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2005-09-03 04:49:11
why do paladins not get concentrate till lord level 1 ?

Because Crom was an oddball when it came to hero lists. Not touching paladins for now. We may be giving or taking away vast swaths of skills from them once oaths are done.

annoying ppl who wont leave when asked. It is really sad to have to have 10+ ppl change buddy just because 1 person is being a pain and wont leave when politely asked to. thanks for reading

be more discriminating in who you invite. Also, if someone is being rude on bchat and won't leave, that would constitute harassment and you should see an Imm to administer a spanking.

2005-09-03 14:51:47
let mnd/psi get a spell where they can tell the amout of hp the mob has approx like 10k-20k and every tingle helps teh acuraccy so at 100% it would

but I don't WANT you to know the hps of mobs

2005-09-03 17:05:07
let wzd's remort sorcerer, everyone want a trl sor around the realm:P

Can we make a filter that ignores any idea with an emoticon in it?

2005-09-03 19:07:33
give cleric/priest ability to damage undead mobs with

This ain't dnd. Healing spells aren't a generic application of "positive energy" or some baloney, they mend broken bones, close wounds, etc. There's no reason they wouldn't work on any creature which can be damaged and repaired.

2005-09-04 15:30:28
attacks should do more damage to sleeping (blackjacked) obs - the first hit

Too abusable. But blackjacked mobs are particularly easy to sneak attack or backstab.

2005-09-04 18:22:28
mnd- a skill that allows a mnd to feel out agressors who wish to backstab them, (ones invis) and

I've already approved a psi spell for dealing with assassins.

2005-09-04 19:28:56
either raise ice lance damage or lower the mana cost. 44 mana for maiming is not right.

What class first gets ice lance again? It's not one of those stupid grandfathered classes that people can't seem to understand aren't being developed or supported, is it?

2005-09-04 20:26:45
remort race for cent, ettin. racials- Racial burning_blood. Hurts the mob attacking when a "YOU REALLY ARE BLEEDING!" message comes across.

centaurs become 2 headed ogres?

2005-09-04 23:31:31
look player mana, lets you see how their spiritual energy is like look player health. Sometimes you can just feel the power of someone's mana

i'm not adverse to the idea as a spell for some PRC/remort, but not sure how i'd want it to work

2005-09-05 05:41:31
mob just cast magma blast on me...we weren't underground so it wasn't magma..should be called lava blast --Geologist:)

Maybe the mob has a custom spell named after it's mom, whose name happens to be Edna Mae Magma. Ha! I won a No-Prize!

2005-09-05 10:56:32
make the use of a |N| color code at the end of renames manditory

lvl 2; append |N| to the end of player renames. Count it against their char limit.

2005-09-05 23:57:20
lord mage 500 skill harness elements, automatic when practice, can raise or lower spell costs or damage somewhat randomly, 67% that it will be

An auto skill that just makes you more powerful? Why didn't I think of that?

2005-09-06 01:00:59
have more people (staff, angels) be able to run UD. No fun waiting all day

How bout it K? Questies could run it and then the player would have to wait to see a senior to set the item. The diff is getting a senior to set 1 wear bit is easier than getting them to spend 30 minutes running the quest.

2005-09-06 12:21:10
High level sorc spell that turns the caster's own shadow into an ally. If the caster lands a melee hit in combat, the shadow will also try to connect with its

I like it. lvl 3, but if the sor is hit physically the shadow is disapated.

2005-09-06 13:18:24
PC prs can't initiate combat, perhaps the prs in temple of avatar should no longer be able to assist?

They didn't prac via pax. Woot! TWO No-Prizes!

2005-09-06 14:12:14
bci cd: dw bs. fails often-hard to be sneaky when you're casting, 3x lag of normal bs, weapon always drops. get 3x chance for bs, one for each dw

meh. I couldn't really make it any stronger than regular bs, and thus what's the point?

2005-09-06 14:20:00
single-wield weapons should have a -mod while in bash lag. Right now I can consistently hit DISEM-**MAS when bashing and wielding my m49 baron. There's not enough incentive to take the time to make a good hafted weapon.

Then don't do it. I'm sure the hafted weapons out there won't cry.

2005-09-06 15:39:32
add % chance after a mob has been stunned that they forget who they've been fighting, that they have been tripped, etc.

Heidegger Heidegger was a boozy beggar who could think you under the table!

2005-09-06 15:54:42
skill - Hold fast - the longer a player stays in combat without moving, the higher their hr/dr goes. Mainly aimed at increasing melee power through

Maybe for sld. The trick is going to be tracking "not moving"

2005-09-06 16:07:48
What ever happened to the 'new' ranger that was supposed to be unveiled on a number of occasions? Is there any devolpement along that line?

Ask Snikt. Watch out. He bites.

2005-09-07 01:45:40
make it so imps loote gear on all mobs where a lord has the death strike

even lord mobs?

2005-09-07 05:53:19
I also think the lords that didn't abuse gen when it was broken, and listened and didn't void purposely to get a reroll, deserve a prize of some sort. The

Yeh. That'd be nice to be able to do that. But how do we tell the difference between people who deliberately followed the rules and those who simply weren;t on at the time to break them? Look at it this way; all the hogs and quests and development and stuff we do is for you guys.

2005-09-07 12:33:31
a way of sending color codes to the mud without them being parsed


2005-09-07 16:16:27
Replace Solace and surroundings with some really cool themed areas!

solace is staying

2005-09-07 19:00:34
you need a lord area for 4-8 player groups... smaller hp mobs but only enough xp for groups that size

Maybe if I can make one that's solo proof.

2005-09-07 22:07:10
Flash should hurt races with nosun problems. Yeah, hurt.

nosun isnt an aversion to light, it's a particular mystical weakness for a particular celestial orb.

2005-09-08 03:28:26
There are many people who don't have special clients that use telnet. How about an 'interrupt' command that halts AVATAR alias execution in case you, for some reason, need to stop it. Disconnecting doesn't help.

Sure it does if you do it fast enough. What you're asking is utterly impossible btw.

2005-09-08 12:26:50
Have multi-reg send confirmation e-mails listing alts registered.

up to whoever is doing that

2005-09-08 15:16:33
allow us to remort into creatable races at level 100 lord (higher for remort classes)


2005-09-08 15:38:39
Get rid of silly Sanctum. If the Midgaard bar isn't big

lvl 5. get rid of sanctum while darii's not looking

2005-09-08 18:35:34
Allow inclass sandstorm to have a greater chance to blind mobs.

that's another one of those ranger spells ain't it? For the million billionth time, rangers are NOT SUPPORTED. I'm not even going to fix TYPOS in ranger spells, and just to make the point absolutely clear, I'm going to stop throwing you bones in the form of copies of abilities I make for other classes.

2005-09-08 20:52:23
Make prs fixed so that if they unworship tul they lose their special abilities/spells such as preaching until they go tul again

Nah. If they unworship tho, they'll have to go back to learn new prs spells. That's their gamble to take.

2005-09-08 23:34:49
make it possible to get skills to 100% like make in game quests that let u gain % on ceratin skills soemthing like that

You can buy that as a quest prize.

2005-09-09 00:04:04
*teach them before death happens (re: the idea earlier)

huh. I'm pretty sure it's covered.

2005-09-09 20:45:52
so do those of us lord who didn't abuse gen or didn't void on purpose get the chance to get rerolled? we were the ones who behaved and now all those who didn't get uber stats?

I'd love to be able to do that, but this is all something Snikt needs to deal with.

2005-09-09 21:51:54
so is heighten ever gonna be improved for lords? :D

It was for psionic types

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