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2005-12-17 02:54:34
on maelstrom, sword of the balrog, please capitalize maelstron

the game auto-decaps the first letter of all items. The only way around it is to put color in the name

2005-12-17 03:07:54
devotion-strength: Tor +4, wer +3, gorn +2, kra +1, dur +0

too much

2005-12-17 03:37:58
cens could have been a little bit bigger, but over all :) the whole thing is reasonable imo

Thanks. No race was modified at all. The racial gains were exactly what they were before.

2005-12-17 05:04:34
change rogue and archer hp as their hps don't correspond w/ help rog, and come on :P 30k hp orc rog, 35k hp orc arc? like does this make sense?

Archers are tougher than rogues.

be switched, prs/cle need their pracs, spr and bzk need a slightly higher hp multiplier, failed morph needs to be taken into account, and prolly a + the s

The prac problem we're working on. Or rather Snikt is, but he keeps getting called off on trips by the office. No hps for sprites. Bzk are already insane.

2005-12-17 06:00:35
giant mana need to be improved like 5%

Want mana? Don't play a giant. Now that we have send there's no such animal as minimum mana.

2005-12-17 12:59:17
allow drc to worship qxl but have them get penalties instead of bonuses, ie -hp, -mana, -melee, -arcane it would rock so much!!

It'd be a ton of work and nobody would use it.

2005-12-17 20:28:34
the cost to train hp shouldnt be affected by training mana...

People keep saying this but nobody has explained yet why anybody would NEED to train both.

2005-12-17 20:47:46
specialization: allows a class to specialize, melee can

Prestige Classes anyone?

2005-12-17 22:32:51
a variation of rest, called "guard" - a watchful sate, resting but less than sleeping, but aware to trouble

How is this different from regular resting?

2005-12-17 22:42:16
need to make lordrun display less spammy


2005-12-17 23:29:04
give some mobs their own form of frenzy...for example, if a mob is hurt below a certain point, their ac drops and hit/damroll increases

so they'd be easier to kill? no

2005-12-18 09:22:39
Make exhaustion for psyphon 1 tick (which is effectively two,

already did

2005-12-18 11:04:40
New race accessible to remorted high elves only: True Fae

Fae? What the heck is that? I don't know what you're talking about.

2005-12-18 11:55:54
Give some mobs the power of 'petrification'...failed saving roll leaves a player turned to stone. The petrification can only be undone by a countering clerical

considered it. problematic.

2005-12-18 12:52:53
sharpen / fletch lag no longer prevent you from using bset, chat, or hchat

not possible for the thousandth time

2005-12-18 12:53:06
Communications such as tell/buddy/etc. still active during sharpen/poison/fletch lags.


2005-12-18 12:54:51
make shopkeepers brutally hard, but when they die, their inventory can be nabbed.

no. why would a shopkeeper be brutally hard? Ever go into a shoe store and just start wailing on the salesman? They're not that tough.

2005-12-18 13:03:21
a spell allowing wizards to turn the blood of thier enemies into raw magical power, this would require a specially enchanted(runed) weapon, and would

nah. It's not a bad idea, but the idea of a wizard eager to whack someone with a sword to gain mana is kinda off.

2005-12-18 16:48:31
Mind link, mnd spell two mnd's link their mental power together which allows them each to cast two spells per round for 10 tics, 30 tics exhaustion after


2005-12-19 00:25:45
druids can fletch 'heal' arrows which can be brandished while held, 1 heal charge per x, num of arrows in one fletch, ...


2005-12-19 00:26:30
mobs should less of a chance to catch weapons when they are tripped/bashed/tossed etc

ok. i'll buy that. not just mobs tho. lvl 2

2005-12-19 01:22:13
rogues having arrow dodge at around hero lvl 500?

the only reason to give that to rogues is that they're quick. Well that quickness comes in the form of enhanced dex, which helps them evade arrows with high AC and a boost to regular dodge.

