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2005-10-15 03:39:14
A way for me to view a list of my recorded alts.

fair enough. lvl 3. password required.

2005-10-15 12:28:41
Have all quest items that pop with an anti-alignment flag, pop anti opposite the alignment of the person turning in the ticket for that quest. Neutral align

no. items are either good or evil. the intent of the person acquiring them has no bearing.

2005-10-15 17:04:57
Fus shouldn't be able to make arrows, and archers shouldn't be able to make stones.. The techniques for carving a perfect sling stone are different

true enough but i see no need to be pedantic about it game wise. won't add anything. is there some loophole i need to be aware of that this would close?

2005-10-15 18:19:29
A psi spell (which I'll jokingly call anger mismanagement) that enrages its target, causing it to be more vicious in combat and at the same time prone to distraction and mistakes by worsening AC, saving throw, shield block, et c. Would be different

It's called frenzy

2005-10-16 00:29:35
we need a congratz from town crier when a player hits help highest for their race/class

he has no way of knowing, and we're not checking every time somebody levels.

2005-10-17 21:04:27
to encourage more participation in lord council - maybe add 2-3 more 'general LC' positions?

not the proper forum or my place to approve or disapprove. on the other hand...

lvl 5; create 2 new Lord Council position; Secretary of Partying Down and Secretary of Balloon Doggies. Reward anybody who gets both those references with no-compete balloon doggie/partying down contracts.

2005-10-17 21:27:56
monk gear...like archery gear

not now

2005-10-17 22:18:51
give a message in the room of a corpse when it get eulogied/threnned. like "Cleites' corpse gets drawn away by magic" or something

really freakin' hard to do it turns out. couldn't make it work with seal.

2005-10-17 22:43:10
why give rangers cover tracks if we cant get woodcraft?

I hate rangers and spend every minute of every day making their lives as miserable as possible. Hadn't you heard?

2005-10-18 13:50:59
who remort -- show people with incarnation > 1

lvl 2

2005-10-18 17:33:19
make death shroud prevent stat loss? i cant afford to use it that much at all if im gonna spend 30+ pracs from stat loss pretty much quite often :D *toe* or

No for now, besides i think i approved something similar not long ago.

2005-10-18 19:20:46
aecho should show the vnum/area it was echoed to

lvl 2; have aecho return the #AREA line and room vnum to the imm.

2005-10-19 11:00:40
make an amendment to the golem help file about "great" regeneration or improve there ability to recover from wounds

someone with host access check that file. it might still reflect golem atts from when they were imm toys

2005-10-19 16:08:09
change the room description of 1s of thorngate seeing as how the ruler of thorngate is no longer in the game.

Astra? She's around. She just doesn't like visitors.

2005-10-20 05:11:58
add a -10ac modifier to all watershapes, thats 400hp, and

How does adding an ac mod make them hp gear?

2005-10-20 12:37:39
Maybe make automatic racials say "This racial is automatic. You do not need to type anything." when newbies type racial dodge, etc. Right now it says 'You must type out racial arguments in full.'

lvl 1; label automatic racials as such in the helps lvl 2; what she said.

2005-10-20 13:16:16
barkskin should raise save vs fire

or lower it

2005-10-21 16:56:38
A paladin spell which lifts a debuff from another player, assuming the caster doesn't have it too, and applies it to the caster instead.

i like it. going to hold onto it for now tho

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