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2005-10-29 07:03:53
we need a new line in the score screen beneath the incarceration, a line that reads EXECUTIONS

not tracked

2005-10-29 13:36:58
hero mnd class definer: mutate. single target damage spell, damage between disintegrate and acid blast. gives random status effects. low chance of doing

too biokinetic.

2005-10-29 13:39:18
have racial size factor into dodge. halflings should have an

No, because they were given racial dodge to represent their smallness and dodgy-ness.

2005-10-29 22:00:02
Prayer should give a message telling you the affect it adds

lvl 2

2005-10-30 01:29:35
put bit about practicing at sol for low levels in help practice


2005-10-31 19:16:55
allow people to be able to put back the crystal key in the pool at the waterfall for a certain door you have to open for a certain shield

lvl 1; give the pool item a small load capacity

2005-11-01 14:01:34
allow lord+ to "who shadow", atm its hard to see if you could get a group together, e.g. 12 lord could be on but 8 of them could be camping herostuff on

lvl 2; show shadow in who lord like afk, but dont add who shadow

2005-11-02 05:49:06
rogues should get inclass haggle to Increase the amount they haggle

there's no such animal

2005-11-02 05:54:12
my last idea w/ septim about term melee was to say if a lord KILLS A MOB with a MELEE STRIKE and not spell, make it so that they will gain 1 practice

MORE hps for berserkers!

2005-11-03 17:34:12
sor spell cast 'lichdom' self only, adds item to eq list under phylactery, item has perm duration, item has low hps, when item is destroyed death to caster at

what is this, dnd?

2005-11-04 03:41:44
switch the remort level for trolls and dragons because A)trolls are much better than dragons and B) alot more people go troll than dragon.

C) dragons should be much rarer than trolls so it sounds like it's working out to me.

2005-11-04 06:05:47
make guard break happen at a lower level ac then what it is....currently it is better for someone to not weapon their full set of ac with spells and such because they tank worse because of guard break....in essence it penalizes people for getting

Guard break is a curve. Higher AC is ALWAYS better. Let's say you add -100 to your AC. If your start AC was -700, that 100 points would count as the full 100. However if it was -2000, the extra -100 would only count as 50 points. Capiche? 2050 is still better than 2000. (the curve starts somewhere between 700 and 2000. Do with that info what you will.)

the lords kill them....would spice up the lordgame a bit.....arent the lords supposed to be the defenders of midgaard ? they never defend it at all.

No. Heroes are the defenders. Lords are the preemptive strike force.

2005-11-04 06:32:51
just curious as to how far along you are with your lord leadership idea........did you read the proposal i sent to the lord mailer/your email?

Yes, but I can't code anything. And it's got to wait in line behind xp revision, support code for noctopia, a change to guard break I just thought of and a bunch of other things.

lvl 2; change guard break so the random roll is 1-95 so only non-adept players fail it. Add IS_BRUTE (war, bod, sld, bzk) ala IS_PSIONIC to av.h and change the warlord guard break bonus to 3x instead of 4x and make the qualifier IS_BRUTE instead.

2005-11-04 06:43:43
make a new class for monks/and some other race to remort into they can only remort into priests and that sucks !

but priests are freakin' awesome. They have some of the twinkiest stuff I've ever coded.

2005-11-04 14:59:35
insert see also: help no recall in 'help teleport'

lvl 1

2005-11-04 18:31:04
lower gargoyle tnl to maybe 2k..... seems like a whole lot of tnl for not that many benefits.

They're meant to be rare. Instead of asking for the tnl to go down give me some other unpleasant thing I can give them to keep them rare ala abomination.

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