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2005-11-05 05:13:13
make intercede toggleable

No. Don't monitor anyone smaller than you and it won't work.

2005-11-05 06:37:20
either its pure flue but ive noticed that my mage signicantly enchants better than my wizard i can only put this down to the drow is way more intelligent but surely wzd being more studious would be better at enchanting

Only 3 things influence enchants: 1. Luck 2. The existing power of the item 3. The price of tea in China

2005-11-05 18:39:21
Instead of just automatically making worship cost practices at level 20. Make it so that there is a warning or something when you are close tnl please. Just had to pay to unworship because I thought it was free at level 20. :/

lvl 2; automesssage on gaining lvl 19 re impending cost of unworship

2005-11-05 18:42:47

SARDINES! (if you get that reference, color yourself exceptionally cool)

2005-11-05 18:43:04
oops, plz ignore that :-/

too late. Should've put the ignore request first.

2005-11-06 01:41:09
have a thing in the morph helpfile that warns against morphing early, about bad stats and unplayablility at lord etc.

I thought this was always the case. lvl 2 unless we're expecting another morph revamp

2005-11-06 11:16:21
improved scattershot - hero250. increases damage with scattershot, or allows more arrows to be used with decent hitrates.

lvl 5; archer skill lvl 999; learn to use scattershot properly 1. only use it when there's 2 or more mobs around. preferably 3. 2. fire as many arrows as you can. the default is only 3 but an adept can fire 5. If you MUST improve the hit rate, find yourself some +scatter items.

2005-11-07 10:09:21
high drow rebuild option for level 300 drow lord, more int, dex, less con, str, add racial-evil tnl 1333

At present drow are unable to tap into the dark power of their lost ancestors, but they can see the light and ascend to become High Elves. Nobody is entirely sure why this is true, but theories ascribe it to a time of relative peace between the 2 races, and also between the Light and Dark True Fae.

2005-11-07 18:16:04
Need some way for lords who have just logged in to know what ritual is going on and who it is being cast on/for/etc. Maybe a command like ritualinfo or

Not easy

2005-11-07 21:31:54
lord 100 bzk skill: Blood markings. By marking portions of the room or area a berzerker is standing in, he/she can leave a trail only visible to themself for

too cloney

2005-11-08 04:14:50
lord skill for fus, lets them wear a shield up to a certain weight while wielding a sling, since they are less dependent on the arm being in the way of sight


2005-11-08 04:19:24
make all the mobs in necromancer's tower undead

I should just have the code check for the words undead skeleton or zombie on mobload and add the flag then

2005-11-08 11:39:10
how about letting mindbenders learn acumen? We're obviously wise since we can augment 4 ;)

no, you're magically gifted. there's a difference

2005-11-08 16:32:25
Code such that we could cast dispel magic on fellow players outside of the arena?

that would make panacea and clarify less cool tho

2005-11-08 22:01:57
duplicates list and help duplicates should be the same no?

beats me

2005-11-09 10:37:36
heres an idea... how about when someone repeatedly beaks the rules, scoffs an imms when they tell him to stop and causes all kinds of problems for everyone, PWIPE THEM! As many alts of them as you can find... then these people might

it's not always worth the bad pr. After the jailed player will tell everyone he can about what tyrants we are while conveniently forgetting to mention his infractions.

2005-11-09 16:12:04
Make bloodlust heavily dependant on mob level vs player level. Currently at hero is it extremely unbalanced in terms of hp regain vs mob difficulty. At lord

At lord I expect you to be more reliant on healers. We could base it on mob level tho.

2005-11-09 22:12:43
bring back the nameauth, there are too many rediculous names that people are creating the name rules were good. Why did they go out in the first

Cuz it doesn't really hurt us if someone wants to play with a stupid name and getting consistant enforcement was hard. There are some who wouldn't have authed my first character's name, for instance, and I sure as heck wouldn't have tried making a new one.

2005-11-10 00:13:13
item: lvl 42. cloak of darkness (neck or body). dark embrace and blindness

perma dark embrace? you're funny.

2005-11-10 03:42:18
can we keep a tally of the pally ideas somewhere on this site? or is pal only a minor concern atm?

a pally tally? I'm sure someone has one. Pals are pretty far down my list since so few players will ever have access to them and I'm still not sure the oath system is going to work.

2005-11-11 07:23:16
astral shield for sor... they ARE a mag remort after all would make sense imho. just a thought

mages gotta have something too.

2005-11-11 18:05:43
purify - lord level target spell, cleric cd remove all instances of poison and plague affects on single target

didnt i give priests something to do thaT?

2005-11-11 18:10:43
guardian ward - lord level wizard cd - creates a floating object, affect, if enough damage would be dealt to the caster of guardian ward to kill them

too close to an approved idea for psis

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