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2006-01-07 04:31:45
Add the (Hide) flag to who and whois output, just like (Invis). It makes it easier to track down those "someones," and... it just makes sense I think.


2006-01-07 15:09:25
Would it be possible to have a config +/-etch for


2006-01-07 17:17:06
some kind of shatterspell (just thinking anti-pvp) for sorcerers, mages and wizards. Magic is "our thing" so it seems odd that psionists are disrupting our rituals and sustained spells as well as getting gravitas.


2006-01-07 19:29:19
Cyclops' aren't just giants with one eye. Damnit I'll get you to accept an idea yet!

Gameplay-wise they would be. How would you make them different? Racial-totally-not-a-giant? Racial-no-depth-perception? Racial-bonks-into-things-often? Racial-wears-a-monocle? Racial-can't-be-a-pirate-because-of-the-eyepatch-thing?

2006-01-07 19:31:24
When I said more disarm mobs, just to be clear, I meant more mobs should disarm, not more mobs that are easier to disarm. :D

The new buttkicker mobs are only too happy to disarm you.

2006-01-07 23:30:46
change the colour of the exits to say yellow if it is blocked


2006-01-08 01:02:48
with race sizes implemented, also implement size-based armor...Obviously a huge mob's armor won't fit a dwarf, for example.


2006-01-08 01:27:27
a Spell to remove Shun

Only time can heal shunning.

2006-01-08 01:50:22
the word malevolence should be used as a sor spell

That's VERY useful. I'll bare it in mind always.

2006-01-08 09:32:22
a way to filter in-class versus out-of-class skills/spells in hlist.. ie. - hlist mag ooc / hlist mag ic

*sigh* Do we have to?

2006-01-08 12:24:31
tho ill probably end up regretting this nerf the hogged lvl 10 archer plvling the lvl 30 tank tho its great it can be very demoralising to those that have to

You want me to make it so other people don't have friends with hog?

2006-01-08 14:34:44
lemme rephrase that... make the heavy barbed spear 2 handed, cause it isn't

I thought I did.

2006-01-08 22:30:01
add version to score

nah. Most people don't need to know it nearly as often as they type score

2006-01-08 22:59:32
restring to slings lowers hr by one each time (lengthen the string for more velocity but lose accuracy) max of 3 times?

There's nothing to restring

2006-01-09 01:14:22
A mnd spell which animates an enemy's weapon with a rudimentary consciousness. The first thing the animated weapon does is jump out of its owner's

That's kinetic.

2006-01-09 01:22:44
A psionic spell that lifts a mood-altering affect like frenzy, calm, berserk, etc. from one target and transfers it to another. Both targets can either be friend

mmmm, nah. I'd prefer to keep priests the sole fixers of mental defects.

2006-01-09 03:22:12
grif should be able to eat corpses like dragons and ogres, we have beaks and i dont think they were for cracking nuts

Actually, they are. In the wild griffons live solely on a diet of pistachios.

2006-01-09 04:54:35
Make it so that Angels and Immortals do not count towards a private room.

they don't above a certain lvl

2006-01-09 07:19:42
Hive mind item being imped... oookay. Could we have a nice specific message like Paladins get when pennant goes?

I thought you did. Did I miss one? (hive mind uses many different items unlike pennant)

2006-01-09 08:19:26
make quest mobs pop the prize if they're transporting you somewhere on receipt of ticket. ie. nyad loads the hair and potion in the room when you give her

nah, messy

2006-01-09 10:44:27
we need a 'who <god>' command so we can tell who to leech spells off of easier: 'who kra cle' :)

no we don't

2006-01-09 18:39:03
get rid of the safe room in antharia :(


2006-01-09 20:59:41
is it possible to make a system where a player learns a skill/spell/ability through a quest besides the spellbook method?


2006-01-09 21:41:10
"Negative" insignias caused by certain quests, like "grave-robber" or "child-slayer"


2006-01-10 15:21:30
in class rem curse for monk?


2006-01-10 16:24:59
make it so its not possible to charge a shield if not warded appropiately

magic has lots of room for user error.

2006-01-10 18:05:06
with no intentions of making asn more powerful, allow asn to get skin @ level 500 for ability to skin UD or temporarily allow skin so UD gaunts are obtainable as it is an essential piece of arc gear

My archer has never been in a group where anyone checked UD credentials. The Ultimate Archers gauntlet is for archers. Asn, fus and dru are not ULTIMATE archers. If there was an Ultimate Assassin hat, I wouldn't give it to archers.

2006-01-10 18:35:17
Trolls should get racial butcher. They have claws that are sharper and stronger than trogs, so they should be able to butcher


2006-01-10 19:07:34
add a high XP gain to the score. Just a fun stat similar to HDL, as with HDL, Hog gains should not be considered. thanks for considering, Elendar

waste of disc space

2006-01-10 19:08:01
Make racial spell modifiers affect maximum training. This would make it more difficult for no fail races to adept (it should be harder to train to perfection), but easier for those with negative mods (again it should easier to learn the basics). With the possibility of tingling spells, unusual casting race choices would be rewarded for prolonged gameplay by overcoming racial mods eventually.

