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2005-12-24 13:33:36
maybe a spellbook spell that lets you double your mana regen for a few ticks at the cost of halved exp until level or for a bundle of ticks...

no more self-mana regen spells for now

2005-12-24 16:17:45
bring back fire-red broadsword :P for lowbs near medow... was useful and I feel is lacking now that gone

That's probably because it was twinky. C&P have added a ton of good lowmort items. Just look around.

2005-12-24 16:38:33
give us a message when failing surge.. I.e. 'You fail your surge attempt!'

isn't the lack of "You surge your spell" obvious enough?

2005-12-24 18:22:18
Wzd were not intended as a prc class and to me it they same versatility/enjoyable play as other prcs. In large part this is b/c they aren't ment as much of a combat class but instead as a research class. I think that the following ideas would fit the

You know what a research class is? Someone who doesn't level. Go beat up the chess club if you want proof of how many hp gains research gets you.

2005-12-24 21:00:59
I don't know HOW many times we were promised lower prices in shops... but it's been a while, and nothing changed.

That would be zero. I tasked a general price reevaluation but I task a lot of things. I don't promise squat.

2005-12-24 23:19:16
Make it so death field can't take you to 1 hp max in one cast. Or has a max that it can take off

It has a max. It's just higher than you would like.

2005-12-24 23:56:56
should be a way to list just hero help files, or just lord help

even for just lord there's an absolute ton of them

2005-12-25 00:11:07
Remove the charity flag on newly-popped anth rings.

lvl 1; charity should only come from donation

2005-12-25 02:04:12
a togglable output on tic

no. makes botting too easy

2005-12-25 13:36:39
hero skill: draw bone. try to get a bone from corpse to use a weapon. low hp, sometimes leg (crush) rib (throw) skull (pound) rib (puncture) etc.

If you've made a corpse, why do you need a crappy handmade bone weapon?

2005-12-25 14:42:50
why is it that in class gfed spells like regenerate have ooc lag?

wonky flag?

2005-12-25 14:44:33
Lord level bod skill, maybe lev 100+, allow bods to intercede while in combat. Perhaps give them -ac and hit penalty for cost of paying attention to minitor

lvl 3; Ok. Imp a new skill type; disc_stance. A player can only use 1 stance at a time, but that won't really matter until we have more than 1. Ready Stance. While in Ready Stance, a bodyguard can intercede in combat but everybody hitting him gets a free attack when he does so. Once used, Ready Stance is fatigued for 3 ticks.

This is NOT a hint that old offensive and defensive stance are coming back, nor is it a cue for players to submit ideas similar to them. I'm just recycling the name "stance"

2005-12-25 16:15:12
config nowake - keeps players from waking others maliciously. currently there is no protection for that. Also would satisfy lord players who disagree

How about "pay attention to the game, and go back to sleep if woken"?

2005-12-25 16:52:01
We need a few heavier, two handed weapons in the 35-45 range. All of the old ones are now hero level, with the changes to Padmasa.

I'll bet you anything they exist, and are just not well known.

2005-12-25 18:13:27
Have 'prac 0' show you your 85% to 94% skills as well if you now adept at 95%... I just found out I still have a bunch of mort skills at 85%. I am a hero but prac 0 only shows me things under 85%.

I keep telling people prac 0 lies, but nobody listens.

2005-12-25 18:41:41
Construct a capture-the-flag quest...cursed area, random no-spell rooms throughout, arena-style player killing, of 2 or more teams...Don't know exactly how

I think we have one. Anyone remember how to run it?

2005-12-25 23:38:40
I thought this was tasked, but exp differences between a 40-50 and a hero 1-10 should be minimal, because the hero probably still wants to run with the

it is tasked

2005-12-25 23:46:36
Develop a system for players to create items...Example: If a mage wants to create a wand with x charges of y, they should be able to buy a "blank" wand...Then find the ingredients for the magic item, which of course are on big mobs...Huge lag

Huge code overhaul, and more importantly, eclipses the existing in-game items, which I'm not willing to do.

2005-12-26 07:52:31
Wapon Type Glove for monks, increase chances of golden strike or accuracy etc ala archer mods, maybe give a bit of hr/dr and possibly +ac to balance it

no. The archer gear works because the code only scans their gear once every round when they hit. For monks it would be checking up to 15 times per round.

2005-12-26 23:23:35
lower the manacost of planeshift so that giants/golems/any other dumb race can cast planeshift at the end of a run, even if they recently had to sanc themselves, or cast gurney

Want mana? Don't play one of those races. In the meanwhile, I suggest you make nice with the casters who can send or salvation you.

2005-12-27 15:04:05
A lord level cd for rogs to make poison. Kinda like fletch or even need 2 or 3 rogs to do it like dark forge.

Now why would I have gone to all that bother hiding poison in inconvenient areas just to let you MAKE IT?

