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2005-11-19 03:35:28
mention natural fletch kits in help fletch

lvl 1

2005-11-19 04:02:12
a new lord rite that makes whirlwind effective like it is at

there will be no additional rites below legend.

2005-11-19 15:52:02
mutter rework the drown code so when you actually get water breath cast your not blooming drowning mutter

I'm pretty sure "rework the drown code" is on the agenda in general

2005-11-19 18:29:46
spells with negative status affects should not tic down while afk/voided

good idea. will reconsider when we add the code that can easily distinguish good aff's from bad ones (which I recall tasking as part of something else)

2005-11-19 20:17:55
add a way for casters with "wall of thorns" to be able to know how long a wall is still up for

you leave wall of thorns to me...

2005-11-19 20:50:01
give bci in class deception

no. quicken it.

2005-11-19 21:44:32
make altof work in such a way that a tell to any alt in the list is routed to a currently logged alt

altof is an administrative tool. I dont want it compromised because people opt to keep alts off the list so they dont get tells.

2005-11-19 22:26:03
raise tua tnl

tua are very powerful at one specific thing

2005-11-19 22:26:07
lower hie tnl

whereas hie work well as any caster.

There's also evolution potential to consider...

2005-11-20 04:33:17
wzd should be called wlk (warlock) and mag should be called wzd


2005-11-20 10:01:05
to preserve some of the older area IE Nightmares of veil, put more useful gear, quaffies, spellbooks, or anything on the nightmares since nobody runs there

If the ultimate nightmares gave good items they wouldn't be quite so nightmarish, would they?

2005-11-20 10:28:09
Hoof needs to do damage up to par w/ the tier... since average melee hit for a war is MUT, hoof should do equal damage. since cens need something

Rarity also plays a part in TNL decisions. If Hie and Cen were cheaper, there'd be more OF them, and we don't want to be one of those muds overrun with supposedly rare and special races.

2005-11-20 12:59:00
research- I asked about 30 different people what their opinions on asn are,

And unless they were all me, you wasted your time! :)

and all of them seem to have an issue w/ the fact that assassin doesn't have track. and it makes sense that in order to be able to assassin your prey, you should be able to track em. but just to convey that this isn't complaining. the actual research shows that the playerbase would prefer it that asn has track

They probably also want them to have sniper rifles and circle and mana potions too. If lack of track keeps you from playing the otherwise INCREDIBLY TWINKY remort class, then that's what we call good game design.

2005-11-20 17:08:09
curve prac costs for hp/mana

genius! lvl 4. preferably this should go in as part of the morph change/reroll.

2005-11-20 17:08:20
rites cost pracs

I'll throw this one open; should rites cost pracs also? Some huge # like 50x the current number of rites you know. This would also open up the option for bzk to CHANGE rites, although they would NOT regain pracs for ones they tried and removed.

2005-11-20 20:36:00
give rangers skin corpse before archers and fusilers, our starting gear is bowie knife

I can deny this idea in TWO WORDS; "give rangers" *BUZZZZZZ*

2005-11-20 20:46:36
an option to be able to list from note X to note Y example... note list 200 224 would list notes number 200 to 224

would get really messy with notes longer than a page

2005-11-21 00:55:42
vanish - a spell that transports a wizard behind a groupie to avoid taking hits. causes the caster to lose a round of combat.

nah. maybe something like it can come in once a positioning system exists

2005-11-21 16:21:50
remove reinforce from mnd list.

lvl 2

2005-11-21 16:23:11
death field and acid rain helpfiles should be level 51 to read or reinforce should be lvl 1 like them

lvl 1; all hero helps save newbanner type stuff should be 1. only lord+ helps need to be obfuscated

2005-11-22 02:59:44
set it so that casting anger management with no target casts the spell on the mob striking you as opposed to casting it on yourself

lvl 2

2005-11-22 10:50:59
An Item that teleports a us Perhaps a unique sor or wzd skill?


2005-11-22 15:30:44
allow wizards to be able to cast self fortitudes and iron skin. but do not give them bioempathy

fine. lvl 2

2005-11-23 11:04:02
Since there is a Help Highest, is there a way to make some sort of list to show highest per race/class with a set number of names/levels? Up to like 10 names?


2005-11-24 10:13:10
When you switch from managear to ac gear or something, you shouldn't lose so much mana every tick

sure you should. stay in your mana gear if you want the benefit.

2005-11-25 14:31:06
sneak/shadow should both be like 40 for ic and 15 or so for ooc?

lvl 2; beef IC sneak/shadow/move hid/hide or nerf OOC same. maybe both

2005-11-25 23:08:55
instead of the ...and you're successful message appearing immediately following the command make it not appear until the end of the lag


2005-11-26 00:52:19
an expanded pantheon, more gods, more fun.

more complaining. "I could've gone Suchandoofer but now I'm stinky Tor and I want an unworship!"

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