2005-12-19 03:18:36
make charge shield a lowmort spell since the prereq spells are higher level anyway


2005-12-19 03:20:14
an ironically difficult quest which, after dozens of hours of effort, yields an intrepid wizard a spellbook of ... container lore

spellbooks won't work on non-spell skills. Or even if they could it'd be stupid.

2005-12-19 08:07:15
Make it so immortals can "get mortals" and use them like an item

get umek hold umek throw umek at ayanna

2005-12-19 12:09:08
Make it so having more hp than max doesn't drop each tick.


2005-12-19 12:22:51
A hero attack spell for wizards called unbinding which does more damage than disintegrate against extra-planar creatures. By extra-planar, I mean mobs

I like it. Call it Paradox and put it in a book. Nonsurgable. Works against gith, elementals, demons, devils, fae, pit, kzn on midgaard. If you really want to get fancy, add a home-races field to area-data

2005-12-19 15:06:26
lots of people whining about enchant being nerfed - is there any creedence to this?

No. There's no truth to it either. There is, however, a bathroom on the right.

2005-12-19 18:00:12
Shouldn't Shadowfist get protection good?

I suppose. lvl 2. don't forget the pre-reqs

2005-12-19 19:31:30
Give the ice dragon in Haunted Forest some scales.. for Jake. Maybe even for a symbolic item, without a real use :)

ok. lvl 1. can just be a monetary price if nothing else comes to mine.

2005-12-19 19:45:52
Reduce lag on tingled spells. if % is >95 - lower it a tad bit.. or lower it at 100%

the problem is, lag doesnt go in "tads" The increments of its measure are pretty large.

2005-12-19 20:12:08
charge shield that releases an area attack, damage is minor

lvl 2; add an Arc Lightning charge. damages shield unless lightning warded. Also add a Concussion charge. Knocks the enemy back effectively ending combat between the two. User is knocked down (bash) and lagged. There is no way to protect the shield from damage.

2005-12-19 22:54:05
Mercy and Gurney, which are ofen used benevolently, should NEVER risk failure. For a mage that has 141 mana, that's a significant portion of mana.

Yeah, I'll buy that. lvl 2.

2005-12-19 23:39:25
give remorts the ability to hear lordchat


2005-12-20 01:29:27
lower the cost of infirmy healing because gold value has deflated and since infirmaries use gold in hand it is very difficult to obtain any extra healing at all

lvl 4; give all hard-coded gold costs a going over

2005-12-20 05:31:26
make wzd spellbooks work a bit like rites: you are only able to read that many during your life time. this with added number of spellbooks would make

I'm liking the idea of exclusive skills more and more, but adding it to an existing system after the fact would be bad in a lot of ways.

2005-12-20 11:24:28
maybe a skill for mnd to be able to tell which mobs have mana? :)


2005-12-20 18:36:50
are mobs supposed to resist maelstrom 80%ish of the time, cause they resist more than that and i have 38int

saving throw is very broken at lord

2005-12-20 18:37:27
i only get mayby 7-10 non resist casts a run

if it's any consolation, players almost always resist too.

2005-12-20 21:23:38
what happened to "nothing like that found in heaven, earth, or hell?"

we changed it because we don't have a heaven, earth or hell in out cosmology?

2005-12-21 00:42:53
Add two-handed tower shields to the game. High AC, but can't use physical attacks from behind them.

Why would anyone EVER hit you? They wouldn't. They'd just eat your tasty caster friend.

2005-12-21 10:06:51
allow psi to target dancing weapon/fandango/etc

i dont remember why it's the way it is, but there's bound to be a reason

2005-12-21 11:21:54
make it possible for aliases to contain other aliases please

no. people used that to crash us

2005-12-21 12:34:17
magic missile should be like a surgable longshot

Almost talked me into it, but I really like having extra-room combat as an archer perk.

2005-12-21 16:39:13
Add to the Force Field help file that only a part of the damage is blocked. (doesn't block 100% damage currently unless it is)

Why would I give you a spell that blocks 100%? That would be insanity.

