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2005-10-22 13:04:30
when an aggie mobs walks passed u into another room, it should grab a random groupie and take it with it


2005-10-22 15:17:19
make overconfidence give a small hr/dr bonus. you are more confident and do better fighting etc...

No, you're OVERconfident. So you THINK you're fighting better, but you're not.

2005-10-22 22:05:41
a remort for ogres to be able to become a two headed orge?


2005-10-23 07:24:37
give ents racial raft

no. People float too, it doesn't mean they can swim.

2005-10-23 08:45:51
stop allowing lord level archers to fletch stones for their hero fus alts.

Why is the lord archer's fletching better? It doesn't consider level.

2005-10-24 02:21:00
a command like last (or even added to last) that shows if a non-existant name is valid or not

the problem with that is that crafty players could use it to see whether or not certain people are jailed.

2005-10-24 02:33:31
make a hiphop social

hell no

2005-10-24 05:19:06
lord rogues should get a form of the skill circle: backstab midround (not assassinate) at the cost of like 250 mvs or something


2005-10-24 05:19:26
would put to use all those mvs and and give the lacking rogues a new skill

in what parallel universe are rogues lacking? Anybody who thinks that can't be playing them right.

2005-10-27 06:41:33
make karn proper mobs harder, big groups slaughter it.

big groups should. If you want something hard, just wait a few months.

2005-10-27 11:46:28
an idea for a new diety, skorn who was the brother of gorn, fought gorn but was defeated sentanced to a life of exile....... has skills bonuses for rogues/shf's


2005-10-27 22:10:15
arcs have gear that helps or hinders them. Maybe all classes could have special gear. This could help diversify players more so not all tanks/hitters/spellcasters wear the same gear.

no. archer balance was designed with that gear in mind. Not so everybody else. This is another of those examples where what the player wants is gear that makes them better, but what I'd have to do to maintain balance is worsen their baseline so that, with the new gear, they work out to about as powerful as they are now. So it'd be a cool feature to HAVE in a game, but not a cool feature to ADD to a game. make sense?

2005-10-27 22:24:24
racial bash door for giants. They're huge... so technically shouldn't they automatically be able to bash doors?

lvl 2 tie size to bash door success. Strength already factors but mass (which is not the same) should be a factor too.

2005-10-28 04:07:38
upgraded medicine for monks at some high hero level

it was already upgraded. you just havent been playing long enough

2005-10-28 07:17:37
autorescue with no lag for bodyguard


2005-10-28 08:18:06
undead race

I don't think they do. Most of them are pretty slow and shambling.

2005-10-28 16:32:18
a command that delete all of your alias's

no, because people would do it by accident and then I'd have to code a toggle where you couldn't delete aliases and then a rune you could put on aliases so you can delete them when you have the toggle on and then a flag where you can't put the rune on unless you input your password and so on and so on.

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