005-08-28 02:08:37
a message that can be stored and tagged onto afk.. so if someone sends someone afk.. it might say .. this person is afk, eating dinner, or afk, due to

It's called title or afkreply.

2005-08-28 14:02:08
make planeshift take %x of your stats rather than y mana

Why? It's a SPELL.

2005-08-28 14:34:03
make wake all a lagged command or maybe even a skill based on class

lvl 4; lag wake all, but add it to that group leadership project thing, and one of the basic leadership perks is wake all sans lag.

2005-08-28 15:16:09
ents should get barkskin regardless of class

They have armorbark, the non spell version. In fact if you think about it, since barkskin turns NORMAL skin INTO bark, ents shouldn't be able to use it at all.

2005-08-28 18:44:08
i may have alrdy logged, know i thought about, if replicate, sorry :(--- now that donation has lag don-all should be taken out- not enough time to get all gear

I have to agree. lvl 2; nuke donate all.

2005-08-28 21:05:52
make transfer life not suck at lord ?

not every spell is going to be good at all tiers, and transfer like is one of those crappy spells that makes 1 class emulate another. I should've nuked it in the psi revamp.

2005-08-28 21:25:08
lord spell for clerics where they can give up a certain ammount of hp for roughly half the mana

Sorry. Penance is all you get. Make a prs.

2005-08-28 21:36:23
would it be possible to lower threnody requirement from 20 to compensate for the seeming lack of players that are here now as well as those ascending to

Guess what? People got corpses BEFORE threnody.

2005-08-28 22:42:20
until the gains display is fixed perhaps it should be mentioned in MOTD or in a help file so that new players are not disgruntled/confused


2005-08-29 00:27:22
since prayer is for everyone now cant we all get it in class ?


2005-08-30 02:00:12
For a high cost qpoint reward--change your size catagory up one, or down one

at present there is no individual size

2005-08-30 04:00:58
should be able to select what you want to make with the skin command

Just assume your character is making whatever the pelt best suits.

2005-08-30 08:28:56
allow large/very-large races a % chance to "stomp" on an enemy that has been bashed/tripped/tossed possibly add some lag or the possibility of

That's coming, but it's for mobs. None of the playables are big enough.

2005-08-30 12:06:48
balance the stat loss for small races with not a lot of hp.

Counter idea; Don't play a small race with not a lot of hps and expect to survive easily.

2005-08-30 21:15:19
make private groups have a "private" flag

That'd be cool because then I could make mobs hit them 50 times harder. There's like a billion code reasons this can't happen, tho.

2005-08-30 21:42:55
a command to check abilities of the leader to make sure he is full when he says he is. Apparently the entire group gets punished for the leader's actions when this happens. At this time we have no way to verify the leader is being truthful.

You've GOT to be kidding me. The code is not here to babysit.

2005-08-30 22:40:34
Increase bzk leading ability. Their helpfile says they are leaders, and there is nothing like following a foaming and berserk person into combat against

I meant leading as in "physically in front" not "orchestrating squad composition, formation and tactics." Only Paladins and Soldiers may pass warriors in leadership.

2005-08-31 02:22:14
upgrade heighten senses for bod so they can detect when a mob enters or exits a room

Uh, they can do that now. It's called alertness.

2005-08-31 08:15:37
Cripple ability to pick locks (even on lockboxes) for non-rogues with lock pick skill. Success rate <5%. Make picking locks special again, or put traps on

I'm going to have to have a look. It's clearly working way more than it's meant to.

2005-08-31 18:29:04
griffons suck, give us something

If I did that, more people would PLAY griffons.

2005-08-31 22:38:26
sorry for double postin give minotaurs frenzy because they are so furious and to make it fair for the remort level or raise remort level by 25 more levels

If you don't think it's worth it, don't remort. Remorts aren't meant to be twinky. They're meant to be different.

2005-09-01 07:43:51
lord level fetch skill were you can pick up a corpse from 1 room away

nah. Not for a core class anyway.

2005-09-01 16:35:11
perhaps have sneak/move hidden call gen_duration? at lord they fall long before your spells, when at this point in your "life" it'd seem like you had time to learn how to effectively hide, and or sneak for a longer period. You sure have the stamina for it

They're not spells.

2005-09-01 19:21:41
Insert SOME info regarding evolution from Dsd to Dem in the help file. As it stands now noone has a clue on when/if it's possible to evolve from dsd-dem

The evolution is going to change before long. And then maybe you'll get a nugget in the help.

2005-09-02 00:33:14
since scry is kind of like insight, in that it lets you see into another room...make scry inclass for psi/mnd?

I don't consider them similar.

2005-09-02 02:02:14
sorcerers should not get enhanced damage

I agree. Not sure if it's worth taking it away, considering how little they benefit from it.

2005-09-02 03:09:42
Allow gnomes to remort into high gnomes. A slightly taller and more magical version.


2005-09-02 03:19:58
do gar or cen boon for a hog atleast once... I myself don't care and probably wouldn't be on for it. but due to the Hogs with dragon tnl boon, it appears that

See? This is why we just shouldn't ever do boons.

2005-09-02 09:30:01
for archers - maximum draw strength in the "ability" command

Uh, your maximum draw strength is your STRENGTH. I'm reasonably certain that's displayed in score somewhere.

2005-09-02 14:47:15
pls make another lowmort quaffable sanc pill. would be cool thx.

Group a cleric.

2005-09-02 18:34:24
a held shot to initiate combat for archers....makes sense

I'd love to, but the code won't work.

2005-09-02 20:44:33
more than one UD stands....the spam is HORRIBLE

Making it into a public spectacle was the whole idea. If you really don't like the crowd, don't go.

2005-09-02 21:27:37
Make it impossible for lords to get to midgaardia.


2005-09-02 23:28:01
held shot should be negatively effected when heighten/alertness aren't up


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