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2005-12-31 06:38:14
wielding a bow should be like double wield and should remove the offhand slot from eq list

last i checked it does

2005-12-31 08:13:23
the new name for HoB replacement needs to be "Crackling Sphere of Lightning" not "the Crackling sphere of Lightning"

Crackling is the brand name.

2005-12-31 08:13:43
the second one wraps in my inventory list AND MY EQ LIST

client issue

2005-12-31 10:55:19
can we give clerics healing potion or scroll or wand making skill? maybe make them really low heal, maybe heal 50 hp, seems logic that a cleric could

no. I didn't spend all this time hiding the useful potions and stuff in hard-to-reach areas so you could just idle with a script and brew 'em.

2005-12-31 15:16:56
monk mods similar to archer mods? improve chance of

One million and ONE!

2005-12-31 15:31:34
is the heavy barbed spear supposed to be a 2 handed weapon

Yes. It's heavy. And it's a spear.

2005-12-31 18:36:12
reduced cost on weapon rush?

Weapon rush is pretty cheap for its damage when you first get it.

2005-12-31 20:32:09
and addendum to help idea, sort of a faq, but for things that keep coming up and will always be turned down, ie circle for rogues, holding two shields, mana

good idea. I know just the person to do it...

2005-12-31 22:14:47
Create a Sleep spell for Priest so we can put mobs to sleep On mid so we can do crs

I thought I did. Didn;t I give you whisper?

2006-01-01 00:34:54
i don't know if this is possible but don't let the recall reset change unless a character has alrdy been to sol/aelmon. this will force new characters to

New characters get a by. I'd rather force old ones to explore.

2006-01-01 03:46:41
lower gar tnl

Then there'll be more of them. Who wants that?

2006-01-01 14:07:45
ok... there's absolutely know practical reason to do this. wzds can learn different racial languages from spellbooks.

My hovercraft is full of eels!

2006-01-01 20:16:53
Decrease time between repops while HoG comcommand is available?

Hosts can do this by hand if so inclined.

2006-01-01 20:52:26
skill similar to wanderlust for monk, after all we're fit no? simething like run? makes you move a bit faster?

Wanderlust would be twinky on a class that's good at tanking.

2006-01-01 21:52:02
make life rougher for kzn, for an extra-planar race their sure are a lot of them!

Everybody likes kitties!

2006-01-01 23:09:52
by studying time/space magi get a spell that will permanently increase the size of a bag ... (and dev will say... "no gameplay value, lot of coding work"

Actually pretty easy. Lvl 2. But for psions. Needs some sort of clever mathematic limiter.

2006-01-01 23:20:57
going to jail sets a bounty on your head

Outlaw/pvp need to stay seperate for now

2006-01-02 01:40:33
you shouldnt be able to slearn skills in tiers above yours. i.e heroes seeing lord or legend skills


2006-01-02 02:11:24
I love etch, but I really wish it could be unetched...just etch an X through the one you don't want and add another!

tough. Crom was very clear when he added etch that the big downside was never being able to undo it.

2006-01-02 02:57:48
bring back the cry social

It's weep now.

2006-01-02 09:33:10
Let us recast spells, even if their duration isn't out - i.e. - 2 tics sanc - can cast again and it'll reset to full

I like the idea that you're forced to have sanc downtime even briefly.

2006-01-02 11:06:36
monk skill lord level 250 or higher allows monk to tank multiple mobs more effectively.

in what way?

2006-01-02 14:20:06
make gorn mana DEgeneration slower to offset the terrible regeneration rate?

Dont worship gorn if it bugs you. There are other gods.

2006-01-02 15:53:18
Make vile philosophy also backlash against aura focus and danger scan/sense since they also read/detect vile thoughts.

True, but they don't try to consume them. lvl 2; add a minor backlash to those spells

2006-01-02 17:58:52
fletching should have a movement cost associted with it since it's an exhastive effort

if we had a working AP system, it'd take lots of them, but we don't

2006-01-02 18:58:50
maybe there should be a miniquest that can be done alot IE carrying a bunch of stuff somewhere for some guy pushing a cart in midgaard.. when you get it done, your weight capacity raises by 2 or something

play a stronger race if you want to carry stuff

2006-01-02 20:48:38
cover tracks would be really cool, except I would rather spend that extra lag round teleporting out...can you get rid of the lag?

no. Well, I can, but I won't.

2006-01-02 21:52:35
Donation should be a portal-point for the Donation room, just like sanctum is portable

that would require a mob there named Donnie Donation or something.

2006-01-02 22:02:23
since Kerofk no longer exists, change this room?

aren't you a host? couldn't you have changed the room in the time it took you to post this?

2006-01-02 22:27:21
we need more goblin mobs on the lord planes

There's a reason they're not there. Goblins are pansies.

2006-01-03 00:20:52
would it be possible to have the lordrun command show how many tics players have been in that plane?


2006-01-03 01:30:19
a command similar to count but shows player with most hero levels, lord levels and mortal levels, and deaths

I dont wanna!

2006-01-03 02:20:45
w/ signifigant lag and a very high chance of failure wzd can produce a held item which stores enough mana to cast one spell in an anti-magic room

If your idea requires "a very high chance of failure" just stop typing.

Ditto if it involves casting in a no-cast room.