Either I'm not getting your idea, or you're way off on how you think the system works

2006-01-10 20:05:27
paladins should get spiritlink

Will it shut them up?

2006-01-10 23:42:23
how about making heighten senses toggleable?


2006-01-11 06:20:41
A psi spell called fusion which is similar to scramble in that it disables abilities. The spell scans the victim's brain structure and fuses key pathways into masses of dead flesh, destroying all higher brain functions in the process. The victim simply isn't smart enough to flee, use midround attacks, cast spells, or use other special mob/player

too powerful

2006-01-11 06:56:54
A sorceror ability that makes their touch so vile that every time they land a well-connected melee hit, their victim suffers a very minor--but cumulative--

something similar planned for shf

2006-01-11 13:31:47
what if enchant weapon / armor / bow explosions hurt the casters?

It would be totally pointless?

2006-01-11 15:35:01
in the help files for areas, add the date the areas were added to the mud....

Immaterial. Thematically, all those areas have always been there.

2006-01-11 16:53:47
a spell that deals damage or spells down a target if it currently has any Exhaust effects on it

I toyed with a bunch of "damage if" type spells but our regular damage spells are so strong its hard to balance the "what if" spells and keep them usable.

2006-01-11 17:06:12
i think you should have a vampire race for us to play with

vampirism isnt a race. Having a vampire race on a mud is an instant sign that its run by 15 year olds. The only thing worse is star trek races.

2006-01-12 07:06:10
It'd be nice to be able to see how many runes something could take before losing mana and item hps... maybe let wizards see how many runes an item can hold?

It's constant, and not hard to puzzle out. Rune is intentionally poorly documented to give it this lost, mysterious flavor.

2006-01-12 07:28:42
Could you make it so that max possible pop for a given weapon's max actually pops a bit more often? How do you expect people not to camp items when it takes you a week to get a m50 sword from a mob, or a m77 bow from priestess queen?

I don't. If YOU decide you have to the ultra-rare, it's nothing to do with me.

2006-01-12 07:44:53
a vampire touch charge shield argument for sorcerers, that doesn't backfire on sor, maybe doesn't do damage but only give a small amount of HP. That

Charge shield is for mages. I guess I should've made that clearer by making them ALWAYS backfire on everybody else. That'll teach me.

2006-01-12 08:10:01
Just confirming that wielding a bow doesn't get rid of "<held in offhand> nothing" as per someone elses idea. Two handed weapons get rid of offhand slot... and bows are two handed. At least mine are :/

No bow is HELD in two hands. What do you draw arrows and pull the string with? Your teeth?

2006-01-12 10:28:00
Make the base starting age for different races different. For example, dragons and ents might be the oldest with many hundred years, followed by elves, then the 'average' races like human, and perhaps verbits and firedrake hatchlings being the youngest with 1 year at creation.

lvl 3; but only do this after like everything else on the task list is done

2006-01-12 15:55:54
Would it be possible to be able to cast spells on a different 'power level'? Like an armor spell that gives you -50 ac instead of -10 (or whatever it normally is) but it lasts 1/10 as long as a normal armor spell. The phrase "The candle that burns brightest burns half as long" Comes to mind. *shrug*

Maybe if someone had designed our spell system that way from the beginning, yeh. I don't think it'll fit in after the fact.

2006-01-12 19:34:52
there should be a third damage rune since lord weapons can hold 3 runs

Ohmigod, you might have to use something OTHER THAN DAMAGE! Oh, the HUMANITY!

9 5321=Abstract=restring lag is too long, sharpening a blade takes longer than pulling the string on a bow, no matter how hard you have to pull. on top of that snap/wrongs happen very often compared to dull/shatter, so it would seem very fair to reduce the lag on restring by at least 50%. thanks for reading.

You're not just pulling it, you're fashioning an entire new string. Bows seem to snap more because their higher damage means they can take more restrings than a sword can sharpens, thus leaving more room for disaster. Again, YOU'VE decided you have to have a max sharpened bow. Nothing to do with me.

2006-01-13 00:11:48
The ability to appraise listed items in shops before purchasin


2006-01-13 00:36:20
Add "remove curse" to the list of available "heal" spells purchasable from Aelmon.


2006-01-13 01:55:52
social belly "You look at joe and say Get in my bellee!"


2006-01-13 02:28:02
start a bi-weekly lottery. Winnings can be based on number of winners and ammount of gold spent on tickets


2006-01-13 12:03:48
rogue skill: shank. Use to initiate combat, on success small damage and target cannot flee combat, the bigger the enemy is compared to you, the better the

vs knee?

2006-01-13 13:40:34
change gorn prayer from +2 wis to something else since we got acumen now?

prayer revamp planned

2006-01-13 18:45:21
In who and whois information add if a person is either deaf, quiet, or both please.


2006-01-13 19:02:46
in class toss lag needs to be shorter :)

It's 1 round on success, 3 or 4 on failure i think. sounds fine to me

2006-01-13 19:09:43
This refers to my idea a while back regarding mages making magic items: is there any way modifications to the embed/manifest code would allow for such character-created gear?

no more character-created gear. Again, that's something your gear system needs to be designed around from day 1 and ours wasn't.

2006-01-14 01:56:32
a bank transaction method so we can

transfer money/gemstones from one account to another

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