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2005-09-24 08:08:01
a spell, similar to keyfinder, that gives hints for tickets

c 'explore the area' self

2005-09-24 08:11:07
a skill that allows rogues and archers to complete vital shot if attacks upon them while they are concentrating miss

c 'make a BCI I didn't code cool skills for PRCs just to clone them for core classes' vraethe

2005-09-24 13:45:18
Change the lag that you get from sharpen, fletch into a new state which makes you to tired to move or do anything till you are rested again. So were able to communicate while being in this state

it'd be riddled with holes, and i'm not worth its the effort of all the bugfixing we'd have to do

2005-09-25 15:29:20
if you dissappear into the void....mobs should not be able to pick your pocket!

void imps. Watcha gonna do?

2005-09-25 18:17:58
lord groups make its so there is a big flag for private groups so that lord groups know they are private and then give then a 50% xp reduction for being private :P

I don't like private groups, but they're legit. We're not going to force people to group you.

2005-09-26 19:03:12
We have surge to increase spell damage, quicken to decrease spell lag, why not a skill that ramps cost to grant better chance of beating mob saves? Could call it 'Breach' or something? (can you tell I haven't got web to work yet?)

It's called being a mindbender.

2005-09-26 19:10:40
get rid of wake all, it babies groupies

Nobody ever said you had to use it. Convince enough lord group leaders not to and no more babying.

2005-09-27 15:50:31
how come we dont have like soutwest northwest etc?

Snikt is allergic to diagonals.

2005-09-27 16:22:05
make managains less dynamic and more static...earlier today I got 2 lvls of 2 mana gains w/37 int that's just wrong :P

I know mana can be frustrating but over many levels it works out

2005-09-27 17:06:02
Remove the rescue without an argument rescuing your monitor target please. Only useful to lazy people who can't type in a couple extra letters.

I love that feature. I'm not lazy, I'm just a poor typer under pressure.

2005-09-28 21:17:09
since lord rangers are few and far between, give us a spell or ability worth having at lord other than the basics

How about I pdelete all the rangers who don't grasp the concept they are grandfathered, and will never receive any development, as they have been told roughly a bazillion times? That'd be a good class definer. I don't do that for any other class. Probably because they're not grandfathered.

2005-09-29 08:38:32
A help leader, some lords seem to have difficulty understanding what a leader is. Need a helpfile to clarify just how it works...

isnt it covered in school?

2005-09-29 09:23:47
Personalised magic light with caster's name in keywords for playing paintball-like games

ok. lvl 2. make it part of normal magic light and change the item based on class; ie The Light of Steve's Soul for clerics, Bob's Spark for mages, etc. As in all things like this, prc's should count as their base.

2005-09-29 10:59:47
demonfire should give bzkers dmg mods

It'll make them bzk more easily, that's for sure.

2005-09-29 12:42:55
when you block a tail attack it shouldn't stun you

true enough. lvl 2. ditto dodge/etc

2005-09-29 19:13:09
make it so if you die before lvl 10 you can spot your corpse on scan. To help new players get an idea of how to locate a corpse in any given area

nice idea. lvl 3; spawn a lvl 0 mob called "candle-holder" or "will o wisp" or something with a little candle at sub10 true newbie corpses upon death, so they can see it on scan.

2005-09-29 20:07:56
add a lord level sanctum?

you mean like thorngate?

2005-09-29 20:53:44
Hmm, how about this...The place you go when you die, varies depending on who you worship?

this isn't dnd. We all go see bhyss when we die. It's what he does.

2005-09-30 04:10:40
racial galop for centaurs consume more mv but can move faster for a short period of time

ok. racial wanderlust for cen. does not stack w/ archer skill. needs fatigue

2005-09-30 16:25:11
allow clerics to initiate send as we can intiate salvation. same process to move someone from plane to plane.

fine. let all casters start send

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