2005-12-21 16:53:12
a spell for wizards that allows them to absorb some damage into their mana

FF does this.

2005-12-21 23:24:34
why do assassins have int as their main statistic...it doesn't help either their archer or their rogue skills...they should have dex!!

Because they're smart. It does help their rogue skills.

2005-12-21 23:27:07
if can allow prs to preach ablution.... since prs can preach solitude?

Ablut is self only, therefore not preachable. Solitude BETTER not be preachable.

2005-12-21 23:33:22
since both archer and rogue learn pick lock.....shouldn't the assassin?

Asn are not petty thieves. Archers only get it at hero because it's mushpot. Remorts and PRCs don't automatically get mushpot.

2005-12-21 23:49:48
new racial ability for humans, Commoness...for every 5 humans in a group each human gets +1 hr/dr so a group of 15 humans would recieve a 3/3

humans are very specifically not supposed to get any perks. If this idea was feasible (it's not) I'd give it to orcs or something.

2005-12-21 23:55:25
vampire race..probably been discussed..but would be cool

vampirisim is a disease, not a race. Those afflicted are monsters, not players.

transformed into a vampire...they have obviously cool traits.

Well, obviously. But who's to say which traits are cool?

2005-12-22 00:17:43
make "ran" a valid target for mortals for slist and hlist

Why? What's a "ran"?

2005-12-22 03:32:46
bounty arg to allow qpoints as prize. Useful for questmasters?

lvl 2

2005-12-22 05:12:05
have it so that when you heighten senses , you automatically look too, as you normally notice heighten is gone when trying to look at the room

I think most people would find that annoying, so make an alias.

2005-12-22 07:02:00
My suggestion is to have a unique name-alias for any mob in Avatar, so when the name of the mob isn't obvious one could type 'k 2.mob' for example.

That'd be great eh? You wouldn't have to look at the area text at ALL! And it'd sure make botting a breeze, wouldn't it?

2005-12-22 13:30:47
add a placeholder help for detect haven, like that for requiem and ablution, since priests learn it at level 45

lvl 1

2005-12-22 21:33:53
Give rangers more choices for rebuild, boo archers!

lvl 2. allow ran->war

2005-12-22 22:06:39
"Fixed a bug wherein Mindbenders got Inclass Heal II but Druids did not." if this was the actual cause behind the psyphon/heal imbalance, perhaps psyphon should be returned to its original state

I originally made that mod due to soloing, and you're right that fixing heal ii would've helped in that regard, but now I'm thinking MND were overpowered, since they're whining about no longer being able to out-damage sors (who are remort and have tiny hp) or psis (who risk gear loss and sudden splattage in hp gear.)

2005-12-23 07:12:00
in blood beacon, display the full name of the plane instead of the abbreviation used by the caster (so "You summon a faint beacon on the Plane of Arcadia" instead of "You summon a faint beacon on the a plane")

lvl 2

2005-12-23 15:14:54
Make augment/surge/quicken off universally useable, so remort characters can fix themselves. Either that, or check and clear those statuses on remort.

lvl 2 on both counts (not the same task)

2005-12-23 18:40:54
Aggie mobs with the ability to 'stampede'...They can see one room around them, and if a PC comes into one of them, the mob can run into that room and gain

I like the idea, but there's no efficient way to code it.

2005-12-23 20:16:14
centuars should get a bonus to bashing in some way as irl horses can charge at high speeds

True, but they're also really easy to dodge while doing so.

2005-12-24 00:32:33
Rebuild option for sprites: Quickling/Brownie--A sprite who focuses on both physical health and magical health--lose int/wis/max mana, gain con/dex/max

Sounds like an elf to me.

options to remort. drg/grf high tnl, min not greatest caster, spr low hp. thus, a human becomes forever flawed... make remort shu for Super Human as i believe i

so don't remort human. Or, god forbid, stay at lord.

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