2005-12-27 22:24:21
Don't allow a fail on trip when tripping a flying mob

lvl 2; check flying BEFORE failure on trip

2005-12-27 23:54:52
add functionality to spellset to allow us to change inclass bit and if possible, level available

Requires duplication of the entire spell list construct which is not something I want to subject the memory to.

2005-12-28 06:07:52
more quests

2005-12-28 06:08:58
...any quests. haven't seen quests lately, and if i do, they're only scavenger ones. we need battle quests too- like that morte/divide one was really fun


2005-12-28 08:35:10
remove prayer from mindbender slist because mindbenders can't worship and prayer has no effect til you worship?

right. lvl 2.

2005-12-28 09:50:07
i understand that allowing aliases to contain other aliases gives the possibility of infinate loops - could you check for self referential aliases when they're created? chat at 12 i'd go to miden'nir

alias 1d dance:2d alias 2d dance:1d

2005-12-28 12:48:39
Someone might want to train both hp and mana at different points in time or at different rates due to their playing style. ... response: "People keep saying this but nobody has explained yet why anybody would NEED to train both."

What you offered is not an explanation. You might as well have said "People might want to train both." and just stopped right there. And I didn't ask why anybody would want to. I believe the word was NEED.

2005-12-28 15:22:49
can you give mages charge shield earlier? not many want a mage as tank without a charged shield

So don't tank.

2005-12-28 17:44:32
Up shadow ac to -1200 or -1250 (which is what heroes can get fairly easily) instead of just -1140ish. Though I suppose I could wear more pieces of hit gear to compensate for the wasted ac.

Stop asking for boosts to shadowstatus. You ain't gettin' any. If anything, shadows will only get weaker over time as I fix loopholes. If you want to do stuff on hero plane use a damn hero.

2005-12-29 01:26:17
cloudwalkers in battlefield should give fly *blink* after all... they are cloudwalkers!

They're not cloudFLYers.

2005-12-29 02:11:10
if you remorted, you should still ahve access to the lord help files

no can do

2005-12-29 03:27:40
combat casting for mages...it allows mages to cast while knocked down, but at a greatly increased fail rate and increased spell cost

Assuming you're out of wait-state (which you would have to be to cast) why not just stand up?

2005-12-29 06:28:34
a kensai or samurai prc that is limited in armor slots (i have seen taht on other muds) but wields weapons and based on monk skill set. balanced cos

A samurai is a warrior with a name like Jubei or SamuraiDave. Renaming his sword to "Totally a Katana!" is optional.

2005-12-29 11:32:11
i'm sure a lot of people have complained about the dragon's high race, and i'd complain too if i had a dragon. i mean, you have to remort to them, then they're horrifically slow to level. plus now people are reporting 1 mana gains (clerics!) at hero.

Better not play one then.

2005-12-29 15:56:36
get rid of wall lag on direction typo?

no. You miscast the spell. You must suffer.

2005-12-29 17:56:11
lag on wake and sleep. come on... who gets straight outta bed when they wake up... and who goes straight to sleep...

Remember 1 mud hour = 30 rl seconds.

2005-12-29 20:11:56
more sanctum rooms, like sanc w w w

How bout less sanctum rooms? How about no sanctum? No that Darii's not paying attention she can't stop me ripping it out! MUHAHAHAHA!

2005-12-29 21:09:26
archers don't get any damage improvements besides new arrows at lord....weeeeeak

They don't need any.

2005-12-30 04:03:38
void causes 'group me' flag to be removed?

lvl 2

2005-12-30 04:04:16
you are a disease!

There's only one cure for a bad case of the Devies.

2005-12-30 08:44:31
Offer an infinite charged shield as a quest prize, or 9999 charges :)

shrug. k?

2005-12-30 10:10:28
Please make some kind of fail-safe to prevent the selling of actual gemstones to the jeweller. I have lost 10s of thousands in gold when selling things with 'gem' in the title and end up selling gemstones.

lvl 2 but i think it's already tasked. Treat gemstone value as worth on sale.

2005-12-30 12:52:43
cd skill for bods where they can wield two shields , maybe add a restriction similar to payback?


2005-12-30 13:50:04
in score, can we have a line that gives our base hp/mana/moves with no gear :) maybe next to the hps lines or under the incarnation


2005-12-30 16:32:21
in their extensive research wzds have learned the secret behind saving throws. W/ signifigant lag wzd can make a temporary light which lowers saving

no. I already gave that perk to druids and mindbenders.

2005-12-30 16:54:39
the morphing process from dsd to dem should involve a few sorcerors, to do a dark ritual of some kind, so that the demon may take shape.'

It'll involve something...

2005-12-30 17:07:59
lord archers (maybe even hero) get something like golden arrow. It is to be cast between rounds, and in the following round, the archer will have a much

lord archers are plenty twinky already thank you. If all your ideas center around making them more powerful just save us both some time and don't post them.

2005-12-31 00:09:09
maybe Shadowfist should get a skill kind of like 'circle.'

Or maybe not.

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