2006-01-03 05:09:11
that area w/ curious soul should come back

Surprisingly, I can't tell what area you mean, despite the very helpful naming of one relatively generic mob.

2006-01-03 10:01:23
Questionable why gargs have -spell cost mod giving how bad their int is relative to kzin which have no spell cost mod and have one of the highest ints

beats me, i didn't design em. Viva la kitties!

2006-01-03 11:44:30
quest for monk for something similar to Glyph of Tao but that adds 10HR instead? maybe weapon type like doom so we can enchant a bit, could be

I think there is such an item.

2006-01-03 11:49:18
how about a quest similar to UD but only for monk/shf, maybe not that hard and prize not so cool, perhaps some nice gloves or sandals that add hr/ac/wis. in my opinion Ultimate dragon is very good for archers rest of the classes get the worst of it maybe we could just modify ud so that it gave a different prize to each class instead of a new quest for monk etc.. I am aware that UD girth isnt bad at all a

One day you may be sorry you don't have a girth. I'm just sayin' is all...

2006-01-03 11:50:32
(continued) ud girth isnt bad at all as it is, and i deninitely am not trying to get ud gauntlet removed, just trying to give other classes a better deal as well considering ARchers not only get the best prize, but are also the ones who can kill UD with the least effort.

I sincerely doubt this last part is true, and if it is, let me find my nerf-bat.

2006-01-03 14:57:00
u should make it so etch can be 3 letters long because what if u wanted to name it hit

jeweler's union rules

2006-01-03 17:27:58
Perhaps an addition to locate object for those on telnet- the first item to repop would be listed last.


2006-01-03 18:59:38
if you backstab rogue mobs... your reputation goes down


2006-01-03 20:30:40
asn need to lose bash/blackjack (not very assassinish) and gain skin corpse, picklock, and track ( I mean come on they are class defined :P an assassin can't track his prey wth?) and also :p they could all be Out of class if it is necessary

Blackjack is very assassiny. I need them to lose out on some rogue skills so they don't overshadow them completely. Skin corpse? Nothing says subtlety like walking out after a hit wearing the victim's face like a HAT.

2006-01-03 20:32:10
I have done research - continued asn comment- Every some other skills that have nothing to do w/ rog or arc, but they do need these skillz and the whol eof the population seems to agree

The whole population agrees that useful skills are useful. Alert the media!

2006-01-03 22:49:12
hob seem like they would enjoy eating corpses... specially with all their racials

Maybe. But can they digest em?

2006-01-04 01:18:46
planeshift/send should have timers on them, (72 tics same as spells) and then the time runs out you are pulled back to thorn, this would put some challenge back into running gear


2006-01-04 10:26:28
A skill that lets wizards sense when a spell might potentially go awry, and gives them a chance to recover a fumbled surge, quicken, or augment. Wisdom helps the success rate.

nah. Magic needs to remain a little unreliable, even for wzd.

2006-01-04 15:27:57
If the mob misses mass smash on you, it shouldn't wake you. :P Probably coding nightmare though.

So you're sleeping there, innocently dreaming of a higher HP total, when BANG! Some guy smashes the pommel of his sword into the ground 2 inches in front of your face. I think I'D wake up.

2006-01-04 19:56:32
sense fear: aggressive mobs detest weakness and will attempt to kill players to try to flee, but fail

I intend to code some new logic for archer mobs to switch targets, and this would be a good thing for it to trigger off. However, until we have positioning, target switch will remain an archer perk.

2006-01-05 01:42:37
i would love to be able to store 2 or 3 titles in an alias to switch between, but since they aren't valid avatar commands it won't let me. can you tell the

** vnum: 30263 vis: *800 ** a t8 title im not wearing any pants Alias t8 created.

Works for me.

2006-01-05 13:58:18
we need a kzinti remort option.

No, you want one. Kzinti are already pretty awesome.

2006-01-05 14:00:38
paladins should get martyr

No. It's for priests. How can they be my pet class if I keep giving their cool stuff away?

2006-01-05 15:35:19
a keyword should be added to the midgard armorer to make it easier for people to teleport/portal to.

Maybe they should learn to walk.

2006-01-05 18:30:54
I don't know if this has been suggested before, I used the search command on the idea list but a cyclops race? Could be remort for gia.

Why would it take remorting for you to gouge out one eye?

2006-01-05 18:42:40
make ghostly spirit for lairs quest be a shoppie that sells you the ticket back if you give it the wrong one, its a pain to have to go back and he wont refuse em if its the wrong one :(

last i checked mobs won't accept tickets that aren't for them

2006-01-05 21:35:25
Perhaps an 'mset player leadership #'? Might be good for quests, etc?

lvl 2

2006-01-06 02:09:15
items like +15% attack speed but -dr/hr with +15% attack speed after like a couple of rounds u would get in an extra round


2006-01-06 12:47:58
make it actually worth it so u can train stats.....its ridicilous...at least after u reach a certain amount the amount of hp u get also goes up with it

No, what we had before was ridiculous. If the new costs get too high for you, then you probably don't NEED to be training those stats.

2006-01-06 14:08:14
Make psyphon surgeable, but at higher surge levels, make it cost more mana then it actually gets back.. Sort of like a zap to remove all of a caster's mana


2006-01-06 20:22:15
More disarm mobs

Oh, by all means!

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