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2005-11-26 04:20:34
give ent's the ability to carry other small race groupies to save moves.

requires new char-data fields which would be a huge waste for something 3 people will use

2005-11-26 09:36:54
make psi awe, and domination work better than calm/charm because psis know the mind and know how to work with it better than everything else...plus it

Any psi spell with a saving throw work better for psis

2005-11-26 19:28:01
An immortal command that repops an area or all areas.

we have one

2005-11-26 21:35:33
poison palm skill for shf or ability to poison their unarmed

something similar is planned

2005-11-27 00:47:17
a hate social, similar but opposite to love social

we dont do socials on idea list

2005-11-27 03:07:09
once a person has lorded, have the option for them to create altst that start at level 50 :P (can you tell I hate lowmort) ?

can you tell I don't care?

2005-11-27 14:56:57
implosion - a wzd spell that allows them to self implode (die), lose a level, but immediately kill any non-boss mobs in the room.

Isn't martyr being abused enough already?

2005-11-27 15:29:40
lvl 2; remove alignment bias on pardon


2005-11-27 16:39:08
Give us experience points for dismantling traps and picking locks, based on the level of the item (or door(area?)) picked...


2005-11-27 16:40:49
shared bank accounts for ALTOF chars, if possible.

hrmmm. could be possible.

2005-11-27 22:23:17
Please remove Rescue, Troika, and Threnody from asn's lord list.. These skills/spells are all community oriented, and don't belong in the realm of the loner.

I agree, but if I did that, people would complain because they're lame.

2005-11-28 18:56:37
help sanctum doesn't actually explain to new players how to get to that place (missing syntax etc)


2005-11-28 22:42:57
reverse it and youve got something!


2005-11-29 17:53:18
make charge shield go off without causing damage in no spell room. at least not to mobs. :)

it's not a spell

2005-11-29 19:48:08
as a cle/arc hybrid, druids should be able to bash - both cle and arc get it

Yeh, that makes sense. The class that takes an oath to live with a bow in their hand puts it down so they can grab a shield and knock a troll on his butt. PRC's are not automatically entitled to anything their base class gets AFTER HERO.

2005-11-30 00:52:14
change the way the attack skills work for warriors so that you get all of your attacks unless they are dodged/parried etc... as opposed to now where even when you dont see any dodges or parries and you still only hit 2 times out of a possible 10

Oh sure, I'll just make warriors more powerful. That'd be nice and balanced. Nobody plays them now because they're so sucky. BTW you can see dodges and parries with battlespam on.

2005-11-30 08:17:38
Implement a way toforce players to go to those higher in their class to learn new spells...For example, when trying to learn a particular spell at a mob, the player gets a message "I'm too busy to teach you that! Go learn from someone else!!"


2005-11-30 16:33:59
How about a reduction in xp loss per death after a certain number of deaths per level?

we don't track deaths per level

2005-12-01 11:39:54
shifting to mid should clear any lordlvl affects, not like you need that much time to do SoL...

not a bad idea, but affects aren't tracked by level.

2005-12-01 14:12:01
when a spell reaches 100% learned it gets a small cost reduction

it's a good idea, but it's relatively easy to abuse non-combat spells up to that level with a script.

2005-12-01 16:17:28
If all classes are given send, add a feature such that

They won't be. If I approved that earlier strike it from the task list.

2005-12-01 16:19:56
group code so that either very low level players cannot group with higher (15+ level difference) level players, or so that if one player in the group is getting 0xp from kills, all players in the group get 0xp from kills

I like that latter part but it can screw earnest lowmort groups.

2005-12-01 16:28:39
Instead of having the number of times a mob is killed deduct from the experience it gives. Have experience calculated based on how long it has been since the mob was killed last. Give it a pretty hefty reduction for mobs that have survived only a few minutes since repop, but give a small bonus to those that have been hanging around for a while since they repopped. Minimum of 4 area repops since the mob w

Good idea but we don't track the last time it was killed. Instead we could curve the frequent-kill reduction as a factor of total up-time. I think I already tasked that.

2005-12-01 19:11:02
when gemstones are deposited in the bank, a player can see them in the balance: eg: Your balance is 100 gold, 4 topaz, 8 moonstones

Doesn't work like that, they're instantly converted to gold.

2005-12-01 20:39:11
We should be able to enter a portal/nexus during combat while paying the normal flee cost in xp

flee is too panicky for this. Maybe I'd let rogues WITHDRAW into a portal, but not just flee.

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